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His Master's Grace - Book or MP3 download

book-his_masters_grace_front-largeThe Tapas Experience of Shri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj

This is the account, in Babaji's own words, of His Tapas experience – the final five years of His spiritual development spent meditating intensely (for an average of 20 hours per day) in the Ashram at Dehradun, India.

This amazing account, by a Realized Master is most rare and precious. In this audio Babaji answers a series of questions, explaining the different aspects of Tapas, the challenges and experiences He underwent.  He speaks of the unique way that His beloved Guru, Swamiji, trained Him, preparing Him for all that He had to endure as He maintained His Tapas through five years. He explains how the twenty years of selfless service and devotion created that faith, discipline and determination to 'do or die' as His Guru encouraged and how He had to face one final test before successfully completing Tapas and achieving Liberation.



Babaji has provided us with a unique insight into the mysteries of meditation at its highest pitch and how the different paths of spirituality work together under the guidance of a Realized Guru to enable Tapas to be successfully completed.

This is available as a booklet or MP3 Download from our shop.

MP3 Download

This audio version is the original recording of Babaji talking about His Tapas experience. Some of you may have a copy of the book 'His Master's Grace' which is the transcription of this talk. The original audio on which the book was based is now available for you to download.

It is available in 3 separate volumes totalling over 4 hours.

Volume 1 - Part 1    46:58 Min
Volume 1 - Part 2    46:14 Min

Volume 2 - Part 1    45:33 Min
Volume 2 - Part 2    41:39 Min

Volume 3 - Part 1    43:49 Min
Volume 3 - Part 2    29:55 Min

Total minutes 252.48

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