Samadhi is when the mind totally gets absorbed into the Real Ultimate Self. The Yogi becomes aware of the Self's existence but without any definitions. Even the earlier imagined false self's identity also vanishes. This means the thought of 'I' vanishes. In samadhi, a Yogi has no mind which recognizes or identifies anything. A Yogi simply experiences the Existence, which is Supreme Peace.

The relationship between samadhi and God Realization functions in this way: in samadhi, the mind has gotten absorbed into the Self. When samadhi occurs, then one regains total Self Consciousness of existence. The same thing is recognized as God Realization. Technically it is God Consciousness. The process is something like a ray of the sun going back to the Sun. At the beginning, a bubble of the ocean starts wanting to know what the ocean is (to realize what the ocean is). But that never happens because the bubble, when away (here, actually, only consciousness is away and there is no such thing called individual soul) can never have first-hand knowledge (experience) of the ocean. To know what the ocean is, it has to re-enter the ocean. When that happens, it would merge with the ocean, loosing its own existence (which was only an imagination), identification. In reality only the ocean exists.

To go into samadhi, one needs total surrender, mentally, in the name of Guru or God. When it happens, the mind ceases to recognize anything else other than Guru. Gradually all imaginations stop. The mind stops analyzing or judging anything. This is a very tricky situation. Constant prayers for the granting of surrender help. One has to understand the character of a slave. Just take it as it comes. Firmly take it that it is coming from the Master. The mind always has a tendency to recognize the existence of samsara, spiritually called "drishya", meaning "scene" and "shabdha", meaning "sound". The mind wants to imagine, define, analyze and judge. All these may be good in this world but when you want the mind to become quiet and go into samadhi, you have to abandon all these.

The same technique during meditation. If the mind understands the deeksha (initiation) instructions - do not repeat anything and do not imagine. During dhyana, if any thought or vision or anything occurs, just keep watching and do not try to analyze whether it is good or bad, right or wrong. It is only a purifying process when you try to meditate. The mind is the tape which has acquired habits and brain acts as tape recorder. When you sit for meditation the mind gets applied (sucked) onto the brain because of its habits. The purifying process starts when the vasanas (impressions from past experiences) are getting evaporated. Visions and sounds get created by a decodifying method from the brain. Then is the time you require enormous patience to allow it to happen. Then you should not analyze or judge what it is, good or bad. Just allow it to happen. Then only the mind can recede, as it has no job to imagine. When the mind recedes, the brain's activation also decreases gradually.

Pray constantly for Grace. If the mind surrenders by not trying to analyze anything, its concentration happens. Then automatically it has to get introverted and that is when it is able to touch its origin, inner guide, the Divine Guru. Then Automatic Divine Activity happens and Grace starts flowing. Until then you have to put in efforts with Dedication, Devotion, Discipline, and Patience. No hurry, No rush. Peacefully and tactfully.

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