Yoga means union - union with God

Perth, 26th April 2003

Instead of the usual evening program, Baba kindly responded to an invitation from the Perth-based Sivananda Ashram to address a group of yoga teachers and students, as well as dedicated devotees, for an hour and a half.

Baba was hosted in the ashram's satsang room which was filled with the pictures of several saints, including that of Swami Venkatesananda and his Guru, Swami Sivananda. Swami Venkatesananda founded the ashram. Baba was greeted by the gathering sweetly singing Swamiji's aarati. Baba paid all due reverence to His Guru at the altar, then sat down on the dais. He commenced his address by offering surrender and salutations to all Realized Souls, describing Swami Sivananda as a great soul who does not belong to any one particular age.

Baba then proceeded to tell the story of His Guru's and his own Tapas, as well as the work of His mission. He then explained that 'Yoga' means 'union' - union with God, union with Universal Consciousness. And Yoga is open to all humanity, all religions, as Swamiji and Swami Sivananda taught.

A distracted mind is a mind that has moved away from 'Yoga'; an introverted mind is absorbed into the Real Self, going back to its origin, back to the Divine. The purpose of human life is to achieve this, as cited in the Gita and the Gita advises that one must seek a Guru to help one on the Path. Baba also emphasized that, while it is good to listen to Self Realized souls, one must have one's own experience. By having one's own experience, one cannot be moved by others.

As a child, Baba would wonder why, if we are something else - that is, not mortal - then why are we not conscious of it? A Yogi's consciousness stays in it's Self easily.

He closed His opening address by describing religion as looking after one's physical, mental and moral health. Then a beautiful silence enveloped the crowded satsang room as Baba led a 15 minute meditation. After this, He introduced His singing of mantras by informing the group that mantras can be of powerful assistance to meditation. The mantra must appeal to you so that you concentrate the mind. The key is the concentration of the mind. Hence, no mantra is more powerful than another. Likewise, sages have offered all sorts of Yoga so that the aspirant can choose what appeals to the mind.

He concluded by stipulating that Dedication, Discipline and Patience are all essential to reach the goal. Dedication means that one will take the time out to meditate; Discipline means that one will practise daily to gain control over the mind and Patience is in recognition that the mind has been out of control since time immemorial. This purification will help us to love and honour each other.

Baba sang some bhajans and responded to several questions. He informed the inquirers that world peace can be achieved via meditation practise and that one hour a day of meditation at one's own home is enough to achieve some peace of mind and to be helpful in solving problems. Baba also advised a young mother that a part of her devotional practice is to consider the task of motherhood as a part of her devotion.

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