reported by Rekha Sharma

In the benign presence of His Holiness, Pujya Baba Shivarudrabalayogi Maharaj, the devotees at Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust centre in Dehra Dun, had gathered in large numbers on 30th August in the evening to participate in the satsang sadhana for Lord Krishna's birthday, which is celebrated as JANMASHTAMI. Baba has always emphasized that all such gatherings must serve as sadhana efforts to progress on the path of spirituality and not simply pleasure gatherings. Baba sang some beautiful bhajans and made devotees also to repeat. It was wonderful. Devotees performed puja to Lord Krishna, as Baba was totally absorbed in His own world of Divinity. Later Baba spoke on the life of Lord Krishna.

Born as a cowherd boy, Lord Krishna created such an impact that people all over consider Him an Avatar of the Lord, the Supreme Being. Baba said, it is very true. Right from an young age, the Lord had practiced Samadhi and was also a great psychiatrist. Restlessly, selflessly, He worked for peace to humanity. Perfect in every way, He showed how to go into Samadhi and come back and be in total Absolute God Consciousness in the waking state also. Lord Krishna taught both spiritual and moral values. Lord Krishna gave, in the Bhagavadgeeta, the great ultimate Truth. In this scripture He emphasized that in any way of life, if one will adopt proper methods, it is possible to achieve total Yoga into Divine Consciousness. Whether it is karma or bhakti, jnana (knowledge) or anything else, if it is done with proper methods of keeping the mental consciousness tuned to the Supreme Being, such a work or effort can get converted into great sadhana to reach the Ultimate Liberation of Self Enlightenment.

For moral values, Krishna taught, never to tie what your dharma (noble duty) is with any particular definition. Because it may change from time to time. One needs to look into the larger cause and think of the benefit of the entire society, humanity and universe. Krishna has ridiculed such people who define dharma (moral values) according to their personal, selfish needs with a narrow-minded view. During the effort to disrobe the Pandava's wife, Draupadi, by the wicked Kauravas, when all noble good-hearted powerful people in the court had failed her by giving definitions of dharma according their convenience, it was Krishna who came to her rescue. In the beginning of the Mahabharata war, apart from teaching the great philosophy of Ultimate Truth and aim of spirituality, The Bhagavadgeeta, Lord Krishna also taught moral values to be followed for the welfare of the society, entire humanity and the Universe. Krishna taught that even if one tells a lie, if it serves the welfare of the entire Universe such a lie can be called dharma. It is a different thing that people today twist and define moral values and tell lies, and adopt double standard methods for their selfish egos, satisfying their own purposes with an evil mind and wicked, cruel heart.

Most people observe fasting on this day and Baba Maharaj conveyed some beautiful points on fasting and what Shri Guru Maharaj, Swamiji, also taught. Baba reminded devotees that Bhagavadgeeta also emphasizes that those who do not eat anything also cannot undertake yoga sadhana and those who eat too much also cannot undertake yoga sadhana. Gurudev Swamiji always ridiculed such fastings, saying always that when you are fasting for the whole day, instead of getting absorbed in to meditation, your mind will always be thinking of some beautiful palatable tasty food items. Or you might be feeling irritated and start showing unnecessary anger towards children or husband- wife fighting with each other, and so on. Or you might develop such tendencies as some people do, like go on drinking coffee and tea. Instead of devoting your time for worship and meditation sadhana you would end up wasting precious time in gossiping or sleeping the whole day. So, thus Swamiji said to eat a little food that day instead of the daily normal intake of food and make yourself fit for sadhana. After worship eat some food, as offered prasadam. Rest for a while and sit for meditation. Swamiji used to emphasize that by simply keeping yourself into total fasting, you are not going to get any certificate from God. Along with taking some food, it is essential that you try to keep your mental consciousness tuned to the Supreme God. Meditate sincerely and it will happen.

Later at 12 hrs midnight , Devotees performed aarati to Lord Krishna, Shri Guru Maharaj, and to Baba Maharaj. In the end devotees were served offered food prasadam.
Baba has conveyed His Love and Blessings, along with Prayers for Peace, Happiness, Satisfaction, and for Harmonious living of Humanity and all other Creatures.

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