Born For Tapas

By Sri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj

The fortieth anniversary of the completion of Tapas by Swamiji occurred on August 7, 2001. To celebrate the occasion, Babaji recalled Swamiji's childhood and how He was chosen by the Divine to teach and guide the world.

On the auspicious occasion of our beloved Parama Pujya Shri Guru Maharaj's fortieth anniversary of completion of the Tapas, falling on the 7th day of August 2001, I dedicate this article to the fond memory of our loving Swamiji's Holy Mother Parvatamma, to all those brothers and sisters engaged in the practise of meditation for mind control and Self Realization, and also to all those brothers and sisters engaged in a selfless dedicated service to the mission of our Divine Guru Shivabalayogi.

Born For Tapas

God is never unjust to the creation. The Divine is the Ocean of Kindness.

Whenever there is decline of the Dharma (righteousness), the Divine comes to the rescue of the Universe.

Always, the righteous people are protected by the Divine which appears on its Own or chooses a worthy Child, a mighty Soul like our beloved Sri Swamiji Maharaj.

Whenever Mankind is attracted too much to materialism, it loses Mental and Moral health. This loss of health results in increasing the miseries of the Mankind; tension prevails upon it; suffering spreads; physically and mentally, people of the Earth suffer from dissatisfaction, depression, unhappiness. Doubts and fear, hatred and jealousy become the order of the day.

The righteous always pray for peace and happiness, for love and Universal brotherhood.

The Divine Grace descends; amazing inexplicable wonders do occur for the welfare of the Universe. Such mighty Souls, rising above all differences and weakness of the Mankind, use their powers, give their abilities and energies; by drinking bitterness they give their love and tolerance. They take the sufferings of Mankind, give their Knowledge and Wisdom to enlighten the universe. Their approach is always Universal. They sacrifice their lives for sake of the World. They become Eternal guiding and inspiring light to the Universe.

He was hungry, young Sathyaraju sitting on the bench in the front side of his home, waiting for the lunch that his sister was preparing, a lunch that he would not eat. The Divine had other plans.

It was the 7th day of August 1949, midnoon. The loving child of Bheemanna and Parvatamma, hungry young Sathyaraju, sitting on the bench, thought of his mother and maternal grandfather who had gone to the town for the grandfather's eye operation. He thought, "Mother must be waiting anxiously for me to go there to make payments to the hospital for the operation."

"Oh! How long this sister of mine is going to take to give me food!" he thought of shouting but kept quiet.

He felt strange about himself, the otherwise naughty and picking-up-quarrel type, Sathyaraju had lost interest in these things since quite a few days and preferred to sit quietly in a corner, absorbed in his own world. His mother, uncle and friends felt puzzled. Sathyaraju was fond of eating meat and other tasty food which he always demanded that his mother prepare.

Now suddenly he had lost interest in everything. Quietly ate whatever his mother gave. He had stopped even complaining, let alone shouting or fighting. Was the Divine preparing him for the transformation? It was painful for the mother.

While he waited for the lunch, his mind's thoughts took him back. The struggle from childhood after he had lost his father as a small baby of six months. But the mighty Soul had come to teach and inspire the world, not to suffer simply.

He thought of that moment when, as a five-year-old, he had come to know that they were poor, when he had seen tears rolling down his mother's cheeks.

His uncle had advised, "Poverty is not a thing to feel ashamed of. It is only a circumstance." He said, "You need not become a victim of the circumstance, if you have the will and determination to face the challenge, if you are sincere to your self, with hard work and honesty you can overcome the poison called poverty."

Sathyaraju was courageous and honest with enormous will power. Always ready to face the moment instantly. Ready to fight, whether it was poverty, blind faith, ignorance or injustice.

His decision was instant and he thought, "Now no need for me to go to school. My mother should not be made to work. I can work and look after the family." He was the youngest of the family with an elder brother and two elder sisters.

Once again tears rolled down from the cheeks of his mother. He was only a five-year-old kid. The age when others go round playing and eating chocolates and ice creams merrily. Mother protested that he should not lose education.

Once decided, nobody - no power - could move Sathyaraju or his determination. He was already well educated and had come to educate the world.

He wanted to fulfill the promise made by his mother to his father that he would be given in adoption to his stepmother but when he saw his stepmother doing an illegal business of opium, he considered it Adharma (Unrighteousness) and protested, and when she didn't agree to discontinue the illegal business, Sathyaraju decided to leave her.

He was concerned about the promise but thought upholding Dharma was foremost important. He prayed to Lord Bheemeshwara at Draksharamam on his return journey that his mother and others should not misunderstand his action.

At first his mother was perturbed at her son not fulfilling the promise but later understood. She knew her son would never tolerate unrighteousness. She too prayed that Lord Bheemeshwara may protect from others' misunderstanding.

When encountered by a Tantric charlatan who was going around trying to fool the villagers for monetary gains, threatening them that he would turn them into tigers and other animals by his magic powers, Sathyaraju as an eight-year-old faced this charlatan courageously. When other older boys and even village elders were scared of the Tantric, Sathyaraju unfolded the Tantric's mysterious magical powers as nothing but simple boasting. Sathyaraju stood there challenging the Tantric to turn him into any animal if he could. The Tantric failed and ran away. Before that Sathyaraju had told his elders, "Don't worry, even if I may have to die, people must know the truth behind this boasting Drama." Such was his determination.

Now at the age of fourteen, Sathyaraju had a small shop of his own. He was the main breadwinner of the family. A long struggle, sincerity, and hard work had seen him through. These are the mighty Souls, always the ones chosen by the Divine to teach and guide the world.

HE was hungry. His thoughts had come back to the present. Again He wanted to shout but kept quiet. Because The Divine had other plans.

HE was born to feed the hungry. The hungry for love and care, hungry for Knowledge and Wisdom.

HE was born to give comfort and solace to the suffering.

Now His role was to increase from house to that of a Mission. From looking after a small family to a bigger one called Universe. The Divine was going to declare about a Messiah. HE was BORN FOR TAPAS.

At fourteen, He was an expert who could face any challenge in a moment's notice. Amazingly determined to complete any uphill task. Overcoming obstacles was like eating chocolates for Him.

He wanted to eat His food. He had no idea of getting up or going anywhere. But the Divine wanted it to happen. A Divine play. Sathyaraju was brought to that place, where it was to happen. A friend became instrumental. A script was executed by the Divine. A fruit became a wonderous thing. As if the Divine asked Him, can you do this? "Yes, no problem," was the answer.

Just close your eyes and try to keep your mind concentrated for a while. You will understand what an uncomfortable, difficult task it is going to be, if you are asked to concentrate like that for hours, days and years.

In a moment's notice Sathyaraju was ready to become SHIVABALAYOGI. He was ready for the transformation. He accepted the challenge and sat with an unwavering concentration. He had experienced that GOD is all-pervading and can manifest to appear from anything. This time, the Divine had chosen a small fruit.

The villagers had not understood Him properly. In vain they tried to move Him from His determination. When He was woken up and when He saw all villagers around, He had lost any interest in blood relations, native place or home. He thought, "Space is now my home, Universe is my Karmaksetra (sphere for Mission work) and all are my family members." A glow shined on His face. He was calm and unperturbed. Peace had descended.

He consoled His mother not to worry. He said He would look after everyone as before. When Swamiji said this to His mother, He really meant to look after the entire Universe.

Some tried to play mischief, thinking they could dissuade HIM from completing. For Him it was only a child's play. He sat firmly when the ultimate test came from none other than the Divine.

The righteous of the Universe heaved a sigh of relief. Now their saviour had come back to take care of them. To tell them not to worry and be valiant to face the challenges of life. To tell them to know who they are.

The auspicious moment was afternoon on the 7th day of August 1949. He was BORN FOR TAPAS.


The narration of Shri Swamiji going into Tapas is based on my conversations with Swamiji when HE was in HIS physical body with us. He is a Living Yogi who continues to be with all of us. My Pranams at His Lotus Feet with deep love and reverence.

With my love and blessings

Baba Shivarudra Balayogi.

Copyright © 2001 SRBY, All rights reserved.

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