Themed Q&A: Devotion
Thus Spake Babaji - online Q&A No. 60

A themed Q&A recorded on 16 October 2021, with worldwide participants.

In this session Shri Babaji gives guidance on the following: 

  0:00 Introduction
  1:19 How should a devotee act?
  3:24 Should we surrender to God, Guru or everything?
  4:25 Difference between 'love for the sake of love' and blind faith
  5:57 Paying apt attention
  8:07 Does singing devotional songs help in developing devotion?
  9:10 Is prayer necessary or helpful?
10:11 How should a devotee ask a question to a Master?
12:32 Is it possible for someone to develop devotion?
13:46 How can devotion be lost and how can it be regained?
14:52 Can devotion be to something abstract?
16:25 Can devotion overcome obstacles to reach god?
17:36 Did Babaji practice devotion, meditation and service equally or one more than the other?
21:30 During the 20 years serving Swamiji did Babaji's devotion change in any way?
24:03 When being tested strongly by Swamiji, how did this affect Babaji?
25:03 When a bad thing happened to Babaji, would Babaji take any action?
26:21 Is there a difference between devotion and blind faith?
27:17 A story on Hanuman and his devotion towards Ram

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