Later Mother became a great source of strength for Baba when He went to join the Mission of Guru Maharaj. She was gracious and humble. She wanted Baba to serve the Great Guru and His Mission till the last breath of His life. She took a promise for that and sent Baba to serve the Guru with a smile. Even Swamiji was so kind to her and expressed His appreciation to Mother. When she went to have Swamiji's Darshan nearly a year after I had joined the Ashram, He said to her, "You have donated your child to me and no harm will come to the family. God will always protect to give peace and prosperity."

Mother never demanded that I should go and see her. Instead She always advised me that I should go to see her only when Swamiji would permit. Swamiji was also very kind and understanding. Once in two or three years He always gave me a chance to go to Bangalore and used to permit me to visit Mother. After Baba joined the Ashram and until her death in 1999 for twenty five years, still she continues to be a great source of inspiration and blessings. In these twenty five years some times I couldn't go to her for nearly four years continuously. She took it silently. No complaints, no demands. She never tried to exercise any authority or emotions on me. She had left it to Swamiji.

After Baba sat for Tapas in 1994, She was very happy that her son would achieve Sainthood. She fell ill in the middle of my Tapas but never tried to inform and asked brothers strictly that Baba should not be disturbed. Her only wish was to see Baba as a Saint.

Finally making up her mind she expressed her wishes to Baba's brothers to bring her to Dehra Dun. It was a long way from Bangalore to Dehra Dun. After traveling for three days by train up to Delhi, She had to travel another six hours by road to Dehra Dun. You can imagine her happiness and satisfaction when she met Baba as a Yogi in the midst of his Tapas. Those days Baba was in deep Meditation for the whole day and would allow people to have Darshan in the night around 10 o'clock. Baba used to remain silent by half-opening the eyes and some times with closed eyes. But Baba spoke to Mother and enquired about her health. She was very happy. She stayed for four days and could meet Baba only once in the night. When She left, She said, "I am grateful to God and Guru Maharaj (she used to address Swamiji as 'Guru Maharaj') that I got a chance to have your Darshan. If I stay for more days, Baba you might get disturbed, so better I leave." She simply said She wanted to go in the Ganges (Sacred River Ganga).

When Mother passed away on 8 October in 1999, Baba had not yet completed his Tapas. It was a test. Still nearly 40 days of Tapas was left to be completed and Baba was in Mounam (Silence). So Baba could not go to see her last journey. (Shri Swamiji had told Baba, when he began Tapas, that he should not leave his room until he came out either as a Yogi or as a corpse.) Even for Yogis, a Mother is very special. Great Saint Adi Shankara went to see His Mother as promised from the midst of His spiritual tours. Ramana Maharshi sat with His Mother to liberate her from the bondage of Birth and Death.

Mother always said that she would never like to get bedridden or hospitalized. While moving she wanted to leave the body. So it happened. She was talking to her son and grandchildren and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, just a vomit and the physical body got dropped. A noble pious soul had passed away. Baba had asked brothers to bring her ashes to Dehra Dun and as per her wishes after the Tapas, Baba went to the Sacred River of Ganga in Haridwar and as a service to Mother, Baba had immersed her ashes in to the Sacred River of Ganga.

With all my love and blessings.


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