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Nirvana Pushpam

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Adi Shankaracharya is one of the most illustrious figures in the rich spiritual history of India. He worked tirelessly to establish the sublime teachings of Advaita Vedanta – the philosophy of Oneness. He also advocated the devotional path (bhakti marga) through his various compositions which have been sung through the ages. This CD comprises two compositions, Nirvana Shatkam and Bhaja Govindam, which capture the essence of the various paths illuminated by the great Master, Onkara Nada sloka and a beautiful speech from Babaji. They are beautifully sung by the Self Realized Master Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi, for whom these verses were a source of deep inspiration in his own extraordinary spiritual life.

1. Onkara Nada Sloka
2. Shri Babaji Speaks
3. Nirvanaa Shatkam
4. Bhaja Govindam

Nirvana Shatkam is a masterful summary of the entire philosophy of Advaita (nondualism) in six verses. Speaking from his experience of the truth, Adi Shankaracharya exclaims, “I am the Existence in total silence whose nature is perfect knowledge and supreme peace.”

Bhaja Govindam is a devotional masterpiece which deals with the impermanence of the world and the futility of seeking happiness in it. The immortal words of Shankaracharya ring out – “Worship the Lord! For when death comes to this body, neither your wealth nor health nor worldly status will come to your rescue.”


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