Born for Tapas

25th April 2003


Babaji recounted significant events in the life of His beloved Guru Shivabalyogi and some of what happened in Adivarapupetta, the place where Swamiji performed twelve years of Tapas. Swamiji had moved His meditation to the graveyard in Adivarapupetta because of harassment by village urchins who threw mud and stones at Him and even firebombs made out of gasoline-soaked rags. The villagers were scared of the graveyard so people left Him alone but there He faced many other tests and onslaughts as well.

Swamiji endured the rainy season of August and September, sitting in the mud being bitten by rats, scorpions and snakes. At one point Swamiji suffered a venomous snakebite and became unconscious. Three days later it was thought He was dead. The same Sage Jangama Devar appeared, waking the boy to sit and removed the poison.

Devotees gathered and built a temple on the site where all this occurred and on their request Swamiji sat inside this temple in Tapas for twelve years achieving Nirvikalpa Samadhi (Samadhi without any ego sense).

On another time on night, the young boy in Tapas felt terrible agony and started wondering, "Why should I be sitting here like a dead person? I must go back to help Mother who would be in great distress." Resolving thus, the young boy Tapaswin got up and started going towards village. When He came to the gate of the graveyard He saw the sage Jangama Devar standing. The sage said "You are born for Tapas and for twelve years I will not allow you to go anywhere until it is over." Determined, the young Tapaswin came back and sat down for Tapas resolving firmly that either  He would die or get up after completing this Tapas.....

Once when the sage appeared before Him, the young Tapaswin asked with reverence and curiosity, "Who are You and why have You made me to sit like this?" Smilingly the Jangama Devar said, "I have done so much for you and still you have doubts as to who I am! You were born for this purpose. I will reveal my identity to you in twelve years' time. After that you may leave and do anything you like."

It was at the end of these twelve years of Tapas that, Parabrahma, the Divine, appeared by manifesting as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati before Him. Swamiji wondered who they could be, as up until that point he had only ever seen the sage Jangama Devar appearing. They said "You have been in Nirvikalpa Samadhi for a long time, now you have accomplished the Tapas." They finally merged in to the body of SHIVABALAYOGI to show that He had become one with GOD. "Whatever you want to do, you are free to do now. People have forgotten their real Self and this has lead to trouble and violence in the world. They need your teaching. Teach the people meditation, initiate them so that they can regain consciousness of their true Self and remain one with the SELF".

Swamiji, after His Tapas, before embarking to teach the world, installed a Shivalingam brought from the sacred river Narmada in Omkareshwar in central India. Along with the Shivalingam He installed Goddess Parvati. They are now the presiding Deities of Adivarapupetta Ashram and in the Temple where SHIVABALAYOGI had performed twelve years of Tapas, every Mahashivarathri Babaji travels there to offer His reverence to the beloved Great Guru Maharaj on the invitation of the managing trustees, where Guru Maharaj's Maha Samadhi is situated.

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