Babaji's Guru Purnima Message

13 July 2003

Babaji speaks to devotees regarding the significance and sacredness of the Guru-disciple relationship

Devotees all over the world, in America, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, celebrated "Guru Purnima" with devotion and love to the Guru. In Dehra Dun, Baba Maharaj Shri Shivarudra Balayogi guided the devotees in the celebrations of Guru Purnima.

Morning prayers, Homam, bhajan satsang and Baba's message to the world were the day long beautiful programmes. Earlier Babaji had performed special Puja to the Divine, Guru Shivabalayogi. In the evening, devotees performed Pada Puja to the reverend Babaji.


Babaji's message on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima:

Offering unconditional Pranams and surrender to the Divine Guru, SHIVABALAYOGI, Baba paid rich tributes to The Parama Guru, Shivabalayogi. "Swamiji is one of those greatest realized teachers of this age, who taught in supreme silence." Baba said, "Gurudev blessed us silently and guided to the Supreme Truth."

"When I was a child, my Mother used to tell me that, even if God is annoyed with you, The Guru's Grace can always protect you. For this you need to have Total Faith, Unconditional Surrender, Pure Love, Dedicated Devotion. Thus, She became my first Guru. I believe Her blessings led me to The Supreme Guru and my God, SHIVABALAYOGI.

"A disciple's humility is very important. God or Supreme Truth does not get revealed to an argumentative, arrogant mind. Such, do not adopt Guru's Teachings. A Guru's Life is His teachings. It is not necessary that The Guru by giving sermons only will teach you. A realized Guru's every word is a teaching. Such a Guru's every action is a practical training for the alert disciple."

Baba said, "I used to observe the Guru keenly as to what the Guru wants to give us. Keenly I used to observe His actions and words. I used to pray silently to the Guru to reveal the inner true meanings of His teachings, His words and actions. Unless you pray within your mind with devotion and love, the Truth does not get revealed. Do not allow the mind to become egoistic with false pride."

Baba said, "The moment I saw the Guru in the first Darshan, since then mind stopped trying to analyze any of Guru's actions or words. Mentally I used to constantly pray, 'Gurudev, I do not know why you spoke like that, why you acted like that. May my mind not try to analyze or judge, for the mind's capacity is nothing. I pray, reveal the Truth and may my mind surrender.'

"When you ask a question to the Guru, it should be humble, do not try to test the Guru out of curiosity. If you have Supreme Devotion to God and equally Supreme Devotion to Guru, consider both as the same. To such a pure, surrendered, blessed (Soul) Mind, Ultimate Truth gets revealed.

"The Guru Geeta says, 'He shall reap the fruit of knowledge and wisdom, who with Supreme Devotion, worships the Guru, who is Parameshwara, the Imparter of Divine Knowledge. Utterly Unknowable by those of DULL understanding, correctly Knowable through the words of the Guru, sealed in the Heart of the All Peaceful, All Pervading Omniscient.'

Baba said , "When The Guru taught like a Mother, we absorbed and practised keenly with devotion and seriousness. Never for a moment we could afford to become careless. Gurudev said, 'Remember, you are in the battlefield. Even a moment's stop can make you to loose the Vital Important Ultimate Truth.'

"Guru Geeta says, 'People cross The Ocean of Samsara (Worldly Bondage) by sitting in the strong Boat of the Words of The Guru, Blown by The Wind of the Power of Practise and Past Samskara (Acquired habits of the Mind) and steered by The Pilot, The Guru.'"

Baba said, "We simply walked with total faith and surrender, as guided by the Guru and never questioned Guru's intentions. Without the Grace of the Guru, it is very difficult to attain Self Realization. If we get annoyed with the Guru out of arrogance, who will be the looser?"

Baba said, "Since our childhood, we were taught that Guru is God, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara. Our mind accepted and worshiped the Guru as God. We got everything by the kind, ocean like Grace of the Guru. A Realized Guru is the Being of Peace, the Great Hidden Secret (Of Ultimate Truth), Unthinkable, Immeasurable, No end , No beginning.

"In order to save His creation from the illusion of bondage of Imaginations, God appeared as Lord Dakshinamurthy, who also appears in the threefold form of God, Guru and Self. Dakshinamurthy pervades everything with His form like the sky. Dakshinamurthy is the origin of all kinds of knowledge and wisdom."

Baba said, "Guru is like a physician to those suffering from the illness of Samsara, the worldly bondage of Illusions of imagination. God gives a chance once, in the cycle of evolution when one is blessed to have a perfect human body. Let us not waste this, even for a moment and utilize the mind's power of discretion, to surrender to the Divine Guru and pray to Guru to reveal the Ultimate Truth.
The Divine Blessed this universe with the Guru-Shishya (Master-Disciple tradition and legacy) Parampara, for the sake of devotional seekers of Ultimate Truth.

"May the Divine Guru shower the choicest Blessings on you all for a happy, spiritually prosperous, long life."

With love and blessings,
Babaji 13 July 2003

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