Two friends, the brain and the mind

22nd April 2003

Baba's opening talk today was about the two friends - brain and mind.

"It is the knowledge of the Self and true wisdom that we seek. The Self is the Abode of Peace. Our real nature is Peace. Look at the friends - brain and mind. Though it is very difficult to tell which came into existence first, what seems to be a good relationship gives way. The mind suffers at the hands of its friend. Brain is an amazing organ in the body that has enabled the soul to be conscious and aware of the universe, to be able to live in this world, work, eat, and live. Enjoyment is the thing that you are looking for. The brain is in touch with the nervous system and the universe. Through its reflections, the mind, which is a spark of the Supreme Consciousness called The Self, comes in to existence. This mind assumes everything that is reflected by the brain as real, recognizes and absorbs as an imprint and starts wandering in the universe aimlessly and gets pampered, looses control, looses consciousness of Self. Everything the brain reflects seems so real. We have acquired so many reflections since a small child, through youth and to old age, the mind clings onto these reflections, and so peace seems to be an illusion.

Brain has taken the mind away from its Self. Craving of the mind is the reason for all unhappiness in the world. To overcome this we need to meditate. This mind is your child. If mind is unhappy you are unhappy. If the mind is peaceful then you are peaceful. Actually, the mind is missing and is looking for that Supreme Peace which it had always enjoyed while One with The Real Self. Attention to the world always results in tension. Mind requires an anchor, somewhere, somebody to show the way for the mind to go back to the Self. You cannot depend on the world for Peace and Happiness. Nothing is permanent. Everything is transitory, morning changes to night, the body changes from being a child to an adult and to old age. This is not something to be feared. It is natural. To overcome fears and tension the basic aim is to quieten the mind which has gone into millions of imaginations. Just like a spider gets stuck in the web, mind has hypnotized itself. You are not going to destroy the mind by practicing meditation. You need to practise stopping the mind, same as you stop a car. When you do not want to drive it, you park it. When you want to drive the car again you can. When you can control the mind, the brain will be your servant. Meditation practice to control the mind aids the ability to achieve peace and happiness. The brain is a biological amazing organ in the physical body. It can be a good servant but a very bad Master. You need to use the brain and not allow your spark consciousness called 'the mind' to get fooled by the reflections of the brain."

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