We must all reach God

23 April 2003

The evening program began with Babaji entering the hall to the sweet sound of devotees singing Swamiji's aarati. Babaji paid all due reverence to His Guru at the altar, then sat down on the dais and addressed the gathering.

Babaji explained that the purpose of human life was to reach God and that the attainment of a human body was a very precious opportunity to achieve this. Human beings need to go to God Consciousness and not be stuck in the material world. Babaji reminded us that God has kept all happiness within Him and not in His universe. Meditation is the way to reach this peace and happiness.

Babaji also said that meditation also makes prayers stronger and more effective and can help the mind create a universal brotherhood. Mind is a spark of God, the Supreme Infinite, and when concentrated it becomes introverted and contacts the Divinity within, and Divine Grace starts flowing automatically. In this way, meditation helps one obtain Divine Grace.

One young man asked about the experience of "no-mind" which Bhagavan Ramana Maharishii apparently gave to certain devotees. Babaji replied that a Yogi's vibrations are always flowing and that it is the person's receptivity which determines what kind of experience he or she has according to their faith and devotion. A Yogi doesn't discriminate or 'award' experiences to one person over another.

The same devotee also asked if meditation can reverse or reduce one's past life (prarabdha) karma. Babaji's reply was a simple "yes", adding that continuous meditation attracts God's Grace and it is this which removes past karma.

Eager to know more, the same devotee also asked whether a Yogi travels to other subtle worlds and whether Babaji had any experience of these. Babaji replied that a Yogi can, and that during his Tapas Babaji had many such experiences. However, these subtle realms are really just ego-based hallucinations and that the existence of God is the Ultimate Reality. That reality alone is the recommended goal for a spiritual seeker (sadhak) who must ignore any experiences of travel in the subtle dimensions.

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