Who is Born and Who Dies?
Mind's rubbish resolutions,
Stupidity at its height,
Stern measures are the Soap to wash.

Quiet and Careful watch
Destroys the witchcraft illusion,
You imagined and imposed
Got struck in your own tricks

Like a Spider in it's own Web
Your Ego is your bondage
You have knit, with cravings, the
Web of desires, and you, are the poor slave

If you want and have the will,
The Divine Guru is there to guide,
Do you have the polish called humility?
And the brush called surrender?

The painter called, the Divine Guru is ready,
To polish the surface of your Mind
To erase the Dirty Business, Ego cravings,
Just watch quietly, in Meditation.

The Divine Guru will take you,
Back safely in to the abode of Peace
The immortal existence of Supreme Consciousness,
That is what The Divine Guru is.


Copyright © 2002 SRBY, All rights reserved.

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