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Can Baba please explain to us about Shivabalayogi's 'Jangama Dhyana' Meditation, insofar as its meaning and how Baba came to refer to it as such.

When Swamiji, as young Sathyaraju, was trying to squeeze out juice from the fruit that He had in His hand, first the OM sound came out continuously and then a dazzling light around the fruit had formed. After that, the fruit took the shape of a Shivalingam and breaking into two pieces fell down, from which appeared a strange person glowing with long matted hair. Swamiji thought Him to be a Jangama Devar (Sage). Well it is history, this Jangama Sage made Sathyaraju to go into Tapas, after which Sathyaraju became Shivabalayogi. Throughout His Tapas Swamiji thought this strange wonder-man to be a Jangama Devar, who used to appear often to guide Swamiji in Tapas. closed_eye_purple_robeIt was in the end of Swamiji's Tapas that Swamiji came to know that the Jangama Devar was none other than Lord Shiva Himself, who had appeared as a Jangama Devar to make Him go into Tapas. In fact, whenever Swamiji spoke about His Tapas, He always referred to the Divine as "the Jangama Devar came...", "The Jangama Devar spoke...", etc. One day in 1983 I had the chance to have a midnight conversation with Swamiji in Dehra Dun on the Ashram's balcony. Swamiji said, "Hey! Will it not be nice if we call Swamiji's meditation as "Jangama Dhyana"? Swamiji said 'Jangama' means Eternal Existence. That is why Baba refers to this Meditation taught by Swamiji as Shivabalayogi's Jangama Dhyana.

Can Baba please give a few instructions on the method and technique of meditation that would help the beginning meditator?

By practicing this method one would give his own Mind a way to remain quiet and under control. The Mind's ultimate Truth is recognized as God. If the Mind becomes quiet and concentrated it automatically goes introverted towards its origin, God. In other words, the Mind gets absorbed into the ultimate Self. The technique of Meditation as taught by Guru Maharaj Shivabalayogi is as follows:

Sit, closing the eyes.
Concentrate the mind and sight in between eyebrows.
Keep watching there by focusing the attention.
Do not repeat any mantra or name.
Do not imagine anything.
Do not open eyes until the duration of meditation - 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour - is over.

What are some of the benefits to the body, mind and emotions which come about as a result of the regular practice of this meditation technique being taught by Baba?

By practicing this method, one can lead a total stress-free life. The Mind, which is the seat of order through which one is able to live in this world, will be under control. Its application on the brain will not be too loaded. Blood pressure is controlled well, heart's health improves. Hyper-tension can be controlled. One can overcome emotions. Emotions can be one's strength or it can be weakness. Regular practice of this meditation can be very helpful in controlling and overcoming emotional weakness.

How should one handle all the thoughts that come into the mind during meditation?

Meditation is a purifying process of all the imprints the Mind would have absorbed in due course of time. The Mind is like audio tape, it recognizes, analyses and makes a judgment, thereby absorbing imprints of its own judgments. These imprints could be enormously troubling to people. The brain acts as a tape recorder. In Meditation all imprints of the Mind start getting evaporated. During this process, the brain decodifies and reflects everything it has recorded as thoughts and visual effects. So in Meditation when thoughts or visions appear, just watch them as a witness and do not try to analyze or judge. Just watch by focusing the attention. If the Mind has no job to analyze or judge it will recede and become quiet and concentrated.

Is there any particular posture or diet that Baba recommends?

There is no particular posture. One can sit according to practice either on the ground or on a chair. Take care to keep the back and neck straight.

What is most important to take one in the direction of progress in meditation?

Dedication, Discipline, Patience are the most important Mantras. If you are dedicated, you will take out time in priority. If you are disciplined, you will definitely practice everyday without fail. The Mind has gone out of control since time immemorial. Have Patience and you can definitely achieve.

What is the role of faith for the meditator?

Faith in the name of the Lord and Guru can work wonders. Faith is confidence in yourself. Faith will enable you to think positively. Faith will help you be inspired and keep going.

Can one meditate for longer periods if lifestyle allows? What is a good balance of meditation and activity in order to remain integrated?

Yes! One can always practice as long as possible. One should be able to keep the Mind in the total thoughtless state and concentrated at least for an hour. This is needed.

When questions arise about the proper practice, is there any way to put these questions to Baba, since we are living at a distance?

You are always welcome to put questions about Meditation. As and when time allows Baba will answer the questions.


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