Perth, 17 October 2007


To the Master who looked after me and brought me up like a mother, prostrations with deep love and reverence at the Lotus Feet of Shivabalayogi and once again I would greet you all this auspicious evening with my love and blessings.  There's a beautiful hymn of Amir Khusru who was a great Realized Sufi Saint.  He says poetically, "Just like the reddish sun - when the sun rises and the sun sets, both times it spreads the aura so beautifully.  In the same way the aura of the Divine, my Beloved, is spread all over and when I became able to See, meaning I merged with It, I myself became like that One," he says, such a beautiful thing. Nowadays, for these nine days, in Indian tradition always the Divine is remembered as Goddess Mother and in that concept worshiped as Mother Durga, as Mother Kali and Bhuvaneshwari and so on.  

In the city of Mysore where I was brought up, on the outskirts of the city, the beautiful Chamundi Hills are there.  The presiding Deity is Mother Goddess, known as Chamundeswari.  My Master used to tell that Sage Markhandeya worshipped and installed Mother Goddess Chamundeswari's idol there, and also there is a small cave nearby the temple where sometimes we used to go with our Master and that was where in 1994 I had a Divine experience of my Master appearing even after His physical disappearance, dropping of His physical body, where He commanded that the time has come that I should go into the Tapas.  

This Goddess Mother is worshipped for nine days, called as Navaratras, and the tenth day is known as Vijaya Dasami, the victorious tenth day.  In that, Mother Goddess for nine days constantly fights with Maheshasura.  Maheshasura is the buffalo-faced demon, and in the end, on the tenth day, She liberates him actually, when the demon gets killed by Mother because he was touched by Mother and he also became purified and eventually got liberated. 

Here the beautiful concept is that, Maheshasura, the buffalo-faced one represents the ego of our mind.  When ego is there in our mind, we lose all knowledge and wisdom and become totally ignorant, and where there is so much of ego, there is evil in the mind.  But if we can meditate and remember Mother, that is the real Self, and if through the help of this Mother when we pray, using meditation as the sword, then this demon Maheshasura is slain (meaning the evils of the mind).  The ego of the mind is slain.  Then this mind becomes purified and becomes eligible to get liberated, means gets dissolved into that Self called Mother.

My Master always used to tell, if you need to become a Saint, you need to be like a mother, ready to forgive, everyone, everything, unconditionally.  You need to forgive people even without them asking you to pardon them, forgive them.  Even if they do not tell, "sorry," you must be ready to forgive readily, that is the concept of mother.  Like a mother, you see, a mother would not expect any sorry from the child, from her children, and would not expect the children to apologize also.  She readily forgives them and there is no such thing.  So that is how a Saint has to be, my Master used to tell.  If you practice meditation and you eventually one day become aware of the Real Self, your mind shall become so purified, and you shall be like a mother.  

So remembering that beautiful Mother concept of the Divine, I pray that the Divine, in the concept of Goddess Mother, may forgive the mistakes, the faults , the ignorance of all minds in this creation, of all souls and of all creatures.  And may the Divine Mother liberate every creature, every soul, every mind from the bondage of the ego, the greatest evil.  That is the greatest demon within our minds.  So we need to pray to the Divine so that that demon may be slain. 

So this is how in every story whenever a demon gets killed by a God or Goddess manifestation they also get liberated eventually.  So it is the same mind.  There is nothing wrong in the mind.  Mind itself is not the evil.  Mind itself is not the wrong.  The ego in the mind is the evil, that needs to be slain.  So when that is done, through meditation, through sadhana, through remembrance of God, that mind gets liberated. 

In meditation we must remember that we must not analyze anything, we must be ready to surrender.  In the same way as we were discussing karma yoga yesterday, whatever comes, we have to accept it, then the mind surrenders eventually.  We expect things to happen, we want things to happen as we want.  If it does not happen, we feel disappointed, we feel frustrated.  Even in the mind, an anger and a hatred may come.  We must be aware of this.  If we surrender to the wishes of the Divine, so then this mind recedes, and becomes purified, giving us that beautiful, immense happiness and peace at all times.  So that is what is required in meditation.   If we simply keep watching, then the mind becomes quiet.  Whatever thoughts arise, whatever things happen during meditation, if we simply watch it, so that eventually it becomes possible, even when we get up and we are moving in this world also, whatever might happen, our mind shall not get agitated. 

Often this is the question, this is the discussion when people come to us privately, how to deal with these things in the life, when we see wrong things or when we see atrocities in this world, when humans become against humans.  Simply by worrying we cannot help, anybody or anything in this world.  Physically if we put in efforts, if we try to understand, if we try to sacrifice our own minds egos then it might be possible.  But in any case there is no point for us to worry mentally and get agitated unnecessarily because these are the things which are not going to solve anything in this world.  That is why it is necessary that we keep the mind at peace.  We will be able to keep this mind at peace only when we practice.  If we do not adopt proper methods, if we do not practice, it would not come to us.  So every person needs to ponder over their own mind. Nobody else will have to ponder, nobody else will have to watch.  You will have to watch your mind, what is happening within your mind?  That is how my Master used to say, "Is there peace or is there hatred?  Is there composure or is there anger?  What is there, you see for yourself."  So if you are practicing meditation in the right way, the mind would recede and remain at peace.  There would not be any hatred and there would not be any anger, it would remain composed.  This becomes possible only if you practice the sadhana

So that is how we need to understand this concept of meditation, mind, and the tantrums that the mind throws, like the Maheshasura, all the times.  If we keep these tantrums of the mind into our self, then we become like the Maheshasura buffalo.  If we slay this, then we become one with the Mother. That is why in the beginning when the 'Mother' concept came, that beautiful energy erupted from the Divine, in the same way like the reddish sun, the fireball came, that was so reddish in color.  Normally red color things are associate with Mother, like the red flowers are offered, red cloths are offered to Mother Goddess as a tradition because of this concept only.  The energy is inseparable from the Consciousness.  That is why if Shiva is the Existence in total thoughtlessness state as the All-Pervading Omnipresent, Shakti is the energy power that exists in that Omnipresent Divinity.  So that is why Ardhanarishwara, Shiva and Shakti are inseparable from each other.  Wherever there is Shiva, there is Shakti also.  Wherever this Supreme Existence is there, there is this Energy. 

Using this energy only, all creation has happened.  You see, if your mind starts imagining, so much energy comes out and as the imagination grows, if it is properly channelized, you might be able to achieve so much in this world also, in your day to day life, in your career, in your job, in your business, and anything that you want to achieve.  You can be achieving so beautifully using this energy, so we need to be grateful to this energy of our own mind also, and constantly we need to pray to Mother that no evil shall enter this, and these energies, we might be able to channelize properly in this world so that we would be able to achieve something for ourselves and our lives shall be inspirational to others in this world and may it be helpful to everyone in this world.  It is really not easy to help others in this world.  If one does not want to take our help, we cannot help them. 

The Master always teaches, people try to understand only such things which they want to understand.  The things they don't want to understand, they don't try to understand at all.  So many times Yogis have come to this world, the Divine incarnation has happened, in different parts of world, they have always advised people of this world to achieve this peace of mind, to try to live harmoniously, to be able to forget and forgive and not to judge.  Those beautiful words of Jesus always gave an impact since our childhood, "Judge not and you shall not be judged, condemn not and you shall not be condemned, forgive and you shall be forgiven."  Well, these things are not as easy as we talk on the microphone, it requires a great sort of sadhana, practice, practice of remembering God and meditation through which the mind can become purified.  That does not mean that we don't have a right to defend ourselves, always these things are confused by people, by reading into the teachings.  When we have to keep the mind at peace, this is what Lord Krishna taught in the Mahabharata war also, "If it is your duty to fight the war, you have to fight, only try to keep you mind into peace.  No need to get agitated mentally, no need to allow the mind to become evil.  You need not hate the enemy, you need not hate any personality."  Just like when our Masters used to pull us up, ridicule us, shout at us, He used to say, "I am not unhappy with you, I am not annoyed with you. I am just annoyed with your fault, with your mistakes, to that only I am trying to shout, that is all", He used to say. 

One day, early morning at 3.30, I took the regular milk to my Master, that was the time He used to have, so I took it to Him, when He was staying with me in Dehradun, it was a winter month.  So as I gave Him this milk, He took that, started sipping and suddenly started shouting at me, yelling at me, and all sorts of nonsense things He shouted.  I was frightened and bewildered, it was awful, I did not know what was happening, "Why was He pulling me up, what did I do?"  I kept quiet, kept quiet, quietly I was listening to Him.  For nearly forty five minutes He was sipping slowly, slowly and went on doing this one.  So then suddenly He started laughing at me, "Hey you got frightened idiot, there was a ghost in your mind and I was trying to throw it away, that is all. I didn't do anything to you, don't worry." 

Ah, such a great relief, imagine after forty five minutes, I thought, "My God, my Master, at least you could have told me what you were doing."  "So that is what I do every time, do I need to tell you!,"  this is what He said.  So I understood every time that He pulled me up, it was that He was trying to refine me.  He was trying to make me much better.  So He always loved like that one.  So that gave such a beautiful relationship between me and my Master.  So always we try to understand and surrender to Him.  So gradually like that it always becomes so beautiful whenever He was shouting and yelling at me, you can imagine, and I always became fond of it.  In fact, I started missing it if one day He wouldn't do that one, so I would be worried, wondering, "Is He not considering me anymore that I belong to Him. Why is He not shouting at me anymore, why is He not pulling me up?" 

So such a beautiful relationship built up between me and the Master.  So that thing we always missed it, even today after his physical disappearance, nearly twelve, thirteen years are over, that He has disappeared from our physical eyes, but He is always with us in spirit as the All-Pervading Divinity.  Even today, every moment, the 'fear' is there:  "If we do any wrong thing, He will pull us up."  May He guide us perfectly.  Even today, early morning, even after we go to sleep for a couple of hours also with this body, suddenly as if a sound appears like that He is waking us up, and at that precious moment, we get up quickly.  That 'fear' is there.  But physically if we want, we can be sleeping all the day, nobody will pull us up in this world now, because the Master is not there physically.  But that training that He gave, the teachings that He gave, that pulling up that He did, even today it is there and it makes us disciplined and perfect.  This is what He used to tell, "If you take My scolding, the world will not be able to scold you or point out any fault with you, you shall be perfect." 

So like a mother and father, like that, He trained us, He helped us to slay the evil of Maheshasura.  We always consider that.  So in this auspicious Navaratra days, remembering my Master as a Mother, we offer our unconditional surrender, our love and just now to remember, I will just sing one small song and then make you all to sit for meditation.  Pay your attention and just concentrate.


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