Amba Shivaranjani's message
on the auspicious occassion of Guru Purnima


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In Skanda Purana the story comes that once Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva, “As You are the Consciousness All-Pervading, why do You still always talk about Guru? Because Consciousness is One and Absolute – then there is no Guru and no disciple. This whole concept is beyond my understanding.”

Then Lord Shiva affectionately tells the greatness of the Divinity taking the form of the Guru. The literal meaning of “Gu” and “Ru” means the one that brings light to you, dispelling all the darkness. That's when the Guru Gita song came where Shiva sings the greatness of the Divine in the form of Guru to Goddess Parvati.

Aneka Janma Samprapte Karma Bandha Vidahine |

Atma Gyanagni Dhanena Tasme Shree Guruve Namaha ||

He who breaks that karma acquired in countless births by donating the knowledge of the Self, the Atman (Soul), I prostrate to that Shree Guru.

From our childhood, we go through different changes of our lives. Just when we are born on this earth, mother is our first guru. She teaches us all the basic lessons of life. Then we start following father and he becomes our teacher. Then we get different teachers in school and college, and most often we all have a role model in life in whose footsteps we would like to follow. In the midst of our life and all the mundane worldly activities a time comes when we all think about the purpose of life. That is the time one realizes that, “Are we only born to earn a livelihood, take care of this physical body, enjoy childhood, youth and then the fear of old age and death?” Is this all the meaning of life? But then suddenly one day it dawns that this is not only life – life is much more beyond, and we as a human being have a lot to achieve. Of course all the worldly achievements are equally important. But is that all the purpose of the life?

Those are the lucky ones who have this contemplating mind and want to know much more. Even if this awareness comes to go in quest of the purpose of life, it is considered as the blessings. In our life we have so many teachers, but the real blessings are when one gets the real Master – the Self-Realized Master, the Atma Gyani.

The Guru is All-Pervading because Guru has no beginning and no end (Ananta), just like the Consciousness. Supreme Consciousness is boundless and so is the Atma Gyani. A Self-Realized Master who is liberated from the bondage of birth and death has become the Pure Awareness, which is the Real Form of the Guru. I consider myself one of the blessed chosen one that I got Swamiji Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj and Babaji Shri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj as my Guru to guide me to the path of Self-Realization and Liberation from the clutches of this worldly crocodile. The Self-Realized Masters of the present era. The two Yogis who have attained the Divinity (in union with the Divine). I prostrate with all my humility and surrender at the Feet of the Divine Gurus. May the blessings of the Master be upon all of us.

Nityam Shudhdham Niraabhaasam Niraakaaram Niranjanam |

Nitya Bodham Chidaanandam Gurum Parabrahma Namaamyaham ||

The eternally pure, formless, unattached, unmanifested, constant knowledge of Eternity, knowledge of Supreme Peace, to that Guru I offer my prostrations.

Humbly forever their servant.

Maa Amba Shivaranjani



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