Peace is your real nature

Sunday 13 October 2002 at Scarborough Community Centre, Perth, Western Australia.

Seeking pleasures in the world is like expecting enjoyment in wrong, harmful medicines and deliberately falling ill for it's sake. Is it not better to remain healthier which is real happiness and peace. Even if one falls ill, is it not necessary to have the right type of medicine by the advise of an expert Medical Specialist?

In the same way is it not necessary to keep the mind healthy which can give the real happiness and peace? Whereas physical health may have limitations, many a times and when death occurs to the body, it is not in your capacity to keep this physical body healthier all the times. But mind has no such limitations, you can try and keep it healthy all the times. It is your conscious energy, and you are that Immortal Consciousness, you are the Peace Eternal. You have peace, when you are peaceful and you don't have peace, when you are not peaceful. Universal illusion has powerfully sucked
our consciousness and brought this mind into existence which is a bundle of cravings.

Dhyana meditation is - you pay attention to this problem by understanding that this craving has disabled your consciousness to remain in peace. Peace is your real nature. You need not yell, you need not bang your head on the wall. Quietly pay your attention and watch carefully. This attention is the beginning of meditation. Your watchful eyes through the same mind which has caused all the trouble, would enable your consciousness to slay this mind which is a craving bundle. When this happens you would discover that actually you are paying attention to the Self and this consciousness which had become a bundle of cravings like a wandering monkey without any of the wise applications to understand the problem and allowing itself to get in to unnecessary tensions, greed, hatred, jealousy, fear - never-ending imaginations like a wild uncontrollable bull.

You require enormous determination and a firm resolution.Then the opponent, the bundle of cravings, becomes weak and your consciousness become strong. Apply right methods. Enquire, resolve and get into business. Here business means practise. I remember an old dialogue of a comedy drama on the cunning people who talk double standards - such people keep the promise as a only a promise (means not bringing it in to action, they keep a promise as promise only in the lockers). In the same way do not allow your mind to become cunning and keep the enquiry as an enquiry and a resolution of the mind as a resolution always. Get in to action of practise. If you keep simply thinking and talking, to impress others, that, "I want to go there", "I want to go there," and never get up and go there, how can reach your destination? Mind will always be into craving birth after birth, death after death.

It is like, when a ghost was restless and insisted to a sage to give it some work. Otherwise, it said, would eat him up. Whatever work was given, the ghost would complete quickly and come back for work. To get rid of the problem the venerable sage thought of an idea. Then, looking at the ghost, the sage showing a big tree nearby, told the ghost, "Now I am going to give you a never-ending work. Look at the tree. Go up on the tree and mind the moment you go up on the tree, then come down immediately and the moment you come down the tree, go up immediately. "Thus, the idiot ghost stuck to the work of going up and coming down, coming down, only to go up and go up, only to come down.

In the same way this bundle of cravings called the mind which is nothing but like the ghost in the body - death comes, only to be reborn and birth comes only to die.

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