About Bhava Samadhi
Part 3

Here is part III of Baba's teaching on true bhava samadhi, which was initially imparted to the devotees by the Grace of Babaji's Guru, Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, for the purpose of deeping their ability to meditate. Over the years and particulary since the Mahasamadhi of Sri Swamiji, the understanding about bhava samadhi has become distorted. We are grateful to Shri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj for clearing up the confusion and the falsehoods about Swamiji's teaching and philosophy. The knowledge gained during Babaji's many years of service to Swamiji and the power of his own Tapas are bringing the purity and clarity of Swamiji's teachings back into focus. More will follow.

There were so many incidents of bhava samadhi. They were genuine. Wherever Shri Swamiji went, people went into bhava samadhi. Nobody asked them to do like that. They were not told anything or any theory about bhava samadhi.

They did not know what was happening to them. They simply went into it. Swamiji's power was working. Swamiji Himself never claimed anything. Swamiji was silent. Everything was simply happening. All those who went into bhava samadhi, were immensely benefitted. They became more and more devotional and meditative. Thousands of others also benefitted through them. Sick people got healed. The mentally ill became alright. Some thought, "What is this wonder?"  Some came out of curiosity. Some got panicked. Wherever Swamiji went from Adivarapupeta to Doddaballapur, Bangalore, Madras, Bombay, Ananthapur, Hyderabad, Agra, Dehra Dun and the list goes on and on.....hundreds, thousands, lakhs and crores were initiated into meditation by Swamiji. Almost all followed Swamiji into some form of bhava samadhi or other. If many were dancing, some were quiet..They left everything behind. They left their families and belongings. Quietly, they followed Swamiji and served Him. Quietly they Meditated. Service to Swamiji was getting converted into Sadhana. I am sure, even today you cannot count them in numbers. Quietly they are meditating and getting transformed. They have nothing to claim. They are withdrawn. No ego. Only Swamiji's blessings are there.

If in the sixties and first part of the seventies saw this beautiful phenomena of genuine bhava samadhi, the later part of seventies and eighties saw cunning, selfish, narrow-minded people who always tried to dominate, play politics. They wanted public attention. They began to claim and be demanding. They were certainly not going introverted. Their ego being at it's height, they could hardly achieve anything or inspire others. It appeared as if they were trying to take revenge on each other. What they could not do in an ordinary state, they tried to do by pretending to go in to bhava samadhi. They were not in bhava samadhi but in a bhava of their own feelings. In fact, I would like to call such things "bhavodreka" (violent feelings of the mind). They tried to beat others, they tried to disturb bhajans. They wanted bhajans to be sung by their own people. They blessed only their blood relations and people who belonged to their group. Yes! There started groupisms. At one place I saw during Swamiji's programme only people of that place were allowed to go and dance in bhava samadhi. Devotees of other Ashrams were thrown out.

For God's sake, try not to misunderstand Swamiji. The Divine Great Guru was and is and always will be an Ocean Of Kindness. Swamiji always would like to bless all, without any discrimination. Swamiji always wanted to give everyone a chance to learn lessons and get transformed. But many went away disillusioned at the violent ways of bhava people. Many came once and were not attracted. Bhava people disturbed the meditative atmosphere of the Mission. Some people even tried to defame Swamiji in the name of bhava. Perhaps Swamiji was hurt. Swamiji once told me that people are misunderstanding bhava samadhi at many places and that He would like to withdraw the bhava samadhi powers.

Once all the devotees went with Swamiji for a river bath and nightlong bhajan satsang on the river banks. It was a full moon day. After a beautifully blessed bath in the river with Swamiji, Our Beloved, the atmosphere had become so Holy and Blessed by the presence of Swamiji, I thought, "Now the river has become more Sacred that such a great Yogi has had His bath in that river. How blessed we are all," I thought. After some time bhajans started. Swamiji was seated at a distance. A certain girl went into bhava. She wouldn't allow others to continue who were doing bhajans. She claimed to be some goddess and started throwing mud at them and demanded that her sisters should sing and with nobody else she would be pleased. To avoid an ugly scene they gave way. That girl must have thought to show her authority and pretend genuineness. She started throwing mud all around, screaming. I was getting irritated. She was trying to keep her eyes closed and as she was throwing mud. Some got panicked and everything was getting disturbed. By closing her eyes she lost her direction and started going towards Swamiji. Then I decided to go near Swamiji and stood by His side. Another gentleman was also there to cover Swamiji. Then I requested for Swamiji's permission to catch hold of her. Swamiji was definitely annoyed and ordered me, saying, "I will give you bhava samadhi. Go and catch her by the hair and bring her here." Then with a roaring shout, I went near her, took hold of her hair and carried her to Swamiji. Finally Swamiji had controlled her! Her mother and sisters were screaming that their daughter (and sister) would get hurt. Then Shri Swamiji scolded them, saying, "When she was throwing mud, she was a goddess. Now when I made my boy to control her, how come she has suddenly become your daughter? Shut up and stay away! What will the public think? Your daughter was behaving badly. You have forgotten all manners. Learn to meditate. Your mind will be purified and will become non-violent." Swamiji advised the public not to get panicked, that nothing had happened. He ordered that the bhajans should be continued. We have seen so many such instances.

Then the eighties saw more cunning people. They claimed to be Swamiji and started issuing orders and instructions. What an easy way to make people obey you and make them fulfill all your wishes. Swamiji Himself never ordered people in such a way. He was all loving and considerate. Even to us who had surrendered and were ready to obey His orders and do whatever He wanted us to do, Swamiji always asked for our willingness, using a language like this, "What do you think? Will it be nice if we do like this? Would you like to go with Me?" Even when He wanted Me to look after a mentally-ill boy, Swamiji first asked for my willingness. Only then He ordered the boy to be sent to the Dehra Dun Ashram. He who had the authority to order, asked for our willingness. Those who were and are nobody, tried to become Guru and instruct in His name.

To be continued............................

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