About Bhava Samadhi
Part 4 - Conclusion

From my learning from the Guru and from my own experience, spiritually, any exercise (sadhana) that you undertake, knowingly or unknowingly, should enable your mind to become concentrated into a single-pointedness, non-violently. This is what is recommended. This type of concentration should enable you to loose ego. Such a concentrated mind will recede and go Introverted towards it's Ultimate, The Divine. It's like the bubble going back to the Ocean. The mind has no third way to proceed. Either it is wandering like a monkey uncontrollably troubling The Soul's consciousness with craving or when this can stop, it goes introverted towards Ultimate Truth only. But this needs to be done through proper methods. Shri Swamiji, through His great Tapas Shakti wanted to help Humanity. His powers will always be there to help.

Once on the balcony of Dehra Dun Ashram in the midnight hours, this self was fortunate to hear about The Path Of Bhakti. Swamiji said, it is His Mission to bring all humanity into bhakti marga through His Yogic powers. He said bhakti is taught to tap all your emotional energies into a single-pointedness, peacefully, so that such a one can go into meditation properly. In bhava samadhi, He said, if one is violently emotional, such a one shall become more excited and you will see some action in the body but such a person should not become egoistic, should learn to surrender and be humble. Such a person should not try to imagine that He (She) has become great by becoming some devata - that is ego. Instead, one should try to meditate and behave with all humility. To get this blessings for meditation from a Guru like Swamiji, the Soul's mind should be ripe enough to surrender and loose ego. Every time Swamiji spoke something about spirituality and devotion, without a fail, He emphasized on losing the ego.

When I asked how can one lose ego, He said, "Surrender to The Guru. Just do what the Guru wants you to do. Remember the dhyana deeksha instructions."

Then I asked, "If The Guru is Physically away or like that...."   He suddenly interrupted, "Nonsense! The Guru is always in your heart. Call Him, you will see!" And then He roaringly laughed and said lovingly to me...."Idiot," He said "if your Mind is violent, it is away from God."

But our charlatans wanted to dominate, instruct and order in the name of Swamiji. I remember once Swamiji was here. A group of devotees who were going away, had Swamiji's darshan, took leave and blessings. After coming down, one among them went into bhava and said, "I am Swamiji." And he ordered, "You will stay here today and think of going tomorrow." All the devotees going, became emotional. With folded hands they obeyed. When you are too emotional, the other one will always have an edge to exploit you. I went up and told Swamiji what happened. He smiled and said, "What to do with these people? If they wanted to stay, they could have directly told Me."

Once two ladies went into bhava and started fighting with the claim of being a particular goddess. One said, "I am that goddess. Now I order that you leave immediately!" The other said, "How can that be you, when it is me! I am that goddess. I order you leave." Both were claiming to be the same goddess and they started fighting. We had to interrupt the bhajans and stop the fight before it could turn ugly.

At another center in another town where hundreds of devotees used to gather, two of them were in bhava and fought to dominate by slapping each other. One slapped. Another caught hold of the hairs. The owner of the center threw one of them out. They formed their own group. All devotees got disillusioned and stopped participating. Such a beautiful center got destroyed. This was told by Swamiji to me. There is no end if we go on like this.

Yogi's will always bless all, without any discrimination. Swamiji is like a Mother, an Ocean Of Kindness. I wrote this to answer the questions of devotees from all over the world. I wrote as I saw and learnt from our beloved Guru, Swamiji. Certainly, there is no ill will against anybody and certainly not to criticize any particular individual. I pray and convey My love. May Swamiji Bless, Guide, and Inspire every Soul towards the right Path of Spirituality.

Once again, Love and Blessings.
May the New Year bring Peace and Prosperity, Love and Consideration to each other.
May Swamiji Bless Us to loose the ego. When you lose all imaginations, there is Swamiji, Swamiji, Swamiji only.................and thus it goes On....

Love and Blessings, Baba



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