Who Am I? It's YOU

by Shri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj

Deep in the heart
and the conciousness beyond!
You are the dweller
in Non-duality.

If I am there
You are my GOD!
When there was ego,
You protected with all the care.

When I travelled beyond,
I vanished without a trace!
Give me the ego to love You!
for the mission work here.

I cannot take credit for anything,
When I have seen You doing everything! Everywhere like the space, only You
can measure,Your amazing existence.

Inert appearance for the ignorant,
That, full of energetic Consciousness!
Who am I? It's You and only You!
Quietly, beyond all imaginations.


Babaji wrote this poem in celebration of Guru Purnima 2001.

Love and Blessings

Jai Shivabalayogi


© Copyright 2001 SRBY, All rights reserved.

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