Actually Yogis do not have emotional feelings like "thrill", "joy", etc. Their mind has become one with the Self, the Supreme Consciousness. They watch as a witness and do it as a duty to inspire others, to give joy and thrill to others. Before tapas austerities, one used to feel the thrill. Every function connected to Swamiji was a big festival for us. But now it is Supremely Peaceful.

This is an extremely inexplicable happiness that is above all enjoyments. However, Yogis do maintain a small amount of Satvic (righteous) ego, (this again is under the inspiration of God if a Yogi has a mission in this world) which enables them to work in the world. Say, in Baba's case, this good ego is the name of Swamiji. All devotees of Swamiji are dearer to Baba. A Yogi's mind does not take any impressions of any dualities like good or bad, right or wrong. Do not misunderstand this. It is only that in the mind there is nothing. But when Yogis work in the world they follow dualities as a witness without getting involved mentally. No mental agitation or craving.

Functions are organized to pay tributes to the great Guru. Swamiji is remembered to inspire devotees. Whether it is January 24 or Maha Shivaratri, Special Pujas, morning prayers,  Homam, Akhanda Bhajans, Mass-Feedings, all are organized for the benefit of devotees. Devotees celebrated January 24 here in Baba's presence. For Shivaratri, Trustees and devotees had invited Baba to Adivarapupeta (the birth place of Shri Swamiji). Baba had reached Adivarapupeta 10 days before the function. They had organized Baba to visit nearby villages and towns. Many there did not know about Swamiji. They all enjoyed Baba telling Swamiji stories and talking about meditation, it's benefits and necessity to adopt in this human birth. This time in Adivarapupeta devotees came in large numbers. Trustees had announced that Baba will also be there. The whole day, Baba was giving Darshan to devotees.

First trustees took Baba to the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Temple. (Hope you all know that in the very small temple where Swamiji did Tapas,  He had installed a Shivalingam brought from the sacred Narmada River in central India, on the instructions of Swamiji only, by a devotee of Tapasviji Maharaj whose name was Shri Narayan Das.) Then trustees wanted Baba to do Abhishekam (pouring of coconut water on the Shivalingam) and special puja to the presiding Deities, Shiva and Parvati, by offering beautiful garlands, lighting incense sticks, and doing Karpoor Aarati as priests went on reciting mantras melodiously. Then they took Baba to the place of Swamiji's Mahasamadhi, where Baba performed special puja to the great Guru. Performing puja to Mahasamadhi is supremely blissful. Swamiji's manifestation takes place and He sits there smiling all the while. Puja to His Padukas (Sacred Footwear in silver) is great love.

Devotees could be seen thrilled and joyful witnessing all this. Then Purnahuti (Final Offering) for the Homam was also done by Baba. Other senior disciples also joined in. They all loved Baba very much. Later the mass-feeding to devotees and the poor and needy was another item of thrill to the devotees who could be seen enjoying and serving. That night beautiful wedding ceremonies for Shiva and Parvati were performed to the chanting of melodious mantras by priests. They had given a honorable seat for Baba to sit and be present there. Devotees had gathered in large numbers. Bhajans went on day and night. With the amazing power of Swamiji, devotees were so enthusiastic. Nobody appeared tired ever.

And the functions continue............
With Love and Blessings,


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