What is Happiness?

Perth, 20 - 21st April 2003

Sunday evening a program was held at a private residence. This started the programs in Perth and drew a large attendance of both Western and Indian devotees. On Babaji's arrival the hosts performed the traditional Pada Puja to Baba and recited some slokas from the Guru Gita. Baba gave a talk on the benefits of meditation, how it is the mind that creates our anxious and tense moments, that dhyana meditation to control the mind is the only way to control these thoughts and emotions and to take the mind towards the Divine. Baba explained that rituals are important and symbolic, they help to focus the mind. However the mind's attention must be concentrated totally on the ritual, not away thinking of other things. That there is no compromise on the mind's attention, it is meditation that concentrates and brings the mind introverted. Baba has observed that many rituals were done in blind faith. God never asked for anything - God has no rules, does not ask for any particular flower, fruit or other such thing, you can offer anything clean and appealing. It is possible to become attached to the rituals and not be able to spiritually progress further to obtain Peace and Happiness.

Babaji initiated many devotees into dhyana meditation and then the group meditated. Afterwards bhajans were sung and Baba thrilled the audience with His rendition of some new chants and a verse from the Hanuman Chaleesa. The host's daughter had suffered a severe car accident resulting in back injuries on the day of Lord Rama's birthday (Rama Jayanthi). A few days later on Hanuman's birthday her mother had a dream of Babaji in which Baba explained that He (Baba) was with her and that Hanuman was protecting her daughter and that she would be alright. The daughter has made a complete recovery in a very short time.

21st April 2003

The morning program was very well attended by dedicated meditators who successfully sat peacefully for a 1 hour meditation. This was followed by some simple yoga postures and then Babaji lead some beautiful chanting followed by Prashad. All present were very much appreciating Baba's wonderful presence.

Babaji was welcomed to the first evening public program by a large group, approximately half the group being newcomers, this is very inspiring for Baba mission in Perth.

The program began with a talk by Babaji on the techniques and efforts that are required to learn to meditate. Baba explained that meditation means 'attention to', that efforts, dedication to daily practice of meditation is required to gradually bring the mind under control. The minds imaginations create the illusions or feelings of happiness and unhappiness. What is happiness? - is it having $1000, a flash air-conditioned car or other such things? We live in an empowered world there is no end to the things that one can imagine may make them happy. The whole universe is transitory, you cannot depend on the world for your happiness or peace. Permanent Peace and Happiness will only come when you become the master of your mind, that meditation is the only way to find your true self..

Some questions from devotees were answered by Baba.

A devotee asked if a special mantra is needed for the Guru. Baba explained that no mantra or vision is required, however for some people it may be a starting point depending on each individual's temperament and culture. It is always the Guru's task to encourage, teach, help and guide the devotee.

Another question that was asked - "Does the consciousness expand when one becomes enlightened?" Baba replied that it is difficult to explain His experience in words and then told the story of how when we are asked where we life by a local that we would name a suburb, if we were in another part of Australia we would say which State, if we were overseas then we would say we were from Australia.

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