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Amrita Varsha - Showers of Nectar


For generations, the ecstatic compositions of Saints and Sages of India have been a source of deep inspiration to seekers on the spiritual path. Imbued with wisdom plumbed from the depths of Self-realization, the power of these chants to transport the listener to ancient worlds of perfect joy and harmony has remained undiminished over the ages.


 In Amrita Varsha, Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi, direct disciple of the great Yogi of modern times, Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, lends His mellifluous voice to a selection of these timeless bhajans. Once more the eternal verses come alive at the hands of a Self-realized Master - one whose life is characterized by decades of selfless service to His Guru culminating in an intense period of unbroken meditation. The expressions of such a Master, naturally filled with pure wisdom and devotion, bring vibrations of peace that draws the mind effortlessly Godward.

In this professional recording accompanied by master classical musicians, Shri Babaji delivers His spontaneous and distinctive renditions of the classic bhajans. Burning with the fire of thousands of years of spiritual effort, they are presented as a sublime celebration of the path of devotion and underscore the uplifting power of music in the search for Truth.

Listen to an extract 'Lingaashtakam' from the CD



  1. Om Shiva Shankara
  2. Shree Ramachandra Kripalu Bhajamana
  3. Lingaashtakam
  4. Devi Dukha Harini
  5. Jaya Durgey
  6. Hanuman Chaleesa
  7. Shri Rama Arati & Naamavali





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