Thus Spake Babaji: A Realized Guru

Thus Spake Babaji: A Realized Guru

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Question: Babaji, sometimes I notice that when I'm able to turn off this eternal monologue, the chatterbox, I sometimes see a circular light in the place I'm watching between my eyebrows. It seems a good sign, it's associated with that moment when I'm able to turn off the chatter. Do you recommend focusing on the light? Or can it become an obstacle itself?

Babaji: You have to simply focus without bothering because that light also is a temptation. It's like you want to switch off all the lights then in the corner a small light appears [laughter] 'I don't want to go!' So you want to drive away all the robbers but one person still is in the corner which can be troublesome because you pay attention to it, then he will bring in others, one after the other, slowly, slowly. You must focus so that also is thrown out, finished.

    Question: Babaji, of all the hundreds and thousands of people throughout the ages since time immemorial who have practiced, why is it that so very few arrive at the state you are in?

    Babaji: That's the problem. They don't want to give up that light. Total darkness is unacceptable. The want to exist, that is the problem. The highest teaching to understand is, if we want to exist we will always be in trouble. That is the final ego people refuse to give up. That's when the Self Realization doesn't happen finally.
    That's why Shri Krishna said, “One in millions feel inspired to go on the path, and amongst them one in a million really tread the path. Amongst them, once in a while, once in ages one really achieves.”
    Intelligence becomes interesting, you gain intelligence, you talk colorfully, you go on answering the questions and you become egoistic, “I have this knowledge, how beautifully things are coming.” That's the problem.

    Same questioner: Continuing that, I read Nisargadatta said that the 'I' has a love of existing and that's all the manifestation. I get that intellectually. Can you share with us what it is to exist where you are existing? I know you can't describe it in words, I guess if it's an experience then it's not the absolute, but can you point the way and share what it is that you're experiencing?

    Babaji: It comes to the stage where I don't bother whether I exist or do not exist. Whether I'm enjoying or not enjoying. All this has ceased to exist in any way. So there is nothing really to present or explain except that I am totally free because there is nothing there. Neither something nor nothing is there. It is neither existence nor non-existence. It's all over, finished. That is the end, so nothing effects really. Everything appears amusing.

    Same questioner: To the mind that doesn't sound inviting, right?

    Babaji: Today I decided to talk about this existence finishing and you mentioned that Nisargadatta also has mentioned.

    Same questioner: Yes, and that doesn't sound inviting, but in the glimpses in meditation when there is silence and no wanting and there feels like total peace...

    Babaji: That is the real peace.

    Same questioner: And that's what gives me the sense I'm not going to be happy until I get there fully, totally content. And that's the only way I can understand what you are trying to share.

    Babaji: Yes.

    Question: It seems like we have to become completely exhausted with duality to go to the Truth.

    Babaji: Yes. Everything has to cease.

    Same questioner: And there are many ways to exhaust ourselves.

    Babaji: Harder ways and softer ways. [laughter]

    Question: Following that thought of existing and not existing, it almost sounds boring but I'm sure it's very peaceful and it's just my mind wanting to be entertained. If you were to drop your body today then you would just be?

    Babaji: Yes. Simply this body gets dropped. You will see the disappearance of this body which used to be as a personality as Baba in front of you, that disappears. But Baba is still here. That's what goes unnoticed.

    Same questioner: And you're still here, can you still guide and see us?

    Babaji: Always guiding as long as you have that faith. You need to connect with your faith. Then you will get the guidance. Though my Guru disappeared totally He guided all the time because that faith totally connects to that so we didn't lose anything. That will always be there because that is not going to go away anywhere else. It is always there. You have to visualize, you have to have that faith. Then the guidance will also come.

    Question: Babaji, when Swamiji dropped His body but you continued to see Him, He continued to visit you during Tapas was that a product of your mind?

    Babaji: You see, that was a product when my mind got connected to Divinity because I always considered my Guru as Divine, Shivabalayogi as Divine. So when I wanted that Shivabalayogi to be with me the same Divine came down as Shivabalayogi because Shivabalayogi had become one with the Divine. Shivabalayogi does not exist as a personality anywhere. It's one with the Divine, it's all pervaded. That's how it simply came.
    The same thing, tomorrow if this body gets dropped if you are attached, that is when the reality comes forth. Suppose a hundred are sitting here. All the hundred say, 'Baba we love you, we love you.' But that love really gets proved when this [pointing to His body] disappears still you won't miss, you will get to see this. And Grace also descends on you, that love connects you, that faith that the Divine will have to Grace upon you. No choice, you don't give any choice to the Guru or the Divine which have become one. That real love, if it is there, that connects you.

    Same questioner: So your mind will then manifest the reality of a presence?

    Babaji: Yes, it can happen.

    Question: So if you dropped your body tomorrow, from your perspective or the consciousness nothing changed? Whatever is perceiving your existence... did anything change for you?

    Babaji: No. Nothing. This I have also explained earlier. In the path of Bhaktimarga, the devotional path, when I'm sitting here I don't have any such resolution that any one of you is more dear to me and another is not. Whoever has got that faith, that love to me, they will receive this Grace because the Grace is simply flowing. I don't have to resolve, “Let my blessings go to this person and not to this person.” No such resolution. Like the Sun is there, whoever goes in front of it gets the light. The Sun has no resolution that my light should go only to planet Earth and not Mars, not to Neptune or any such thing. There's no such resolution.
    In the same way also God doesn't have any such resolution that, “I will keep only this person happy, not this person happy.” Everyone is happy or unhappy because of their own resolutions and cravings. If they are receiving God's Grace it is their faith, we always tell it is their faith in the name of God or Guru that can work wonders. The same thing Swamiji taught me repeatedly. If you have so much faith in your Guru's name the Guru will have to bless you. So that's what will work.
    The same has already worked, that's why this [pointing to His body] is in front of you. That is how you all have been destined to come and receive the blessings. Without that these things don't happen. Hundreds do not come, fifty-five thousand do not come. Ten or twenty people come. They are destined, meaning they are connected to me. You have been connected, you resolved, you loved, that's why you have come in front of this body and this body is in front of you.
    Why didn't it go anywhere else in the world? Why didn't it go to any other town or any other places? It simply happened that it came here. That means you are all connected, you are already resolved that the Divine comes in this form and bless you.
    This is already working, you don't notice, you see? It's not easy to find a Yogi sitting with you, it's not so easy. People take it for granted. As you are all talking today that is the reality. Suddenly tomorrow if this body gets dropped, this is lost [pointing to His body], I will lose nothing. So you should understand the value of the body here means. Every moment is so precious that you take out time and set a priority and come and sit here and do this sadhana. That's what you have to work out, “I'm going to go to that.” Otherwise ten obstacles might come, a hundred bad things might happen, “This won't allow, that won't allow.” So many people are unable to come. They want, they all love but yet they are unable to come. What prevents them? The destiny of the will. That's how the resolution loses its power. That's what you have to realize, that faith is what we always teach – don't throw away that photo even if you get annoyed with me. That's what we tell always. If you keep that one then you will get it. This will come back if necessary. So that's how things work.

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