Good and bad karma

A Sunday talk by Babaji in the Dehra dun Ashram, 2002

Vasishta talks of good karma and bad karma. He says when the mind goes towards the world and materialism, it's bad karma (efforts). When you do sadhana by putting efforts, these efforts are good karmas, like offering service to the Guru in as many ways as possible such as cleaning the Guru's place. Those who can cook food for the Guru are fortunate, Vasishta the great sage says. He does not emphasize on the money. He says to offer service through your body and surrender through the mind. Through service, one shall loose ego, if it is done selflessly without any worldly expectations. As one progresses and starts understanding the Guru's teachings, one should try to influence others to follow the path.

Talking about JEEVANMUKTA, the sage says, that the one who has abandoned all cravings and imaginations of the mind, who has settled consciously with peace into the Self and is satisfied with the Self, from where never again shall arise any dual bubble called thought imagination, of even the "I", while the physical body is alive, such a one is recognized and addressed reverentially as JEEVANMUKTA.

Just like one would take leave of the body of even the dearest one, when dead, put this bundle of thoughts called 'mind' into the fire called Tapas. Become aware of the Self (Atma) and live on this earth a very blissful life free from the dualities of happiness and unhappiness. (Vasishta refers to the body of the dead being put into fire, even if it belongs to our dearest one.) Vasishta says, in my opinion, that one who can be totally unconscious of this illusion called "the universe", even in the waking state, is the real JNANI.


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