Eighth Mahasamadhi Message

On the occasion of the eight mahasamadhi aradhana of parama pujya shri guru shivabalayogi maharaj, we convey our, jai shivabalayogi greetings, to all devotees of swamiji and also convey our love and honor to all those working for swamiji's mission. shri swamiji is all-pervading and his blessings are always with all devotees.

Remember if the world is safe, we are also safe. if the world has peace we can also have peace. we must ask ourselves what we can do for the world? we must understand our responsibilities and work. in this world those who meditate, do not want to take up responsibilities and those who take responsibilities do not want to meditate. (this is only a general opinion which may have exceptions and certainely not directed against any individual or group).

We must practise meditation to keep our minds refined and peaceful. when you meditate your mind will gain the ability to consider and honor others. mind learns to be contented. moreover it would gain the divine (swamiji) conciousness.
If we are ready to sacrifice our egos, surrender and fully understand that it is swamiji who is working through all of us, we can become more meditative and gain god consciousness. our every work can get converted into sadhana and the soul will get elevated towards god.

Swamiji always forgives devotees and whatever swamiji does, it is to guide and make us stronger. it is swamiji's inspiration and blessings. everywhere swamiji is showing that he is always with the devotees.

A humble Servent At The Lotus Feet Of Swamiji,
With Love And Blessings,

© 2001 SRBY, All rights reserved.

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