297Vinay kashyapIndia2018-12-10
 Those people who are troubling should be put behind bars they should be jailed
296Raj VoggaUnited States2018-12-03
 We condem the MLA and his goons actions. May government and police do the right thing and help the ashram.
 The thugs must be thrown out to maintain the sanctity of one of the holiest places
294Greg FegelUnited States2018-11-06
 Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi and his predecessor, Shivabalayogi Maharaj, have had a well-known history at the Ashram, which was gifted to Shivabalayogi Maharaj to be an Ashram. Do not let the opportunistic real-estate pirates interfere.
293RVG HariharabalanIndia2018-11-05
 We express our complete support to the Ashram ... !
292Madhusudan PrataIndia2018-11-02
 I pray to the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji to shower his blessings on all of us and to show us a permanent way out for this biggest problem of land grabbing. I also pray to the lotus feet of Sri Babaji and guide all of us for permanently eradicating this issue of land grabbing and land mafia.
 Please save the ashram and protect the devotees and ashram inmates. The support of the relevant authorities is most needed!
290Ridley HutchinsonUnited States2018-10-16
 This is awful and profane to try to take the ashram of the saint who provides liberation for millions.
289Rajesh KumarUnited States2018-10-15
 Please prevail peace in this universe
288Chris RegehrCanada2018-10-15
 Please protect this sanctuary for humanity, the site of our master's tapas. To permit thieves and bullies to use violence and fear tactics to steal is never moral, but to allow them to take this ashram, this sacred place, would be an injustice for everyone who longs for truth and peace. You must do the right thing.
287Lindy Jean Clarke Germany2018-10-12
 Please protect this precious place of spiritual practice and the holy teachings of Sri Babaji. Even the great Ramana Maharshis ashram once faced troubles about ownership, but justice took the correct dharmic path and now, years later the great results of that action can be seen. The same protection should be granted here, saints and sages are rare and far between, more than ever we need their guidance in the world right now.
286DAnn DavisUnited States2018-10-12
 Babaji is a gift to your country and from your country. He is a national treasure and a treasure for this world.

India would be wise to protect her treasures--like the great mahatma Ghandi would protect and defend.

285Srinivas BacchuIndia2018-10-11
 An appeal to govt to apply law and order in justice way.
284Brian LittUnited States2018-10-11
 Please protect the sacred Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Ashram in Dehradun from illegal encroachment and occupation. Under the guidance of His Holiness Shri Shivarudra Balayogi, this Ashram continues to carry out the important mission established by its founder to teach meditation and spread peace. It continues to touch the lives of many both in India and all over the world.
283Angela ZehavaUnited States2018-10-08
 This behavior is not acceptable.
282Dylan SmithAustralia2018-10-07
 The Dehradun Ashram must be protected for it's owners intended purpose and use.
 Baba Shivarudrabalayogi is one of the rarest saints of India. Nripendra Singh along with his associates are making false allegations and polluting the sanctity of the Ashram. Request the Govt of Uttarakhand to help in getting this sorted out for preserving the peace and sanctity of the place. Thank You.
280Kishore Nair Ragavan Malaysia2018-10-06
 Plz safe and preserve Dehradun Ashram's purity n peace... It's belongs to the spiritual seekers Of Swamiji shivabalayogi
279Cathy Nelson SmithUnited States2018-10-05
 Dehradun Ashram is a spiritual holy place for many of us around the world. We visit the Ashram whenever possible and consider the ground to be holy. We have watched the encroachment of this sacred property. The Indian government needs to honor the Shivabalayogi Trust and protect this important holy place.
278Maria NicholaItaly2018-10-03
 There is much to be said of criminals in particular land mafia. This seems common in India. It is time that the indian government shows strength by protecting Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram. Why with all this evidence, is the ashram and devotees still not being protected by the law of the land?
277Jagdishh DuttAustralia2018-10-03
 In this age of Kaliyug, divinity places utmost importance. Dehrdun Ashram is a peaceful place, so blessed to have a Guru residing and spreading the nectar of spirituality. We, as human beings, need the ashram for our spiritual growth. It is this place that we are able to gain teachings of our beloved Guru, meditate under Babaji's guidance. I plead to the Uttarakhand Government to protect the ashram, as there are clear facts laid out by the Shivabalayogi Trust. Please end this conflict and protect the ashram. It is so shameful and disheartening to know that people in the ashram including Babaji, have to live and put up with these sort of situation. I am positive, that the respected Ministers of the Uttarakhand Government are able to handle the situation well and proof that there is justice by protecting the ashram.
 The Ashram very much belongs to Baba jee and the Trust. Sri Swami Jee kindly allowed him to built a small cottage behind the Ashram for his use. The Gen misused his authority and used Army Vehicles and Manpower under his authority and influence to build this mansion with the dictates of not his needs but his EGO, which he was unable to mitigate till his demise. When one starts viewing and desiring Guruship even before one is a humble disciple is a deadly trap and all endevours are then futile.
275Col Bikram SinghCanada2018-10-02
  An Arab, one winter night, was sleeping in his tent. HIS camel was tied with rope to peg outside. It was trembling all over with cold. It asked HIM to permit it to put its neck inside the tent. The Arab agreed. After a while, it requested HIM to permit it to put its forelegs inside the tent. The Arab did not object to that. A little later, it requested HIM to let it come in altogether. And its request was granted at once.
Now the tent was too small to accommodate the camel and its MASTER. It, therefore, pushed HIM out to sit there in comfort himself.
Moral. Give him an inch, and he will take a mile.
TIME TO PUSH THE CAMEL (gen Hanut and his merry Goons) OUT.
274AgastyaUnited States2018-10-02
 We pray that government authorities preserve and protect the Shiva Bala Yogi Ashram in Dehradun. It has been a residence and spiritual center for Shiva Bala Yogi and Shiva Rudra Balayogi for more than forty years - long before the Honorable Gen. H. Singh and his nephew resided at the property.

These two modern day spiritual giants represent some of India’s greatest contributions to the world. Living examples of Divinity and Spiritual Wisdom are exceedingly rare and desperately needed in today's increasingly chaotic world. The Dehradun Ashram is a repository for their wisdom and a refuge for spiritual seekers - exactly what it was intended to be when donated by a generous Maharani of the Patna Family.

Please preserve and protect the priceless assets of this spiritual tradition which are offered freely to thousands of people all over the world.

Having been initiated by Shiva Bala Yogi in 1990 and traveled extensively with Shiva Rudra Balayogi for the past fourteen years, I can say without hesitation there are no greater examples of India’s ancient spiritual traditions than these two Yogis.
273Victoria SewardUnited States2018-10-02
 Countless times, I have heard Shiva Rudra Balayogi (Baba) share and inspire those in front of him to always make choices for the good of all and for a larger cause instead of just for the individual egotistical self. This teaching comes to mind as I consider both sides.

Simply put, what is at stake here is preserving the Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram,180-C, Rajpur Road, Dehradun ashram, a place of worship and spiritual pursuit for the good of all. Its purpose and mission are for the higher cause of spiritual awakening. In contrast, we have the unconscious, selfish desires of a few people who have no right to claim something that was never intended for them.

The Dehradun ashram is a sanctuary for thousands of spiritual seekers, myself included. It serves as an oasis and a beacon of light in this chaotic world. It represents truth, light and exists of the good of all and for a larger, higher cause. Anyone can visit that ashram, peacefully walk around the grounds, contemplate spiritual truths, meditate and hear the highest pitch of truth from Shiva Rudra Balayogi. There are not many places in this entire world that are offering this rare opportunity and divine blessing.

We are asking that the Uttarakhand Government to protect the ashram and its mission.
Please make the right choice for the good of the all and for a larger spiritual cause. Around the world, individuals are being given the opportunity to speak the truth and act for the good of all. Officials in governmental positions represent the people and the good of all. Please do the right thing.

It is inconceivable that this situation even exists. There is a realized Being that lives there (Shiva Rudra Balayogi). His life is dedicated to continuing his Guru’s mission and to teaching people how to meditate and find peace within. It is a disgrace Baba and all those that support the SB-SRBY Mission should be subjected to having to deal with this.

The first time I visited the ashram in 2010, the General was still living in the guesthouse. This was prior to his passing. I was aware that the custodians of the ashram honored him and the offer that Shivabalayogi extended to him. The guesthouse was offered as a place for him to practice his sadhana. That is what ashrams offer, a place for seekers to practice their mediation and do their sadhana. If I came to the Dehradun ashram to meditation and do my sadhana or stayed in any other ashram around the world for an extended period of time, that does not mean that my relatives could then claim that room to be theirs. There is no difference in the current situation. Thus, having those relatives of the General seeking to take advantage and claim that the guesthouse is theirs is utterly ludicrous and reflects total greed and selfishness.

Now, more than ever, each of us needs to stand up for truth and live a life honoring the truth.

Thank you Shiva Rudra Balayogi for your uncompromising stance for sharing the highest truth and your unwavering commitment to serving your Guru—Shivabalayogi. I am sorry that the mission has to deal with this type of unconscious action of others. Even though I am in Austin, Texas USA, I support the mission, you and the Dehradun Ashram.

272Shanti YUnited Kingdom2018-10-02
 Buddha said "Three things are not long hidden; the Sun, the Moon and the Truth".
I will continue to pray for the protection of Shri Babaji, Ambaji, the Dehradun Ashram and global truth-seekers.

After decades of spiritual pursuit and discernment, I can say without question, Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj is exemplary individual of the highest order.

Baba's Mission and selfless service has long provided truth seekers with vital tools to progress on the spiritual path. His acute understanding of Yoga and its value to the World is a treasure. Baba is authentic and, in every sense, a beacon of Light. A true living Master.

The Dehradun Ashram is a noble place of pilgrimage for devotees and truth seekers, world-wide. The Ashram is not only a jewel in Dehradun’s landscape and character but globally significant as a sanctuary of peace, learning and knowledge. The Ashram’s historical Holy grounds should be staunchly preserved for future generations, under the care of its rightful Spiritual Head, Shri Babaji.

Respectfully, I appeal to the Honourable, Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Mr Trivendra Singh Rawat, to protect and support the Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram in Dehradun.

Om Shivaya Shivabalayogendraya Parabrahmanaya
We pray to our divine guru to bring peace to our divine Ashram
 Pranam Babaji, we are always with you Babaji
269Hemalatha RamamurthyIndia2018-10-01
 Pranam Babaji, we are always with you Babaji. Requesting government of Uttarakhand to support our Babaji.
268ahalyaUnited States2018-09-30
 I support Babaji and his mission!
I am Sending Blessings and Prayers
 In the name of devotion some people are trying to hoodwink the Uk government, agencies and the people to believe this bag full of lies that is driven by greed. Late General Hanoot Singh's nephew has political patronage indulged in dubious tactics to usurp the house built illegally . My unflinching support is always there for Shri Rudra Bala Yogi maharaj and Sadhvi Ambaji who have been unfailingly spreading the message of great saint Lt Shri Shiv Bala Yogi maharaj. Will stand and protect faith.
266simon defriesUnited Kingdom2018-09-30
 The Ashram is and always has been a sanctuary for spiritual seekers . It must remain so!!!!!
265Jennie MacklinAustralia2018-09-29
 I support Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram which is dedicated to all
people and their care. Please do not allow the Land Mafia to take over for select purposes and bring harm to so many
264Peter KennedyUnited Kingdom2018-09-29
 How can anyone claim the Ashram Guesthouse is theirs? Or decide to turn it into something else? The Guesthouse is for sincere seekers of spiritual teachers of Swamiji and Babaji to come and stay for a short while - with the permission of the Ashram, of course. No-one can claim ownership.
Only a Saint like Babaji would put up with such behaviour for so long.
263Paul WilliamsUnited Kingdom2018-09-29
 I have been aware of this situation for several years now. I cant believe it still has not been settled. Babaji travels the world teaching meditation and has done this for many years.
On the other side there are people who attack women inside the Ashram, grab land that is not theirs and cause trouble. What do they and their friends do for anyone other than themselves?
Which sort does India want to be identified by?
We are all waiting to see what action the Government will take. Deciding to do nothing and letting such bad behaviour continue is not acceptable.
262Geeteshwari SinghIndia2018-09-28
 Our support stands strong for shri shivabalayogi ashram.
No Samadhi is constructed of Gen. Hanut Singh at 180C rajpur road as he was cremated in kankhal, haridwar. Please do not spread false rumours.
261Ambarish Singh India2018-09-28
 The Ashram Land Was Gifted To Shri Shivabala Yogi Ji Maharaj From The Bolangir Patna Family
260shailrshwari singh India2018-09-28
 General hanut singh was cremated in haridwar by the army
There is no samadhi 180 c rajpur road .dehradun
259Vidya ArunIndia2018-09-28
 We request the authorities to intervene and ensure the safety of the Ashram. A holy and divine place like the Ashram must be safeguarded and preserved as it serves as an inspiration for all future seekers of truth and knowledge.
258Mano RajahUnited States2018-09-28
 I am praying to the DIVINE to solve this issue quickly and bring peace to the ashram.
257Kapil TiwariIndia2018-09-28
 बाबाजी की तपस्या इसी आश्रम में पूर् ण हुयी।इस आश्रम में सदैव सनातन संस्कृती से जुड़ी हुई रीतियों का अनुसरण होता रहा है। यह आश्रम धार्मिक सद्भाव व संस्कृती का अंतर्राष्ट्रीय केंद्र है। इसमें भी कोई दोराय नहीं कि बाबाजी ने सदैव सबको साथ लेकर चलने की कोशिश की है और इस तमाम मसले को कानून के रास्ते हल करने का मार्ग भी इन्हीं ने निकाला बार बार कहा चाहे कितना भि समय लगे कानून से चलो वहां देर है पर अंधेर नहीं। केवल जिनकी नियत में खोट हो वही इसका सहारा नहीं लेते क्योंकि सही रास्ते चलने से सच सामने आयेगा ही जो कि आया है।
प्रशासन से यही अपील है कि वह लोगों की आस्थाओं को समझे और कानूनन हमें जल्द से जल्द हक दिलाने का काम करे।
256Maria HeretakiAustralia2018-09-28
 Please save this ashram and Baba's mission to humanity.

It is a crime to destroy the spiritual wealth transmitted via this ashram.
255Eva WagnerGermany2018-09-28
 We ask the authorities of the State of Uttarakhand, to support and protect Sri Shiva Rudra Balayogi and the people living at the ashram. The machinations of a small group of criminals need to stop right now! People from all over the world are watching and waiting for justice to be restored.
254Pavitra KumarAustralia2018-09-28
 Please protect the ashram, it is a place of devotion and should remain that way.
 We devotees of Sri Shivabalayogi humbly request the Government of Uttarakhand to support us and to settle this issue once and for all. May GOD BLESS YOU. THANK YOU
252KS SRIDHARIndia2018-09-27
251F. N.United States2018-09-27
 Human race is here on earth to learn how to co-exist, co-create, thrive and be enlightened together. Babaji's work, purpose and grace have touched our hearts regardless of gender, color of skin or borders. Truth cannot be hidden, chased away or destroyed. May force of LOVE be with us all through this.
250Ishaya KanasalingamAustralia2018-09-27
 I have been very blessed to have taken darshan of Shivarudrabalayogi for more than 10years. Shivarudrabalayogi or Babaji as we affectionately call our Guru, is an authentic sage who works tirelessly to spread the message of meditation so that we may realize the truth of who we really are. Babaji gives us this timeless wisdom and unconditional love without any expectation of money or favors in return. The only thing Babaji asks of us is to stay dedicated on the path of meditation so that we may reach the ultimate goal of our human birth.

I have visited and stayed at the ashram twice and was well taken care of by Babaji and His disciples. Once again there was no expectation of anything in return. It is very rare to find such a genuine and dedicated Guru in this Kaliyugam where many self professed 'sages' give 'spiritual teachings' in exchange for money and other material benefits. Please help to uphold the Truth of the Vedas by protecting this Guardian of our Vedic Heritage, Babaji and the Dehradun Ashram.

Yours Sincerely
 Our prayers are with Babaji
248Vidya ArunIndia2018-09-27
 We request the authorities to intervene and ensure the safety of the Ashram. A holy and divine place like the Ashram must be safeguarded and preserved as it serves as an inspiration for all future seekers of truth and knowledge.
247Nisha MurthyIndia2018-09-27
 Pranam Babaji, we are always with you. Praying God that our Dehradun ashram should be safe .
246charlie hopkinsUnited States2018-09-27
 Nripendra Singh has debased the name and memory of his uncle, General Hanut Singh. That should stop now.
 There was no Samadhi of Gen Hanut Singh in the Ashram. We support Babaji
244Steven DavisonUnited Kingdom2018-09-27
 Fact: the General's body was not buried at the Dehradun Ashram Guesthouse - there is no Samadhi there
Fact: There is a proper memorial to the General by his own regiment already established
Fact: the Ashram Guesthouse was legally registered as such.
Fact: Nripendra Singh has no claim
Why cannot the authorities see the plain facts everyone else can see? What is preventing justice being done?
Who is preventing justice from being done?
243Akshay Bikram Shah India2018-09-27
 I write/stand in support of Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Ashram and strongly condemn the unlawful actions/assertions of those who are motivated by petty personal gain.
242Shitik Srivastav India2018-09-27
 Please help us ..
 Never fool god.You can cheat and fool using your sly methods but no human in this world can fool god and his will power.KINDLY return our ashram.MAY GOD PURIY YOUR HEART,MIND AND SOUL.
 Please don't be selfish with god.Our guru needs a place to spread his teachings.
239Zoey WongSingapore2018-09-27
 I beseech the India relevant authority to protect Dehradum from the unruly behaviour of individuals who wants to take over the place for their personal gain. Shivarudra Balayogi has been an inspirational spiritual guides for the masses towards world peace and personal spirirual development and should be supported
238siva jagMalaysia2018-09-27
 Our beloved master shri shivabalayogi and shri shivarudrabalayogi owned this ashram first to spread the teachings of spirituality,peace and humanity to all of us.p
Please understand our feelings and kindly return the dehradun ashram.May god bless you.
237Chandra SuppiahAustralia2018-09-26
 I humbly request the Indian Government to let Justice prevail. Our Guru's Ashram and Mission is being threatened by people who's interests are for monetary purposes only. The Ashram and its surroundings are meant for spiritual well being, peace and harmony. We can not let people with ill intent destroy this. Let Justice Prevail.
 Great saints like this are India's most precious treasure and should be protected.
235Pooja Mysore FamilyUnited States2018-09-26
 DHARMA itself is under attack. Very sad day to see our beloved Guru and the devotees at Ashram being harassed. When a Guru like Sri Swamiji and Sri Baba ji come to this world, Their influence is felt and benefit all people in the world. This is seen by the massive outpouring of love and support from all over the world to Baba Ji and to His Mission.
Satyameva Jayate - "Truth Alone Triumphs" has been the State Emblem of India. So, it is the time for the Indian legal system and law enforcement agency to uphold the law and protect law abiding innocent people. Our humble and sincere prayers for Baba Ji and Swamiji’s Blessings to shine gloriously on earth for all ages to come.
234Willy TanSingapore2018-09-26
 Appealing to the authority in India to put a stop to the MLA or any trouble makers from disrupting the peaceful and meaningful tasks undertaken by the Dehradun Ashram. The ashram and its spiritual guide - Shivarudrabalayogi has been a important source of spiritual guide to the multitude all over the world. Through them, they spread loving kindness and peace in the society. The authority must do their best to protect them from any ruthless individuals aiming to obtain the place for their own agenda.
233DurgaUnited States2018-09-26
 Since 2004 I’ve witnessed the utmost respect and gratitude for the grace of Baba’s tireless teaching of skillful means for inner and outer peace. May the mission have all it needs to support the evolution of human consciousness. AUM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI
232Vijay AsraniIndia2018-09-26
 Let the Ashram be place of Worship , so that people from all over the world can come n find peace n Harmony , n Baba ji 's Blessings be on all.
231Rubini ArunasalamMalaysia2018-09-26
 The ashram is a place of devotion and should remain that way.
230Vijay KhannaUnited States2018-09-26
 I support the ashram.
229ChaithiUnited Kingdom2018-09-26
 It is clear from the video that the generals funeral was conducted in Haridwar. The authorities concerned must now show the world that India is a country of spirituality and justice. Do not allow greed and thuggery to prevail. How the world will view you depends on it.
228Nadia MantovaniUnited Kingdom2018-09-26
 Can the authorities in charge in the Uttarakhand State, help Sri Shiva Rudra Balayogi to solve the problems that over the years have been troubling the Dehradun Ashram. Thousand of people over the years have benefited from the teaching and guidance of Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi, please let His work to continue in safety and peace. What Dehradun Ashram needs is a peaceful environment to enable spiritual seekers to grow spiritually.
 We always support our BABAJI and we always stand by our Guru Maharaj.
Praying God that our Dehradun ashram should be safe and protected.
 Pranam Babaji we are with you, we always support you Babaji. Praying God that Dehradun ashram should be protected and everything should become alright. We all are really lucky to have Babaji as our Guru ,we will support our Babaji and help in saving Deharadun ashram. Requesting the govt of Uttarkhand to support our Babaji and protect the ashram.
225MegalaUnited States2018-09-26
 As a devotee to Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi, i wish to support Derhadun Ashram and their decision in any form to protect the Ashram.The Ashram is a place for the benefit of all beings.
 I whole heartedly support Pujya Babaji’s mission to free the pure Ashram of miscreants who are trying to pollute the sanctity of such a holy place. My plea to the government is to support Pujya Babaji and save the Ashram.
223Murali ChandrasekaranIndia2018-09-26
 I have visited our beloved Bbaji Ashram at Dehradun thrice with my wife, son and friends stayed there for a week. We had a very memorable spiritual moments with Babaji. It is a real Blessing in our birth to have His Dharshan getting His blessings. This Ashram is designated only for spiritual sadhana and no other activities, Any greedy eliments under the name of Gen Hanut Singh ji should l=realise this fact. I am praying the Almighty and Swamiji Shivabalayogi to show them the right part and let the Peace be prevail inside the Ashram and this Earth
222Tabatha WigginsUnited States2018-09-26
 I appeal to the good sense of the Government of Uttarakhand to recognize the facts and act to protect the ashram, it's inhabitants and the sanctity of the grounds. The harassment and misconduct involving false claims to the property must be put to an end so that peace can be restored.
221Raj BaskaranUnited States2018-09-26
 Baba Shivarudrabalayogi is among the rarest of saints from India. The ashram is open for everyone interested in spirituality irrespective of caste and creed. I request Uttarakhand Govt to save the ashram from those creating trouble out of greed.
 I strongly support Babaji and the shivabalayogi ashram.The ashram is a haven of peace and spiritual learning and the sanctity of this should be preserved.I strongly condemn the unsocial elements who are trying to destroy this.
219Dhinesh RIndia2018-09-26
 Please spare Dehradun Ashram. Revered Babaji's service to humanity ought to continue. Kindly do not intervene with the Ashram and activities.
 It is such a pain to see that Nripendra Singh and his associates are causing so much trouble and polluting the peace and sanctity of the Ashram. Sincere request to the Govt of Uttarakhand to take necessary actions to preserve the sanctity of the place and safeguard the interest of the residents at the Ashram. Whatever it takes, we standby our beloved Guru Shri Babaji. Truth alone Triumphs.
217D S V DikshitIndia2018-09-26
 Our whole hearted support to Babaji. Gen Hanut Singh seems to have played dual personality like Jekyll and Hyde and hoodwinked the public.n
216Dr MuditaIndia2018-09-26
 There was no Samadhi of Gen Hanut Singh in the Ashram.
We support Babaji.
215Kanishk BaswanSingapore2018-09-26
 Mr Nipendra should stop this hooliganism and walk away peacefully from ashram premises. Swamiji Shivrudra Balayogi preaches meditation in the ashram that helps the youth and adults to bring peace to their lives. It has done to me. Let others benefit from the same . Again Nripendra and the other goons should stop this illegal land acquisition incorrectly under the pretext of Gen Hanut.
 Always with Babaji and prayers to Babaji.
213Mayank GaurIndia2018-09-26
 We support Babaji in this turmoil,we agree that all facts shown by Ashram are true and there is no Samadhi of Hanut ji in ashram complex and is all treacherous work of some greedy person like MrManoj Rawat who want to usurp Babaji's ashram.
212VISHAL KUKRETI India2018-09-26
 It is a boon for Dehradun people to have a realised yogi here. It’s high time for the government to take action and protect the ashram from the people with vested interests!
211Manu MirchandaniIndonesia2018-09-26
 The Govt of India has to step in to stop all these monstrous actions taken by these devils. They should protect this ashram which has been a source of bliss and peace to so many people who have come there.
210Deepak JaiswalUnited States2018-09-26
 I have visited the Dehradun ashram and was blessed by Babaji. This is a place for spiritual sadhana and should be protected from unlawful elements, especially in the light of clear evidence.
209Suman SharmaIndia2018-09-26
 Save our mission and ashram.
208VijayanUnited Kingdom2018-09-26
 When the facts and evidence is so clear, the government and authorities should act decisively against these criminal elements. They should not be allowed to pursue their greedy agenda to the detriment of such a sacred and noble institution that has been established by the great Yogi Shri Swamiji Maharaj whose legacy is being carried on high by Shri Babaji.
207Kishore Nair Ragavan Malaysia2018-09-26
 This is our meditation centre.... We use to come here yearl to participate all the activities... Please do not disturb
 All evidences are given without any discriminations. What more is there for these mafia's to claim? I doubt even if Gen. Hanut Singh was well and alive, he won't have let such a thing happen to his Gurus ashram.
 We humbly request the officials from the government of Uttarakhand to settle this matter with all fairness and allow the ashram to be a centre for spiritual development.
We pray that Shivabalayogi bestow his grace & blessings to all who supports this genuine cause.
 The ashram and the devotees are always protected by Shivabalayogi and Shivarudrabalayogi. GOD needs no protection. Its those selfish people who need to be warned of the consequences.
 Please stop this child play. Its like playing a Tug of War between God and these selfish people. The funny part is that they don't even know when is their expiry date in this temporary world.
202Nileshwari United States2018-09-25
 Our support is always with the Ashram.
 Dehradun Ashram is a holy place that represents Shri Swamiji's legacy and also the place where Shri Babaji completed His tapas. The Ashram has to be protected and safeguarded at all costs.
200Bob ColliganAustralia2018-09-25
 Babaji and the ashram must be protected entireally
199Anne ColliganAustralia2018-09-25
 Babaji and the ashram must be protected entireally
198Shivaventhen NairMalaysia2018-09-25
 As a devotee who has been visiting this ashram for the past 11 years, i can see the benefit that this ashram brings, to not just us devotees, but the people around us as well. it is hard to imagine losing a place that we devotees consider our spiritual home, a place that Thousands of people benefit from. Devotees from all over the world come to the ashram to learn and to become better human beings. We humbly request the Government of Uttarakhand to handle this matter with all fairness and in the rightful way. Please help us save the Ashram.
197HemaaUnited Kingdom2018-09-25
 I can only say that this premises as the Ashram dedicated by shivabsliyogi into the care of his beloved disciple Sivarudrabali yogi is of immense service at a global level to a world that is full of greed, posession and destructiveness. We so dearly need this sanctuary to stay as a place of peace, love and spiritual growth. Humanity depends on such places in these troubled times. Where is the love my friends. We are all being called to wake up and do what we know in our hearts is right. Becthe change you want to see. Choose love over greed and hatred my friends.
196Ambika DrewAustralia2018-09-25
 An ashram for peaceful purposes: meditation and prayers. Please help us to save it.
195Baljit Kaur Gopal SinghMalaysia2018-09-25
 Please Protect Shivabalayogi Ashram Dehradun from Land Mafia people. Why are hooligans allowed to destroy and distrupt the Peace of a Holy Place of a Yogi when all the evidence shows that Yogi Shivarudra Balayogi is not in the wrong!!! Stop being inhumane n upgrade justice!!!
194Konstantin and InnaRussian Federation2018-09-25
 My wife and I have been coming to the Ashram of the great Yogi Shri Shiva Balayogi Maharaj for 4 years to pay respects to this sacred place and get the Darshan of Babaji (Shri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj). Babaji to us is the living embodiment of the ancient Rishis of India - a Liberated Yogi. Real Liberation is rare even in India with its rich spiritual culture, that's why Babaji and his Satsangs are very valuable to us. We are bewildered and outraged by the actions of the person who is blatantly and illegally trying to occupy part of the sacred Ashram's land and is disrupting its normal functioning. We do hope that the authorities of the country we really respect (of India), which follows Sanatana Dharma, will make the right decision.
193Shawn HarrisonUnited States2018-09-25
 I request that the Uttarakhand Government protect Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram,180-C, Rajpur Road, Dehradun
192Stephen ScheerUnited States2018-09-25
 As past trustee of the Shivabalayogi trust USA, I am intimately aware of the SBY Dehradun ashram and was a personal friend of the General who resided there. I add my voice to ample testimony including video proof that his body was removed from ashram properties upon his passing.
191John P.Malaysia2018-09-25
 This ashram in Dehradun has been a place of spiritual and divine worship for me since year 2005 till today. Shri Babaji has welcome many people around the world to seek knowledge and grow in their spiritual journey at this peaceful ashram.

I would request to the government of India to protect the ashram from the attacks and false claims by these land mafia for their own personal gains. PLEASE STOP THEM FROM ENCROACHING ASHRAM LAND!
190Irina Russian Federation2018-09-25
 Please protect the Ashram against unjust accusations and harassment. The Ashram is a spiritual sanctuary for us and we are outraged and appalled at the situation.
189Padmini and ShivaAustralia2018-09-25
 Namaskaram Babaji and Ambaji.

Please stay safe. We love you so much.

We are little children of 11 and 8 years old who live in Australia. We are Truly Blessed that Babaji and Ambaji bring Swamiji's teachings in Action and Inspire us to practice meditation to Silence our minds and spread Peace and Harmony to our generation and beyond!

Please save this Ashram to uphold the moral and spiritual values for generations to come.

Thank you so much.

188Anbu SriAustralia2018-09-25
 Namaskaram to the concerned authorities.

Babaji and Ambaji are the True Gaurdian of this Ashram. From here They are sharing Swamiji's Teachings to the world for no personal gain!

Please do the right thing and bring Justice once for all.

Thank you
187Srinivasan AyyalusamyAustralia2018-09-25

Babaji and Ambaji are spreading Peace and Harmony and sharing Sri Shivabalayogi's spiritual wealth to the world to everyone without any discrimination of religion, caste, race etc. for no personal gain.

This Ashram is the epicenter of Spiritual activities and should be left alone for that purpose.

Kind request to concerned authorities; Please investigate the truth and establish justice for the sake of the safety of all ashram inmates and to continue the spiritual activities in this Sacred Place for the World's Peace?
186NagaUnited States2018-09-25
 Please save the ashram
185Vasantha Malaysia2018-09-25
 Please save the ashram ?
 Please remember that Swamiji will be watching everything. Kindly allow the devotees to practice their sadhana peacefully. Human & spiritual upliftment is more important than acquiring wealth for own selfishness.
 Our humble request to the Govt of Uttarakhand to appease this matter in a rightful way. Officers who follows any lineage of Guru's would know the importance of an ashram for their devotees. After all the ashram was a gift from a Beloved Mother to her Loving and revered child Sri Swamiji. We pray that Swami's Blessings will be with those who supports the true cause of this appeal. TQ
182T VijayalakshmiIndia2018-09-25
 Dehradun ashram is Swami Ji's blessing. Swami Ji knows everything happening. He will not allow this property so lovingly dedicated to him by Maharani Ji. Hr will surely protect it and ensure it will not go to wrong hands. Wrong doers should be aware of the consequence they will have to face if they come on the way of Divine mission and should stay away from doing acts which will do them more harm than good.
 Protect Ashram to continue our spiritual mission for devotees from all over the world.
 We are with Babaji
May truth prevailt
179Arun India2018-09-25
 The Dehradun Ashram is a place that is helping thousands of spiritual seekers across the world in their quest for knowledge and peace. The Ashram needs to be preserved and I would request the authorities to help safeguard the Ashram.
 Shivabalayogi namaha
 Divine fire
176Janardan kolachinaUnited States2018-09-25
 I earnestly appeal to the government of uttarakhand to protect and save the shivabalayogi ashram and its ashramites. From my personal experience i claim that normal people like me need the GURU and his disciples to spread the meditation technique to achieve peace. The ashramites are embodiments of peace, truth and honesty. I wish i could do more to help the ashramites.
175Abhishek SharmaIndia2018-09-25
 Shri ShivBalaYogi Ashram is like a heritage for thousands of devotees. This Ashram has changed life of many people. We must support and defend the ashram so that it can continue it's work for a larger social cause.
We are all with the ashram.
 Please save our divine home from this selfish, cruel and insensitive people.
173Renu sarkarBosnia Herzegovina2018-09-25
 Land mafias are greedy ..they want to harm Ashram trust mission and truth always prevail. Long live the Mission ! We are with mission .
172Sumithra Malaysia2018-09-25
 Please protect this sacred ashram and our Beloved Guru ShivarudraBalayogi. My family and I have been blessed by being at this ashram and with Babaji.
 Threats towards Dehradun ashram has happened many times in many ways.
Yet patience towards these people , from our GURU only shows that GOD still has Love and Grace for them.....Please take it for granted. DON'T TEST GOD.
 What a pity that some people don't understand that the property they are eyeing in pure selfishness, is an ashram of a Great Yogi who's presence can still be felt by his sincere devotees.
Materialistic people can FOOL and MANIPULATE anything and everything BUT cant fool GOD........
 Please save the Ashram to continue its spiritual mission for devotees from all over the world.
 We urge the politician who has strong devotion to GOD to please help to save the ashram from the hands of selfish people. The ashram is the dwelling place of our Guru. His presence can still be felt . Please use wisdom in handling this situation. TQ
 GOD Vs Man !!!! Ocean Vs Droplet!!!
What a shame. This is an ashram where GOD dwells not just a stone building please.
166Bikas kushwahaIndia2018-09-24
 We all are with ashram till the last breath
165Siva SriMalaysia2018-09-24
 Pray that the Ashram be left alone to enable it to continue its spiritual mission.
 I strongly feel the ashram belongs to Sivabalayogi Trust and that the local government should take all measures to ensure the interest of the trust is properly safe guarded. The ashram has gained international recognition for devotees across the world. As such it also belongs to them and their interest at large. I strongly urge the local government to attend to the needs of the ashram and be given fair and due attention it needs. The goverment should scrutinise the matter as any action taken has a strong repercussion.
 We pray that there would be an end for those irresponsible persons whom is causing disturbances, threats and outright violence to the ashram inmates and leave the ashram alone.
162Neha baswanSingapore2018-09-24
 Our ashram is a place of worship amd abode of Our Guru Shri Swamiji n Shri Babaji. The truth will prevail and unwanted elements will have to leave.
161Manju Baswan India2018-09-24
 Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust n Ashram has been taken care of by our present Sadgurudev Shri Shivarudrabalayogi ji Maharaj-who is carrying forward His GuruMaharaj ji’s teachings in the most sincere n peaceful manner,bringing peace to humanity.our request is to kindly let him continue His noble work in a peaceful n protective environment,let Peace prevails in our place of Sadhana.
160Kaniyaselan sinnasamyMalaysia2018-09-24
 As a devotee to shivabolayogi, i wish to support Derhadun Ashram and thier decision in any form to protect the Ashram.
159Rekha ManiMalaysia2018-09-24
 Save the Ashram!
 Please save the ashram!
157Tamil Selvi KrisnarajooMalaysia2018-09-24
 We need justice for a greater purpose. Selfish act of some people takes away the peace of the ashram and that has to be stopped. Jai Shivabalayogi Jai Shivarudrabalayogi
156Tamil Selvi KrisnarajooMalaysia2018-09-24
 We need justice for a greater purpose. Selfish act of some people takes away the peace of the ashram and that has to be stopped. Jai Shivabalayogi Jai Shivarudrabalayogi
 Please save the Ashram
154Chitra DikshitIndia2018-09-24
 Save the Divine mission of our Divine guru Shri Shivabala Yogi Swamiji and Shri Shivarudra Balayogi Babaji.
153Ankit SharmaIndia2018-09-24
 Save the Divine mission of Sri Shiva Rudra Balayogi .
152VINOD KUMARMalaysia2018-09-24
 Our Ashram is our Guru's abode and an embodiment of Peace.Please protect it.
 Pls protect the ashram!!
150Daniel VillUnited States2018-09-24
 Please protect our beloved guru and the home of his tapas from the threats of these bullies. Please take prompt action to restore the peace which is essential to the spiritual health of the community and all those devotees who Baba has inspired and shown the way.
 Please protect Dehradun Ashram, it is a sanctuary of peace for so many in India and from all around the world.
148Ryan GossUnited States2018-09-24
 Please hear our voices together in saying that the Shivabalayogi Ashram of Dehradun is a world treasure and brings great service, education, and spiritual growth to the world. The ashram should be considered sacred and protected grounds, with all of the evidence reviewed thoroughly and in an unbiased manner. The ashram brings great renown and respect to India and Dehradun around the world and should be considered a protected and important landmark of the rich and important history of Shivabalayogi. Please hear our voices and important and powerful support in the name of Shivabalayogi. May this issue be put to rest in a fair and swift manner.
147Joanne TolconAustralia2018-09-24
 So many lives benefit from the existence of this ashram, not only in India, but all around the world. Please protect the home of the individuals who devote their lives to this nobel cause and protect the sanctuary that others may visit and from which Babaji visits us, in many countries. This is truly precious. Protect the teachings so they may continue. To those with apparent power, protect your own integrity by standing tall for what is right here and claim your personal power. All will benefit.
146Anthony GodwinUnited States2018-09-24
 I add my voice to the many who are requesting an investigation and resolution to the conflict over the Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaji Ashram in Dehradun. I am lucky to have been able to visit this sacred ashram and to receive guidance in my meditation and devotion from Shri Shivarudra Balayogi. In all the years I have known Babaji, he has always talked about his dedication to the ashram. Please help preserve this holy place of worship and learning.
145Valerie LawAustralia2018-09-24
 Please don't allow hoodlums to disrupt the wonderful peace and quiet of this beautiful ashram.
144Geordie SmithAustralia2018-09-24
 The authorities need to show they have some integrity and investigate and take action for this important spiritual place.
143Deidra NovellinoUnited States2018-09-24
 Devotees of Shivarudrabalayogi from all corners ofd the world protest the unjust, illegal and shameful criminal activity performed by these criminals who claim heir to any property belonging to sacred Dehradun Ashram. The Indian authorities MUST protect and defend this Sanctuary for Peace and Love and put an end to these transgressions. We are all waiting and watching. We stand united. Baba, we love You, we are with You, and we are praying.
142KothapalliUnited States2018-09-24
 I pray to the Divine Mother to protect not only Swamiji's devotess and the ashrams but also general public at large from the corrupt, greedy and selfish people who are misusing their power.
141ShastriUnited States2018-09-24
 As another writer has said the world is watching. It is a shame that a country that worships the Divine Mother should condone the violent actions of the local mafia and MLA. The Divine in the form of Guru Maharaj and Babaji Maharaj have been a beacon of hope and liberation for aspirants from all over the world. The peace that is the Ashram is the Divine's Gift to Her children to meditate, to practice and serve under the benign Grace of Guru Maharaj. It is time that Government and law enforcement authorities take action and restore pride in our country.
140ben mayersUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 I beg that the Ashram remain a place where all life can be sanctified under the holy auspices of Babaji.
139Mr Godfrey BishopUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 That such a preposterous distortion of the truth manufactured by the opponents of a wonderful ashram in the best tradition of Indian spirituality should even be given the time of day beggars belief. We appeal to the court to exercise commonsense and justice in rapidly quashing the false claims of Manoj Rawat and his associates and upholding the established ownership of the ashram by the Shivalbalayogi Trust for the benefit of devotees worldwide and the honour of India.
138Andy WhitmoreUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 Since several decades I am very dedicated practitioner of Indian Yogic tradition and Tibetan Buddhism and have studied as a meditation student with Shivarudrabalayogi many times in the UK and had the great joy of spending time in the ashram in Dehradun before. I hold him in the highest regard and likewise the ashram as truly sacred, especially since the Glorious Shivabalayogi created the place.

It seems the "Facts" are layed out clearly by Shivabalayogi Trust. The ashram and Guruji are asking for "justice". Justice of course is the application of the facts as informed decision to create an outcome. So this outcome simply HAS to occur or justice has not been accomplished. Shivabalayogi is famed far and wide across India, part of it's epic spiritual and cultural history and profound wealth. He also is famed in the western lands by even spiritual practitioners from other traditions. I know many people, Buddhists and all sorts, who follow other spiritual practices and yet have His picture up along with their own direct Guru, simply because they see Shivabalayogi as Shiva. If Justice does not occur soon, this whole situation is going to become a matter of embarrassment to India Herself. This is NOT good. There is truly no wealth on this planet like the wealth India preserves of the Yogic tradition. This reality is becoming evermore apparent to the masses - one only needs to travel about or scan the internet to see this.

The West is becoming more and more open, like a flower to the sun, to the ancient or timeless yogic teachings and therefore to India also. Just look at Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. His name and yogic teachings are becoming known and famed not just by aspiring spiritual practitioners, but by all manner of scientists, academics, politicians from the west as well as the east. Buddhism, especially Tibetan, is ever increasing, which of course also is form of yogic tradition. The point is, the world is turning towards spirituality, necessarily so, at an exponential rate and the advent of incredible communication technology with the internet and so on, is supporting this situation. Spiritual growth is becoming the new wealth, or at least becoming evermore recognised as the only real wealth there ever was. Those involved from the Indian government in the decision making about this situation with the ashram land.......please take this to heart - this situation is VERY VERY BIG. Much much bigger than perhaps most have imagined. It's almost like the eyes of a large large part of the world (not to even mention the spiritual kingdom) are on you, but perhaps you do not yet realise this. Justice must be done properly here or it will for sure come back to haunt those who did not stand up for truth. I read in a truly wonderful book about Maha Avatar Babaji , which is becoming evermore famed in spiritual circles, written by the great living Master Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, that Shivabalayogi was Lahiri Mahasaya in a previous life. My own spiritual experience in the matter certainly seems to support this opinion and although it's not the point because anyway Shiva is Shiva, it just goes to show that this whole situation is quite quite enormous and for sure alot more people care and will care in the near future about the just outcome of this situation than I'm sure is currently recognised. If corruption or incompetence is allowed to cause either injustice or just let the whole thing fester and stagnate, in the end I bet anything a really large part of the world will find out in the near future and there will be great international public outcry. Spirituality is exploding and the audience about such things as this will suddenly become unexpectedly vast. Please please oh those in government authority, shine for truth like the glory of India has and will do ever greater for the world!

137RaveeshUnited States2018-09-24
 I request the government to protect the ashram for all the devotees of Sri Babaji Sri Shiva Rudra Balayogi.
136Jill GustafsonUnited States2018-09-24
 Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi is an amazing guru who is essential for the community there and to many people across the world. His ashram should be protected because has brought peace and well being to many people and is an inspiration and great teacher. It's shocking what he and his assistants and disciples have to face there, his mission and purpose is rooted there and must be protected. It is very obvious the people committing crimes and injustices should be stopped. Sending prayers and thoughts for a solution and end to the problems Babaji and the ashram have to face.
135RAY KLOTKOWSKIUnited States2018-09-24
 This is a peaceful group of people dedicated to the spiritual well-being of human beings the world over. The government of India has a duty to respect as well as to protect the kind people of this ashram, to discover the truth and implement rightful ownership status as well as ordering cease and desist measures against the ashram's attackers.
134Shalini Sinha United Kingdom2018-09-24
 The Shivabalayogi Ashram must be protected against MLA Manoj Rawat who are attempting to illegally confiscate it with false allegations and by intimidating and assaulting sadhvis at the ashram. Please protect the ashram from these criminal elements.
133Lalita Maheshwari United States2018-09-24
 In a world infused with chaos and in a time of troubling morality there still stands a few places dedicated to the true teachings of the enlightened ones. The Dehradun Ashram overseen by Shri Shiva Rudra BalayYogi is one such place. Assaults on this Ashram are most grievious assaults against Divine order. Therefore, those in the decision making process for this Ashram most understand how important and long reaching their their actions will be. You may feel like this is a troubling burden, nonetheless you have a holy obligation to act in accordance with righteousness. I pray that you are strong enough to do so for the well-being of many souls rest on the ability of you to stand up for the Light. I add my voice to the many who have already written: Save Dehradun Ashram!
132Lee BryantUnited States2018-09-24
 we Must keep the highest spiritual leaders safe and all who wish to represent peace in this world.
Shri Shivarudrabalayogi IS That Peace.
Please see with a clear heart. Remember karma is always working.
131Sanjay KabeIndia2018-09-24
 Pray Swamiji restores peace in this important ashram. May Swamiji give strength to all His devotees who are working hard to save the ashram from the trouble makers.
130Pat RadloffUnited States2018-09-24
 We ask that the Government and Local Authorities protect the ashram and those that serve and visit there. It is a sacred place for spiritual seekers and is intended for the benefit of all. It is not intended for mundane or selfish purposes. We ask that the Government review the factual evidence and take appropriate action to protect the property and the spiritual seekers there and to restore the property to its designated and rightful use.
129Philip FaganUnited States2018-09-24
 Please work to ensure the peaceful existence of this wonderful community.
128SUDHA PUnited States2018-09-24
 We plead that Ashram to be remained under the guidance of our beloved Babaji.
127Mutyala Venkatarama SatyanarayanaIndia2018-09-24
 Sri Sri Sri Sivabalayogi Maharaj ki Jai. Swamiji will be take care of the Ashramam.
126Kathleen McManusUnited States2018-09-24
 I want to help. Loved Balayogi when I met him last year.
125Arun KumarUnited States2018-09-24
 All the devotees of Baba ji and Swamiji are horrified at the prolonged harassment and violence inflicted to the inmates of Dehradun Ashram. We are speaking with one unified voice for an immediate end to the cruel and unlawful acts towards innocent and pious inmates of the Ashram. This is unfortunate and deeply distressing which should end immediately and can not be tolerated.
124JoolsUnited States2018-09-24
 A disgrace, people were abused and beaten up. Shame and they should be locked up if proven guilty. I hope the Justice system is fair there. Om Shanthi
123Usha Shastri United States2018-09-24
 The land belongs to the Shivbalayogi Maharaj trust as indicated by the Rani of Patiala.
It has always been known the world over since Swamiji’s time from the ‘70’s.
Undue advantage by greed is being committed by unscrupulous means!
122Jwalitha JUnited States2018-09-24
 Please protect the Ashram. Baba Shivarudrabala Yogi is one of the greatest blessings India has given this world. His teachings will help foster love peace unity for generations to come, all of what mother India is. He is an true embodiment of our spiritual heritage, and everything needed to protect and safeguard His and His Guru’s eternal gift should be saved.
121Hannah D ZaivUnited States2018-09-24
 Please protect the ashram, Baba Shivarudrabalayogi is a teacher of integrity, generosity, and honest dedication!
120Greg FegelUnited States2018-09-24
 Preserve and protect the Ashram.
119Kurt LearUnited States2018-09-24
 Please protect Dehrdun Ashram.
118Sandip SarkarIndia2018-09-24
 Any attempt by any individual to malign the image of Baba Shivarudra Balayogi to be condemned and such individual with vested interested to be booked appropriately under the Law of the Land.
117susan grabinaUnited States2018-09-24
 This is horrible that Shivarudha Bali 's ashram is being violated and attacked. I demand that he and his people be protected from that mafia group and all his property be under his guidance...
116Rekha SharmIndia2018-09-24
 Mataji Kailash Kumari Devi donated this beautiful place to Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj so this can be preserved, looked after and made available for every common person to practise meditation and world peace - not to get usurped by some nephew and his associates. We all have faith in the name of Divine Guru that one day the truth will prevail definitely and come to light and people, administration and the government will see the facts.
115Ivy AmarUnited States2018-09-24
 By Swamiji's Divine Grace, Sri Shiva Balayogi and Ambaji have maintained a refuge for all beings offering the highest spiritual teachings, love, devotion and generosity to all who come to this sacred sanctuary. We, who live elsewhere and are watching, make the sincere request of the Uttarakand Government to follow your own spiritual principles and stop turning the Light into darkness: take right actions and turn this demonic darkness into Light once and for all!!
114Jyoti chauhanIndia2018-09-24
 We pray to Gurumaharaj to settle down and resolve this matter soon.
113Geeva SMalaysia2018-09-24
 The Dehra Dun Ashram is a place of great spiritual significance to the devotees in India and around the world. The Ashram must be protected from the harassment, greed and false stories . The teachings of the spiritual masters is a great opportunity for many to practice sadhana and meditation. The Masters are India's greatest gift to the world. I hope the authorities will do everything within their power to protect Dehra Dun Ashram
112Madhuri KohliIndia2018-09-24
 The ashram is so peaceful and divine. Babaji always blesses us with his kind words and blessings. Please do not do anything to the place. It adds a beautiful chapter to my childhood.
111Nirmala DuttAustralia2018-09-24
 I plead that the Ashram to be left under the guidance of Shivarudra Balaji with no disturbance .
110Bavani Deyvi PSingapore2018-09-24
 The ashram offers peace and solace for many of us around the world . Dehradun ashram is one place that provides peace and tranquility for devotees who seek spiritual refuge there . The ashram’s purity and tranquility Bounds us together in spiritual harmony . Our beloved Guru and father Shri Shivarudrabalayogi who is the beacon of our lives resides in this ashram and it’s a temple for us . Pls do not uproot our faith
109Amba shivaranjani India2018-09-24
 I have full faith in the name of sri SHIVABALA Yogi maharaj. Truth will prevail . We are being tested for our determination . Hari Om Tat Sat.
108Donna GodwinUnited States2018-09-24
 I ask for the protection of Shri Babaji, Ambaji, my brothers and sisters, and all who use the ashram for their spiritual growth. The master Shri Shiva Balayogi Maharaji blessed this sacred space. Please protect it for all to use for peace, sanctuary, and learning.
Love and light
107Suchetana rayIndia2018-09-24
 May Shri Babaji cure all evil within and without ,pranam
106Ramesh NadarajahMalaysia2018-09-24
 Please save the shivabalayogi ashram
105Uma ShankariUnited States2018-09-24
 Please protect Shiva Rudra and all the members and visitors of the asthma. Please make those hoodlums disappear. Thank you.
104I Gusti Putu SuhartaIndonesia2018-09-24
 we really hope that the Indian government can immediately resolve this problem and provide protection, so that the ashram returns to peace.
103Balazs ErdosHungary2018-09-24
 Please let this holy place in the hand of Shiva Rudra Balayogi who serves his master for many many years spreading the words of peace and harmony.We need this kind of places and people.I hope everything will be sort it out.Balazs from Budapest,Hungary
102Nagamani SistlaUnited States2018-09-24
 I give all my support for the Ashram & their activities.
101Rohtas Kumar India2018-09-24
 देहरादून स्थित श्री शिव बालयोगी महाराज आश्रम ध्यान और साधना का केंद्र है. कुछ लोग इसकी छवि को धूमिल करने में लगे हुए हैं. कुछ असामाजिक तत्वों द्वारा आश्रम और आश्रम निवासियों के विरुद्ध किए जा रहे यह कृत्य निश्चित रूप से निंदनीय है. उत्तराखंड सरकार और देहरादून प्रशासन को इन असामाजिक तत्वों के खिलाफ कड़ी कार्यवाही की जानी चाहिए ताकि आश्रम की गतिविधियां शांतिपूर्ण और सुचारू रूप से चल सके. प्रशासन को आश्रम वासियों और इसके अनुयायियों को आश्वस्त करना चाहिए ताकि वह अपनी साधना जारी रख सकें
 The Ashram is a place for the benefit of all beings.
99Semonti ModakAustralia2018-09-24
 Please look after Shri Babaji, Amba Shivaranjani and their ashram.
98Uma DeviMalaysia2018-09-24
 The Dehradun ashram is a holy and spiritual haven for all.
97Julia CatlingUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 The Dehradun Ashram is recognised worldwide as a place of extreme spiritual importance. It must be protected.
96William MarshallUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 I give all my support to the ashram.
95Sethu NairAustralia2018-09-24
 Good must fight evil at all cost.

94Prashanth ParichieIndia2018-09-24
 Let Babaji and other devotees of Swamiji live there in peace and practice meditation. Enough of this trouble from anti social elements
93Sharon BarkatullahUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 The ashram is of great spiritual significance to the world and must be protected from the greed and false stories threatening its survival. It is a rare sanctuary, where people can come from all over the world to learn and practice meditation from the Great Masters of India.
92Matt GarzaUnited States2018-09-24
 This is my Swamiji Sri Shivabalayogi's Ashram, please keep it preserved as that. Swamiji would not want any fighting. Let all the beings in all the worlds have peace. May Swamiji bless and protect our ashram with love and divine light.
91Praveen KumarIndia2018-09-24
 Please save Shivabalayogi ashram from thiefs.
90Chaithi SantiaUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 The Ashram must be protected in the name of peace in the whole world.
89Renu sood India2018-09-24
 Napinder is a gunda he wants property only they people create false stories about Ashram and babaji
88Henry CurtisUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 This is a disgraceful situation. Protect the Ashram at all costs and let Truth prevail. Greed is driving these usurpers and they should be stopped with the full authority of the Law.
87Michael MepstedUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 The greatest gifts India has given the world are the teachings of great spiritual Masters. No other country can compare.
I hope the authorities are able to protect this ashram and make sure it is not the victim of corrupt greedy individuals
 In the great land of Dharma, Karma will come down hard on those who use corruption and devious means to appropriate themselves with what rightly belongs to Sages.
 The Ashram is a beacon of spirituality internationally through its message of meditation , peace and charity.
This Ashram is being hijacked by a gang of mercenaries whose greed knows no bounds. Where is the justice?
84Jagath GuruMyanmar, {Burma}2018-09-24
 The land was given to Shiva Balayogi's to continue his mission. He just allowed his devotee (bhramachari Hanut Singh) to stay not to give own the land. We pray that justice would prevail against those greedy group people whom is constantly disturbing the ashram's peace.
83Perywiswaran PandeinMalaysia2018-09-24
 Be fare to the ashram. ❤️
82Zen GrisdaleUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 Appealing to the Chief Minister of Uttarkand and all authorities to clear this problem up once and for all. The truth of the situation is undeniable, the lies and false claims that have been propagated have absolutely no basis. A precious gem of India, this Ashram must be protected for all spiritual seekers worldwide.
81Saraswathi Narayanasamy Singapore2018-09-24
 The Ashram is been used by devotees from all over the world for meditation.. E9p
80Rana MunshiIndia2018-09-24
 Swamiji setup this ashram by his own hand. Hopefully Dehradun government will look into this matter and resolve this asap. As some bad elements are trying to sabotage the peace of ashram.
79Abhishek joshiIndia2018-09-24
 This is happening i cant believe. We all devotees are with babaji and swami and with asram. We will protest against it.
78Vatsala Malaysia2018-09-24
 Ashram belongs to swami.
 One should take greatest care to treat the divine efforts of a genuine tapas yogi's mission in the world with deepest respect and devotion. Otherwise, how can the purpose of one's life be fulfilled?
76Zoran RaiicAustralia2018-09-24
 To Uttarakhand Goverment please protect Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram THE WORLD IS WATCHING.
 Home of our spritual master Shri Shavabalayogi. A true ashram promotes a healthy lifestyle and self-awareness through self-discipline and reflection. Pls do not harm to our spiritual house.
 Home of our spritual master Shri Shavabalayogi. A true ashram promotes a healthy lifestyle and self-awareness through self-discipline and reflection. Pls do not harm to our spiritual house.
73Sant Mat Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj United States2018-09-24
My name is Sant Mat Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. I am writing to encourage that the ashram with its land be left alone. This is a sacred place of peace and sadhana. I am writing to you from the United States ?? in Chicago. I come from a family of spiritual leaders, and although I am a simple scientist I must say with absolute certainty that Sri Babaji Baliyogi is a truly enlightened master and is doing gods work at this ashram. If there is anything SOS could do to help in this battle we are with you. We are doing gods work and must preserve this beautiful sanctuary of spiritual transformation for generations to come. ??
 Home of our spritual master Shri Shavabalayogi. A true ashram promotes a healthy lifestyle and self-awareness through self-discipline and reflection. Pls do not harm to our spiritual house.
71Paola GavinUnited Kingdom2018-09-24
 It is shameful that Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi and his devotees have been suffering any outside threats, disturbances and even violence, from their unlawful neighbours, who continue to make false claims of owning land, that is not rightfully theirs. This should be stopped. The government authorities need to make sure that this precious place is protected at all costs.
 Home of our spritual master Shri Shavabalayogi. A true ashram promotes a healthy lifestyle and self-awareness through self-discipline and reflection. Pls do not harm to our spiritual house.
69Sharat SoodIndia2018-09-24
 Nipender singh is a goonda sitting here to grab property
68Billy SnackTuvalu2018-09-24
 Please save the Ashram! I was born here and I it is haunted by rabbits. The one truly peaceful place on earth. God bless you Sri Babaji
67Sanjeev ChopraCanada2018-09-23
 Please save the ashram.
My name is Sanjeev Chopra. I live in Richmond BC and work at IGA which is a local grocery store. I believe that Sri Baliyogi is the true master. Please feel free to contact me if I can help in any way possible.
‭+1 (778) 896-6697‬


Sanjeev Chopra
66S Ranjani C Sinnadurai Malaysia2018-09-23
 The peaceful and beautiful ashram should be protected and preserved. Hoping and praying these greedy people put a stop to this harassment hope the govt authorities give this land back to the rightful owner The ashram. Where the devotees from all over world cOntinue with their spiritual practice in PEACE. ???
65Deepika singhIndia2018-09-23
 We support Babaji, ashram hamara hi rahega, so stop spreading fake information against our ashram
64Raghavan BIndia2018-09-23
 To create trouble and disturb the peace and holiness of a Guru's shrine and living place is a great sin. Great souls on account of their compassion and universality bear with these elements. Let the Supreme and the Satguru guide the govt authorities in the right solution.
 As a devotee visiting the ashram for 10years, it’s utterly unbelievable that such a peaceful sanctuary is being subjected to land grab by land mafia. I beg the gov of India to perform thorough and unbiased investigation and sort this matter once and for all. India should protect & preserve it’s spiritual treasures.
62A. BaskaranMalaysia2018-09-23
 The ashram has been a place for many to learn from our gurus the truth of existence and life. It has been playing a universal role n should continue its noble cause without obstacles from the greed of mankind.
61nandini bishopUnited Kingdom2018-09-23
 Please may the people in the law do the honourable thing and stop this illegal harassment and return the stolen land to it's right and legal owners - the precious Ashram.
60Duvdevani familyAustralia2018-09-23
 This ashram is a sacred place, revered and cherished by spiritual seekers all over the world.
59Narayanan K RIndia2018-09-23
 I agree with Ashram authorities that there is an encroachment in the property behind the Ashram where Late Gen Hanut Singh was staying. Since he is no more his portion of the land should go back to government authorities and not Nripendra and others who are claiming ownership.
58Regu sabithaMalaysia2018-09-23
 The peaceful and beautiful ashram which invites the spiritual seekers from all around the world should be protected and preserved. Request the Government authorities to act upon this greedy people.
57M S VILASINI NAIRMalaysia2018-09-23
 Shivabalayogi Ashram should continue its mission for Universal Peace therefore the land should be in the name of the Ashram.
56Anusuya Australia2018-09-23
 I ask the Government to please look into the falsehood spread. Please let the Ashram devotees of Shri Shivabalayogi and Baba Shri Shivarudrabalayogi attend to their spiritual practices in peace.
55Claire Griffiths United Kingdom2018-09-23
 As a visitor to the Ashram now for many years I have seen these atrocities carried out by Nripendra sing and his associates. All the evidence is there and bears full testimony to the real facts of the matter as outlined by the ashram. Only a willingly blind fool could possibly support the stories and false claims put forward by Nripendra and his associates.
54Anuradha Singh India2018-09-23
 Dehradun ashram is a spiritual place do not destroy by greedy people. It is a place of worship and meditation so please save it .
53Mudit PantIndia2018-09-23
 My Request with all due respect that the Uttarakhand Government take action immediately to help and save this Sacred Holy Ashram and ensure its continued existence.
52Dr. Simon ReitzeSwitzerland2018-09-23
 I am asking for protection of the Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Ashram in Dehradun. This place is precious: open for all to meditate, find peace and share a precious cultural heritage. It is outrageous that the material greed and immoral misbehaviour of a few are endangering this sacred institution. May it radiate out into the world with no disturbance.
51Alicia LynnUnited States2018-09-23
 God please save the Ashram from further threats and harm. It is a blessed respite for our weary souls until we are Home again, with You.
50Govin and BanuMalaysia2018-09-23
 The Ashram is very spiritual place do not destroy by greedy people. Do not show your power to divine. Swamiji is watching you .We pray to Swamiji and babaji

49Kalpana Australia2018-09-23
 Parnam, please ensure that the ashram that is a sacred place for devotees to meditate and it's surrounding grounds remain intact and remains the property of Shivabalayogi Trust. Please demonstrate that India's justice system is alive and functioning well.
48Meena SelvamMalaysia2018-09-23
 I pray that the Ashram will be safe from all the troubles.
47Haridas SuppiahMalaysia2018-09-23
 We hope the government and related authorities will take appropriate action to protect and preserve the ownership and santity of the ashram. We as Hindus away from India always look at India not only as our motherland but as a country which gives alot of importance for preserving spiritual establisments. Act of certain individuals abusing their political power and govermental authorities is not only tarnishing the image of Indian government but weakening our faith that Hindus in India will not compromise when come Spiritualism. Hope senior goverment authorities will diffuse the misuse of power and authority by these individuals for their selfish reason. We plead that this problem will be resolved amicably and fast. Jaihind.
46Ramakrishna and VimalaMalaysia2018-09-23
 The Dehradun ashram is a holy and spiritual home for all the devotees of Sri Sivabalayogi Maharaj. We request the Ashram to be protected immediately as a sacred place.
 Please save ashram
 The ashram is very important and meaningful to our mission, so please maintain it's safety for the future.
43Sharadha MenonAustralia2018-09-23
 Babaji is a beacon for mankind in this troubled world. The Ashram provides a sanctuary for his devotees. Please don’t allow greed and wickedness on the part of Nripendra Singh to destroy a place of worship and meditation.
42Bal SinghAustralia2018-09-23
 Please let there be truth, we do not need the the Mafia or tyrant take over the teaching of peace and love which ia taught by Swamiji, ShivaBalayogi ji and Shivarudra Balayogi ji. We need this place of worship to continue inspiring human being to be in peace and love and not to steal/ snatch others peace and belonging.

Namaste Ji

Bal Singh
 sri sri sri sivabalayogi babaji with us .lord shiva will help we pray from here.
40Aruna PanjanathanMalaysia2018-09-23
 Swamiji's ashram in Dehradun is a place of worship for devotees all over the world. My family and I have been coming to the ashram yearly since 2005. The ashram is a beautiful and peaceful place for all devotees under the supervision of our dearest Babaji.

It is my sincere prayer that the sanctity and beauty of the ashram and it's surrounding is preserved and protected for the benefit of all current and future devotees of Swamiji and Babaji.

Thank you !
39prem kumar singhAustralia2018-09-23
 In this kaljuga age .the real truth is so difficult to be seen. But i strongly belief swami ji will do miracles.
38Marisol ReitzeSwitzerland2018-09-23
 The lies, harrassment and violence perpetrated by Nripendra Singh and his associates against the Dehradun Ashram must stop. Nripendra Singh is moved by pure hatred and personal greed. Please allow all devotees from around the world to visit this holy sanctuary peacefully.
37Dawn CerfUnited States2018-09-23
 My beloved Guru, Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi, has provided a peaceful Ashram that is visited regularly by His devotees. He and His disciples have been harassed for years over this property dispute. Please keep the Ashram for its intended use.
36Keith MagesUnited States2018-09-23
 As another loyal devotee of Shri Babaji, I implore the government to help save the Dehradun Ashram. Babaji has devoted his whole life to protecting and caring for the Ashram at the direction of Swamaji himself many, many years ago. Babaji is a true Self Realized Yogi and teacher who is humble, loving and peaceful. Please help him and Ambaji protect and keep the Ashram. Thank you.
35Chris RegehrCanada2018-09-23
 Shiva Rudra Balayogi is my guru and master. May the site of his tapas be protected.
34Kyeren RegehrCanada2018-09-23
 Dehradun Ashram is for the true good of all! This is the home and tapas place of my Guru. It is Holy as Sacred. Please protect it!

Authorities need to immediately help and properly protect the Ashram and it's peaceful inhabitants who seek the Divine, and are not looking for worldly personal gain.

Please respond immediately to the threat the Ashram is facing. Please work for the good of all, not the greed and corruption of the individuals with false claims.

This Ashram was the Holy place of Shivabalayogi and his devotees for decades, and is now the Holy place of his foremost disciple, Shivarudrabalayogi, who achieved Self-realization and continues his Master's Divine mission. Please protect this Ashram.
 Dehra dun ashram is a place of worship and meditation.please maintain this ashram for promoting the practice in its serinity.
32Jennifer RegoUnited States2018-09-23
 As a loyal devotee of Shri Babaji, I implore the government to help save the Dehradun Ashram. Babaji has devoted his whole life to protecting and caring for the Ashram at the direction of Swamaji himself many, many years ago. Babaji is a true Self Realized Yogi and teacher who is humble, loving and peaceful. Please help him and Ambaji protect and keep the Ashram. Thank you.
31Chris adeiUnited States2018-09-23
 From all over the world we are trusting that justice truth and integrity will prevail and the Sacred work of Shri ShivaRudraBalayogi Maharaj will be honored and upheld for all time
30Prasanna Srinivasa RaoIndia2018-09-23
 Ashram is an oasis of peace and exists for well being of entire humanity. The Government and the public should protect this noble institution
29Sudharshan ReddyIndia2018-09-23
 When we go to the Ashram and request the authorities saying we will do Meditation then a place will be given to us for Meditation inside the Ashram . This is how Hanut Singh got the place from our Beloved Swamiji Shivabalayogi, The place does not belong to Hanut Singh or its family.
28Nagaraj SatyanarayanaIndia2018-09-23
 The Government should ensure that the politicians do not misuse their positions and such criminal politicians who does not have respect for women should be put behind bars. We all expect that the judiciary should be quick and remove these kind of miscrients from the Ashram premises as well as the society and keep them isolated.
 I am supporting Babaji Ambaji and Ashram.
Nipender is a destroyer and greedy person.
My full support to the Ashram.
26Clifford McGuireUnited States2018-09-23
 This beautiful ashram has been created in 1984 a gift to Swamiji. General was given temporary permission to reside there building an auxiliary annex to the main ashram, for his benefit and other devotees.
General acknowledged any claim after the property would expire on his passing, General’s nephew should oblige that commitment made in 2010
25Doris BrophyAustralia2018-09-23
 This claim is another trouble making plan from Nripendra and his bribed accomplices. This person will not hesitate to lie and try to create problems for the Ashram and its residents. Was there any burial ceremony for the General on the Ashram land ??? I pray that the Indian Government will finalize these ridiculous claims and allow the Ashram to return to the peace, harmony and teachings of Sri Swamiji and Sri Babaji. So many people Worship and Respect Shri Babaji. Having visited the Ashram myself many times over the past 18 years It is amazing to me that only now are these claims being made.
24Heerah kanayarAustralia2018-09-23
 Babaji needs his Ashranam to teach his disciples meditation and a lot of us have benefited our lives from him. Please consider the oriole living and benefitting from his teachings in this world rather than the ones who are not anymore.
23Vetrichelvan Jayapraksan United States2018-09-23
 The Dehradun ashram is the abode of Swamiji and Babaji. Lord Shiva himself resides in the ashram. The ashram is the center point of spreading the values of Truth and practice of meditation to humanity. Babaji and Ambaji have dedicated their lives for the upliftment of human consciousness through meditation. It is very important that ashram should be safe and protective place to practice sadhna.
 Please leave the Ashram in peace. It is for a divine purpose. These bad elements are destroying a natural heritage by their greed.
21Rupesh patwaIndia2018-09-23
 For the years this Ashram has been place of meditation, satsang, spiritual practices under the blessings of Swamiji and Babaji, it belongs to the trust
20Julia JonesAustralia2018-09-23
 I have stayed in the Ashram many times over more than a decade. It is a place of peace and education for Babaji's mission. I urge the Uttarkhand to take action against this calculated and uncharitable takeover.
19B PunitharaniMalaysia2018-09-23
 I pray that the Ashram will be safe from all troubles. Its an abode of peace.
Jai Shivabalayogi Maharaj.
Jai Shivarudrabalayogi Maharaj
18Bruce YoungAustralia2018-09-23
 I urge it the government of Uttarkhand to urgently take steps to thoroughly examine all the evidence available and act accordingly to once-and-for-all finish off this ongoing unscrupulous harassment of Shivabalayogi Ashram which is a centre of learning and peace which benefits the whole world and brings glory to the name of Dehra Dun.
17Susila Devi GnanasagaramMalaysia2018-09-23
 The Dehradun Ashram is a peaceful sanctuary for all seekers of the Truth and may we preserve this for all to enjoy and benefit. Let not the serenity of the Dehradun As
hram be ruffled. We pray that our Father's Home will always be there, safe and sound. Jai Shivabalayogi. Jai Shivarudrabalayogi
 Please leave the Ashram alone for its intended original purpose i.e for the pursuance of spiritual practices and activities under the guidance of our beloved and revered Guru Shri ShivarudraBalayogi(Babaji). The highest authority in the state of Uttrakhand must help to redeem and restore the sanctity of the Ashram asap for the continuance of good charitable and spiritual activities as before. Please do not allow injustice to prevail!!
15Sathya Dikshit India2018-09-23
 We request Govt. Of Uttarakhand to help Ashram
14Bhupender Singh Rathore India2018-09-23
 These people's should be arrested and it is true that there is no samadhi of general hanut singh in the ashram.
13Venkat ManamUnited States2018-09-23
 Very ridiculous that Govt allowing these kind of encroachments of the Ashram which is real help and support to the spiritual seekers. Above all this is very powerful space. Who ever behind this encroachment of this space are going to have server punishment. May the Devine Babaji save this Ashram, a powerful energetic space.
12Bharathi DikshitIndia2018-09-23
 Its high time these Mafia people creating problems to the God's abode..our Ashram. There should be an end . we pray that all these problems be solved..and our ashram be safe ..have peace. Our support is always there to achieve this ..BABAJI. Year 2018 will see to an end to all dangers..
On Shivaya ShivaBalayogendraya Parabramha Nayana..On Shivaya ShivaRudraBalayogendraya Parabramha Nayana ..Jai Hanuman.
 India is known for spirituality such kind of behaviour for our divine Ashram is intolerable..uttarakhand govt please come forward to help
10Simon GrisdaleUnited Kingdom2018-09-23
 The Dehradun Ashram is a sanctified place where our Guru Shiva Rudra Balayogi undertook sadhana from His Master Shiva Balayogi and practiced His Tapas. It is a spiritual heritage site for sincere seekers from all over India and the world and must be protected for world peace and the benefit of generations to come.
9marianne pherigoUnited Kingdom2018-09-23
 Babaji's ashram in Dehradun has been a haven of peace, healing and spiritual inspiration for countless devotees from all over the world. None of us can understand why these mafia/criminals have been allowed to threaten the ashram residents and even to attack a female swami resident.Hopefully the Uttarkhand Government has the discernment to see through all the lies, and will protect the ashram to whom the land it stands on was donated many years ago.
8Steve PUnited Kingdom2018-09-23
 Devotees and followers all over the world are watching and urge those higher up in government (and not corrupt) take action against these vile mafia parasites.
7sarahUnited States2018-09-23
 please be a true example, expose bullies and promote learning as do humanity's greatest representatives and leaders. the residents of dehradun ashram are humankind's proof that our species can evolve. be the best of you and me, help dehradun ashram, please.
thank you,
sarah gene brandston
6Peter KhooMalaysia2018-09-23
 We urged the highest authority in Indian government to intervene and ensure justice is given to the Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Ashram. Protect the innocent and prosecute the political thugs.
5Ken ZielinskiUnited States2018-09-23
 I request with all due respect that the Uttarakhand Government take action immediately to help and save this Sacred Holy Ashram and ensure its continued existence. Please know we are all fact the world is watching...and waiting for you to do what is just and true.
 Such mafia scum should go to jail. I pray to the Divine that this is resolved soon.
 Please leave ashram people please show it on tv
2Gian JonesUnited Kingdom2018-09-23
 It is not right that people are taking advantage of the Shivabalayogi Ashram in Dehradun for their own gain. We ask the government of Uttarakhand to help protect the land from people making false claims. There never was a memorial of Gen Hanut Singh in the annex guesthouse building on Ashram land after he passed away. Countless people have visited the ashram including myself many times and there has been no indication or sign of any memorial. There have been also so many other false claims. Isn't it about time the government of Uttarakhand looks at the actual facts? There is so much mounting evidence of what actually has been happening, the violence bestowed on Ashram devotees, the lies that have been spread, to make a claim on Ashram guesthouse. The Dehradun Ashram land including the annex guesthouse has always belonged to the Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust. So we ask the government of Uttarakhand to start to act and help protect the Ashram land from people making false claims.
1Gian JonesUnited Kingdom2018-09-23
 It is indeed very unfortunate for such a thing to take place in a holy sanctuary such as Shivabalayogi Ashram in Dehradun. The Ashram is a sacred place that Sri Swamiji Maharaj was given, who later told Babaji to look after, so that devotees can come and practice Sadhana peacefully.