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Timeless Meditation Technique


This unique DVD is very popular among spiritual aspirants worldwide.

In this DVD Shri Babaji teaches the Jangama Dhyana meditation technique and the secrets to spiritual success in His succinct and clear way. It is a complete course in spiritual practice spoken directly to you by a fully Realised Yogi in His distinctive, melodious voice.

The DVD course covers:

  1. What is meditation?
  2. Worldly benefits of Meditation
  3. Spiritual benefits of Meditation
  4. Mystery of Mind and Brain
  5. Spiritual Significance of Meditation
  6. Meditation Technique
  7. Breathing exercises
  8. Significance of Omnipresent Initiation
  9. Initiation into Meditation
  10. A period of timed Meditation for beginners ending with a sloka from Babaji
  11. Stretching Exercises

It also includes an audio CD

It also includes an audio CD in which Babaji answers many of the commonly asked questions about meditation, helping to clarify issues often experienced.

The technique expounded in this DVD is as ancient as the beginning of this universe. Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj (Swamiji) said that meditation should be imparted to all to help mankind discover the key to unlock the doors of eternal happiness and peace.

A comprehensive guide to meditation, suitable for beginners to start them on the path and also for more advanced meditators who can refer to sections for clarification whenever they need to.

Babaji covers all the points required in order to understand and practice the spiritual technique of meditation.

A Realised Guru's guidance, constantly available in the convenience of a DVD and CD at home!

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