Retreat Dehradun – March 2016. Part One


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Question:  Sometimes people, particularly in the West, have an experience that is quite short which sometimes they call an awakening but they talk as if at that moment they became Realized and now they’re Realized. When you were serving Swamiji for twenty years did you have that glimpse of Realization?

Babaji:  That glimpse happened but I never thought that I had become awakened totally as I knew it has to be there permanently at all times, until then you have to put in effort. Realization is not that there is one glimpse and suddenly you declare, “I got Enlightened.” Enlightenment is not one envelope that you open and you read that letter and now I am Enlightened. It is the mind that has to settle down once for all, it has to be in that state at all times. And then there is nothing to declare at all.

Question:  Is it important to ignore the importance of anything unless it is about the Ultimate Truth? Maybe we have priorities of this is important, that is important etc..

Babaji:  When you go on meditating automatically it loses its significance as you are growing. Like many of the things you would have cherished as a child would have become so insignificant now. Once you have grown up you would not like to be holding on to those things. At that time you would have liked to have held on to such an important position or important thing. When you grow up it is no longer important. You don’t feel like grabbing or holding such a thing.

Question:  Even family members?

Babaji:  That happens automatically, all are the same. You pass through a stage and then you settle down peacefully. You simply love everyone as your family.

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