Practicing the Teachings and achieving that Truth is in itself the greatest donation, the best gift, that a student can give to Me.

~ Shri Babaji ~

Support the Mission

There are several ways to actively support Babaji's Mission.

Organizing, setting up and running the many public programs requires quite a lot of work. If you would like to help by contributing some of your time then please contact your local co-ordinator. There are several ways to help - the more active members there are the better.

There are also many expenses involved in running the programs worldwide. Just like it had been Swamiji's Mission policy, Babaji also never charges for the teachings, so public programs are free of charge. All costs are covered by donation only. These costs include travelling costs, hall hire, dissemination of information etc. and are a substantial sum for a small number of donors to find each year. Also some of the local Missions organize various charitable activities for the poor and needy.

All active support of whatever type or size is very much appreciated.





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If you would like to help financially support the programs and other charitable Mission activities then please click on one of the flags above.

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