Shri Guru Maharaj's 86th Birthday

Shri Babaji’s message on the auspicious occasion of beloved Guru Shri Swamiji’s 86th Birthday.

Swamij Brithday 2021 01 24

"As we, Devotees of our beloved Guru Maharaj, prepare to celebrate His 86th birthday on Sunday 24th Jan 2021.

We can feel His presence in our hearts and as all pervaded Divinity guiding and protecting all devotees.

When we remember the beautiful days during His physical presence with us it was God who had come to live with us. But Swamiji never claimed Himself to be God ever, to inspire us He worshipped Shiva as His Guru, addressing as Shankara Bhagavan. Advised us to address Him as Shivabalayogendra and not as Yogeshwara.

Such was His humility for this worlds maryada (manners). WE remember that He emphasised on doing sadhana (Efforts of Dhyana and Bhakti) for mind control.

May the world be blessed by His grace for peace and harmony,
May all beings in all the worlds be happy."

With love and blessings
Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi


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