Message from Shri Babaji

When you want something, the quality of that something you might get totally depends on your own sincerity. If you want to go on the Spiritual path a genuine desire for the Ultimate, Highest Truth is vital. Then you will automatically look only for such things and such a Guru.

I always prayed to the Divine, "My Lord, please bless with such a Guru in human form who would have achieved Liberation and who shall have the ability to lead me to Liberation." Only a Realized Jnaani Guru can lead you towards the Ultimate Truth without diluting the Teachings. A Jnaani Guru uses the nearest imagination to take the initiative to always guide, inspire and put efforts of Teachings in that direction so that the disciple can also achieve the same Truth.

A disciple also needs to be humble, give up personal ego and pay apt attention to the Teachings. The disciple needs to remain well focused and visualize the target properly as well as keep up the efforts to achieve. This ego can bring in a negative destiny, thus becoming a stumbling block on the path. The disciple should be ready to learn and be able to find one's own faults. Authorize the Guru to correct the wrong habits of the mind which form obstacles. Only a Jnaani Guru who would have Realized the Truth can lead the disciple towards the same Truth. Such a Guru would insist on efforts, inspiring one to practice, remain determined, disciplined and have patience. The Divine Guru Swamiji advocated to remain focused on the target until it is achieved.

Love and blessings,

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