About Bhava Samadhi
Part 2

 Since the completion of Tapas in 1999, Shri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj has been carrying on the Mission of His Guru, Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, teaching and exemplifying the highest ideals of Shri Swamiji. One aspect of this mission is to clear the doubts and answer the spiritual questions of devotees. Baba is often asked about the phenomenon of "bhava samadhi". Many devotees, old and new, have expressed discomfort and concern about it, especially in the manifestation of "talking bhava". At present there are a number of individuals around the world who claim to speak for and as Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. In response to an increasing number of requests by concerned devotees, Baba has agreed to give the facts and the truth about bhava samadhi. Following is Part Two of His answer. More will follow.

An interesting incident happened when Shri Swamiji was to install Goddess Parvati's Idol at the Tapo Mandir where His Holiness had performed twelve years gruelling Tapas.

Devotees were in great enthusiasm. All preparations were over for the next days installation (Sthapana or Prana Pratishta is the word used for installation. Prana Pratishta means inducing The Divine's Life Current into The Idol through Invocation. If this act is done by a Yogi who has become One with The Divine, it is The Best, where The Manifestation of The Divine will be Total)

Shri Swamiji had completed issuing instructions for the next day's programme. The Divine wanted to play (Leela) with the Son. Both were the same. But One manifestation was in the form of Mother and the other was our beloved Swamiji. Yes! Goddess Parvati appeared before Swamiji. The dazzling light and the beautiful aura that formed the atmosphere. You have to experience to believe it. Yet you cannot describe it with words. You become silent and that is the best description.
Well! Swamiji showed due honor and reverence to the goddess. Mother goddess smiled and spoke to Swamiji gently and lovingly, "You want to install the idol and want me to manifest totally into it?"
Swamiji said, "Yes mother, that is the idea and I want you to fill the idol with your total Life Current and Bless for Loka Kalyanam (Welfare of the World) and may the people who come here turn to devotional path. May Righteousness prevail upon the world."
To this Mother said she would fulfill Swamiji's wishes but wanted Swamiji to offer blood as Naivaidyam (Food Offering). Swamiji knew Mother was testing. He smiled and said Swamiji is a Yogi and cannot propagate this type of Tamasic (Low quality) Puja. Instead, Swamiji said He can offer any number of coconuts that She wants.
Mother said, "No, no! You do whatever way You want to do puja but I will take whatever I want!" Laughing ferociously, she disappeared.
Swamiji remained unperturbed. Devotees were singing bhajans. The day had arrived for Swamiji to install His beloved Mother Goddess Parvati, the Divine Consort of Lord Shiva. The day had started with the necessary rituals for the ceremony. Swamiji was getting ready to come out. Hundreds of devotees were in bhava samadhi. They were all innocent and not charlatans. Their minds were introverted and wouldn't bother each other. There was no hatred, jealousy. No selfish intention to dominate or fool others. No intension to talk nonsense. They were enjoying in their silence, dancing beautifully to the tunes of bhajans. Some were up on the top of the trees hanging and jumping dangerously. Some on the walls. Some were carrying others on their heads.
All were blessed with a vision of their Dear Deity. Such was the beauty of the bhava samadhi. People were attracted to Swamiji with Madness (Spiritual) and all the devotees were (are) in some form or other of bhava samadhi. Swamiji blessed all who came to Him with out any discrimination. This is the concept of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is known as Bholanath (The God of Innocence). Shiva simply gave away boon not bothering whether it was a demon with worldly selfish, evil designs, or an innocent devotee. Every body cannot understand this phenomena. The unrighteous play their role in the divine drama as a test for the determination and the virtues of the righteous people. Finally the righteousness triumphs. All those who have misused powers given by Swamiji, by fooling themselves, have lost the race towards real devotion and Ultimate Truth. Those who want Swamiji shall be blessed and those who are after the worldly materialism shall get entangled in the circle of birth and death of the body, of ignorance and suffering.
Devotees were singing bhajans devotionally. As the devotees were absorbed in the thoughts of Swamiji and bhava samadhi with total devotion, Mothers Play started. One sannyasi (a monk) who was well known in that area came with his disciples with an evil design to test bhava samadhi and defame Swamiji. That monk wanted to see Swamiji. Graciously Swamiji gave him Darshan. The Monk spoke arrogantly, "What is all this nonsense drama of bhava samadhi? If I give these bhava samadhi people one strong blow from my fist, all their acting will come out and people will come to know what a fraud You are!"

Bhola, Our lovely Swamiji, smiled and said, "OK if you think you have the capacity to test them, go a head, no problem for me." With a good intension Swamiji said, "Just be careful O monk! "Don't go near the Hanuman bhava samadhi person."
Swamiji was very kind even to the evil people. But the monk was egoistic and wouldn't listen to Swamiji's advice. Straightaway he went to the person who was in Hanuman bhava samadhi, taking out his wooden padukas (foot wear), hit the Hanuman bhava samadhi person on the head with all his energy. Nothing happened to him. Smilingly, he just caught hold of the monk, taking away that monk's padukas, he hit the monk on the head mildly. There was a big cut on the head and blood started flowing while the monk fell unconscious. The monk's disciples panicked and ran away leaving behind their Guru. All the time devotees had to hold back Hanuman bhava samadhi person with great difficulty and prayers. Devotees went inside and informed Swamiji.
Swamiji laughed and said, "I told that idiot not go near the Hanuman bhava samadhi person. OK no problem, bring the sadhu (monk) here." Then devotees brought the sadhu to Swamiji. Swamiji applied some blessed vibhuti on the head of sadhu. Within moments sadhu was alright and regained consciousness.
On regaining consciousness the sadhu tried to play tough, by threatening Swamiji, that he would call police. Swamiji was calm and smilingly said, "Hey sadhu! I knew that you would try to be cunning. That's why I have already called the police. It's you who came to my Ashram without any provocation to disturb our peace and defame Me. Now you will go to jail for disturbing peace and pay Me three lakhs of rupees for trying to defame Me. This money can be utilized to help the poor."

 The sadhu understood his fault and panicked. Falling at the Lotus Feet of Swamiji, he prayed for pardon. Swamiji was always kind. Swamiji's intention was not troubling or punishing anybody. When it came to show mercy, He was like a Mother. He just wanted to teach the sadhu a lesson. That's all. Swamiji readily forgave and invited the sadhu to participate in the installation (Prana Protista) ceremony and then to partake the food Prasadam that would be served.
After all the ceremony was over, when the food was being served, sadhu's disciples went into bhava samadhi and went on eating like ferocious demons!
They finished a vessel full of rice that would have been sufficient for hundred people and were still shouting for more that they were terribly hungry. To the surprise of all who had gathered there, as they went on eating, the food remained in the same quantity. Sadhu again panicked and surrendered at the Lotus Feet of Swamiji praying for the release of his disciples from the effect of bhava samadhi. Swamiji touched them in between eye brows and they were released and became normal.
Swamiji had His usual roaring laughter and said, "Look, Mother Parvati kept My honor and took coconuts (Swamiji said He had offered hundreds of Coconuts that day) as the offering but She took some blood also from the sadhu's head to keep Her own words."


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