Kangaroo Pranams

While on tour in Australia, Babaji gave his blessings to a four-legged friend

Whilst Babaji was visiting Perth, Western Australia, we visited a wildlife park with kangaroos, koalas, emus, water buffalo and many other species. It was mid afternoon and most of the kangaroos were lying in the sun sleeping. One special kangaroo was very blessed. It came right up to Babaji and rested at His feet  - perhaps a kangaroo version of pranams.

The kangaroo would only eat from Babaji, enjoying prasad. Very wise animal! Rekha tried very hard to coax it to eat her biscuits but it refused. However after Babaji blessed the kangaroo, which was a very special moment for those devotees present, the kangaroo stood up, scratched the side of its ribcage, and looked very pleased and serene. After it was blessed it did take just one biscuit from Rekha, following much serious pleading. Everyone really enjoyed the outing.

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