A Message after Four Days Tapas


For the devotional and spiritually interested people of the World the Great Saint Shivabalayogi, performed amazing twelve years Tapas for the sake of worldly people. He taught meditation for mind control, Self Realization and peace. His devotees and sadhaks all over the world know Him with reverence, as Swamiji. It is our continuous experience that He continues to inspire, guide and bless to all those who pray to Him with total faith and devotion from the depth of their Inner Consciousness. We do pranams and surrender at the Lotus Feet of our Divine Guru Shivabalayogi.

Though there is so much of tension, all over the world today, it's our experience that the Divine will protect the world and give peace to the world. But it is essential that all peace loving people come together, practice and spread the practical methods of meditation as taught by our Divine Guru Shivabalayogi. There is need to achieve peace and contentment and help others to achieve the same.

People who have a missionary zeal and are ready to sacrifice selfish and narrow minded egoism, only such devotional and noble people are eligible to work for the world peace, they shall be known as valiant people.

We all, need to march forward with self efforts and determination for at least two steps. If we can cultivate unwavering faith in the name of our Divine Guru Shivabalayogi, Swamiji will definitely come forward for ten steps to help and bless us. For this we need to be sincere. When the Divine Guru tests, it will be our honesty and character which will serve as a fortress to face such tests.

The Divine Guru will restore peace to the world. But there is a need that we work and do sadhana.

Swamiji gave, His life and Tapas Shakti for sake of the world and humanity. We invite all those, who have a missionary zeal and are ready to sacrifice selfish and narrow minded egoism, to join us, in this noble task of carrying on the legacy of our Divine Guru Shivabalayogi, to spread and encourage the practice of meditation for mind control, Self Realization and to achieve peace and harmonious living, in the lap of Divine Mother Earth. Prayers with total unwavering faith will always be answered by the Divine Guru. We would call it a technological wonder. Mind, the conscious energy is connected to the Divine, just like Sun's ray is to the Sun. Due to distraction and constant craving of the mind, concentration and attention is severely affected. If you constantly practice meditation and in due course of time you can regain concentration. When the mind is totally concentrated then it becomes capable of going introvert.

Then if you pray, your mind (Consciousness) can touch it's Origin, the Divine. Then, through an Automatic Divine Activity, Divine's Grace flows.There are so many in this world, who pray sincerely. For a while though the situation may appear worse, by the Grace of The Divine, situation comes back to peace. Look back in to thousands of years of the history of the world, there always has had been tension due to senseless behavior of the humanity.

Today, there is an urgent need that we feel the responsibility to behave sensibly and maintain The dignity of the humanity. This will be possible, only when we practice. Possible when we practice austerities. Possible when we practice meditation. Sincere meditation purifies the mind and it's energies can be programmed and channelized towards peaceful harmonious living. Possible when we are ready to sacrifice selfish narrow-minded egoism. Possible if we have a missionary zeal.

Come, join Us to work and let Us make it possible. The Divine Guru is with us.

With Love and Blessings,

Copyright © 2002 SRBY, All rights reserved.

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