Postponing our visit to USA

Dear All,

After taking into account of present situation in the world due to Corona Virus, measures taken by different countries, perticularly India and Unites States Of America, travel restrictions ,quarantine measures etc.., considering all opinions, advise from you all, we have decided to postpone our visit to USA, till such time when everything is fine in the world and all travel and other restrictiins are removed and whenever again it is convenient to you all.

We also note and express our deep appreciation that inspite of the situation all of you have shown love, care, readiness to be with us to assist, host etc.. in every way. It is my divine duty and responsibility to consider welfare of all of you. Though the virus itself may not be big danger with the Divine grace, we had to consider many other aspects like different countries taking measures, travel restriction etc.. Thank you all. Hope to be with you all as soon as possible.

With love and blessings,

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