Shri Babaji's Message at a program in Dehradun - 30th August 2009

Guru Maharaj always emphasized on putting self efforts to do sadhana. Always when we try to do some sort of ritual outside, we must remember not to simply do an external ritual act and forget to cleanse the mind.    That is possible through an inner act of sincerity in performing the ritual, by adopting the act in the mind, so that mind gets cleansed. Then only evolution in the personality and soul can happen. Swamiji said it is easy to discard pant and shirt to put on the garb of a sannyasin (monk), like wearing saffron cloth, but sannyas (true renunciation) does not come to mind so easily. It is not difficult to make the hairs matted to fall as jata but we must take care that mind needs to be gathered, concentrated, quietened. Then only it can go introvert to become aware of the Real Self, how one exists as THAT, Immortal Soul. One should not try to imagine what the Soul is, one can be simply ending up with one's own imagination and thereby limiting and diluting the Truth. It is important to experience the Truth. One needs to commit for sadhana and achievement, be genuine, adopt the proper technique and dedicate to practice with discipline. Guru Maharaj taught Meditation as the highest sadhana exercise to practice and achieve. It is sad sometimes to see people, even after taking sannyas and going to places like temples, ashrams, monasteries, still succumb to ego clashes, arrogant manners of not respecting elders. This intoxication of arrogance, ego, and jealousy are more dangerous than the alcohol and other type of health hazardous intoxicants. One needs to watch one's own mind carefully and be alert all the time. Time is precious. One moment gone will not come back. May you all be blessed to have the virtue to forget and forgive. Love and honor each other. Understand others' faults and forgive, so that our own faults may be forgiven by The Divine Guru. Let us not indulge in judgments of who is good and who is bad, learn to see one SELF as All-Pervaded, see the Oneness. Then only on the day of judgment we would have become one with The Divinity.

May you all be blessed. 





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