Choosing the Guru

27th April 2003 at Wollaston College Auditorium, Mount Claremont W.Australia

The morning program began with Babaji leading the devotees in some breathing exercises. This time Babaji sang Bhaja Govindam at the start of the meditation. Then a devotee asked Babaji to comment on Bhaja Govindam which He had sung earlier. Babaji translated many of the verses and conveyed its essential message; that worldly knowledge is of no use when death arrives, so one should try and reach God while one has the means to do so.

Evening Program

Baba then told a beautiful story from the Ramayana to illustrate the power of a receptive, pure mind. He told of how the young Rama had become detached and silent on returning from some travels. His father, King Dasartha, was worried and asked the great sage, Vasishta, to speak with Rama. Like Lord Buddha, Shri Rama was concerned by people's suffering, their illness and death. He wondered why are we born, do we have a purpose? Shri Rama's mind was so pure, he focused so well whilst Sage Vasishta delivered a seven day discourse that Rama became Realized after those seven days. It was the ripeness of the disciple, Rama, he was so ready to receive the teachings and this allowed his Realization.

Baba continued by talking about the billions of layers of the mind that we all have and that He, Himself, experienced during Tapas. He assured the gathering that through meditation one can get through all of these layers and find one's true Self, peace, God. He also noted that Swamiji only ever recommended reading Yoga Vasishta. If one can read and understand this text there would be no need to read any other. To understand the mind's effects, to understand how violence occurs in the mind.. How mind and space are pure imaginations.

Baba then relayed another Ramayana story in his sweet, soft style. When Ravana wanted to take away Sita he approached the great tantric, Maricha, to change his shape into a deer and distract Rama. To this, Maricha asked, "Why Ravana, a great tantric that you are, don't you transform yourself into Rama?" Ravana replied that in order to transform himself he must think like Rama, he must get inside the mind of Rama. Such was the pureness of Rama's great mind that Ravana found whenever he thought like Rama, he lost all desire to takeaway Sita.

In all earnest, Baba informed the gathering that by meditating they too can become a Yogi. He inspired the aspirants by noting that, if man can circle the moon and achieve so many wonders in this world, so with a firm resolve to meditate, with dedication, confidence, faith in the Guru , One can become aYogi if one is sincere and does sadhana.

Baba then offered invaluable advice about choosing a Guru. He recalled that in India He was taught to stick to the Guru that appeals to Him, the Guru in one's heart, and stay on that path as your heart will not cheat you. He offered the analogy of being able to choose between seven different buses to reach the same destination. If you pick incorrectly then you will feel restless, get confused and got off the bus before reaching your destination. Whilst Baba said it is fine to go to other teachers, He warned not to get confused about the teachings. He advised to pray to God that you want the Ultimate Truth and that you will not be stopped in your efforts.

In the 1970's, other ashrams tried to confuse Baba by imploring him to come live with them as they needed his skills. Baba urged the gathering to go to the Guru in their hearts and have faith in the Divine. Baba clung to the knowing that he loved his Guru 100% and, despite not knowing what Swamiji was - whether He was a Yogi or not - all Baba knew was that he wanted to go to Him. Baba wanted the Ultimate Truth and no material desires so his mind was resolved and firm. Baba advised that obstacles and tests occur to put one off the path but be determined always.

Baba reminded the group that even in the Gita we are reassured that by our efforts in this lifetime, in the next life we will have a beautiful birth that will allow us to pursue our path from childhood.

A 45 minute meditation ensued where peaceful silence surrounded the devotees. After, Baba advised that it is important that we do not fall asleep during meditation. One must be aware of one's existence, that one must stay conscious in meditation to reach the Truth. Then He recommended that if we feel tired and run down during the day that we should find a quiet place to sit down, close our eyes and take several deep breaths in and out. This will help us to feel restful then continue to sit for five to ten minutes and one will feel refreshed.

Baba said that music is powerful also in controlling the mind. Bhajans were then sung by devotees and Babaji delighted the group with His singing and chanting. After, some interesting questions were asked and, in response, Babaji provided His wisdom.

Baba advised that one should not attempt meditation whilst sleepy. It is best to eat light foods prior to sleeping and go to bed early enough to be able to awake refreshed and ready for meditation. Do some yoga exercises if this will help to wake oneself up. Start the meditation with some simple breathing then, as the mind becomes channeled, the breathing is automatically regulated.

Baba also informed the group that a Yogi does not feel emotional hurt because of another's actions. A Yogi only prays for those people and that whatever action a Yogi may take in response, it is always for the ultimate good of that person. Also, in response to questioning, Baba informed that those brought to a Yogi are pre-destined to ocme and what a Yogi can do for the person is also pre-destined but that the faith of the devotee is powerful indeed.


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