Shri Babaji pays His tributes to Shri Guru Maharaj's mother, Paarvatamma

It was in the beginning of second week of November in 1974. Holding my hand with a motherly affection, she was going around amongst some devotees who were sitting there in the veranda of Guru Maharaj's Ashram on Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore, telling them, "Look, Swamiji has adopted this boy and is sending him to look after Dehradun Ashram. A very lucky boy indeed." She was enthusiastic and happy as if I was her son. Allaka Paarvatamma, that was her name. Guru Maharaj's beloved Mother. Mother who gave birth to the mighty soul Shivabalayogi.


This was her nature. Nobody would go back from the Ashram without receiving her affection, care and hospitality. She moved amongst devotees as an ordinary woman, down to earth, simple. Guru Maharaj always recalled that, all that she would request Swamiji was to give a little place in the Ashram so that she can simply keep serving all the devotees.

Guru Maharaj was five years old. At that age He used feel hungry every two hours and demand some food from Mother. Readily She would feed Him from somewhere. One day it occurred to Swamiji that He had not seen His Mother eating any food ever. With a childish mischief He demanded Mother to serve some food for herself and eat with Him. She said not to bother about her. Young five year old Swamiji insisted. Finally She agreed to serve some food for herself but would not eat immediately. She said, "You have your food, I have served for myself and would eat a little later." Young Swamiji was determined to see that His Mother would eat some food. After serving some food, she kept it aside and went out. Swamiji hid Himself behind the door. Those were the days, they were living in thatched huts. A couple of hours later Mother came in. All the time the young boy was waiting behind the door. Quietly slipping out the back of the hut, He came in again from front side of home. He demanded some food. Readily Mother took out the food that she had kept for herself and gave it to Him. Young boy was annoyed that instead of her eating, Mother is giving the food that was served for her, to her young, beloved son. He demanded, "Why did not you eat the food and why did you lie to me?" Tears rolled down the cheeks of Mother. She could not answer anything for her child's demand. Puzzled, young Satyaraju went out. "All I wanted was that Mother eat some food, which I have never seen her eating. Why did she cry then? Did I do something wrong? Have I hurt her?" He approached uncle to clarify what was the problem. Uncle said, "Sathyaraju, you should know that we are poor. After Your father's passing away, it is Your Mother who is working in different household to look after you all." Uncle also said, "Poverty is not a thing to feel ashamed, it is only a situation, circumstances. By sheer hard work and honesty one can overcome the poverty." Sathyaraju's mind was working, "Mother need not have to work, not even one day more, when I am here. I will work from tomorrow." He stopped going to school, young Sathyaraju started working to earn the much needed bread for the family. Guru Maharaj was only five years old then.

Parvatamma's old father needed an eye operation for cataract. It was no problem. Son was working and said, "Mother you take him to hospital and I will come next day with money to pay hospital charges." On the stipulated day when her son did not come to pay hospital charges, she was worried, "Has anything bad happened to him? He is committed boy and without strong reason He would never do anything like this." Somehow Paarvatamma managed to gather some money and brought her father back to Adivarapupeta. Adivarapupeta was not going to be a small, simple hamlet any more. Blessed will be the land where The Divine would manifest for His dear son Sathyaraju. The land of Adivarapupeta will be sacred and blessed.

Paarvatamma, after waiting for her son to come to the town of Kakinada where her father had undergone eye operation, returned to Adivarapupeta, birthplace of our beloved Guru Maharaj Shivabalayogi. A day after, Sathyaraju was made to sit for Tapas. Villagers hardly could understand the mind's status of Sathyaraju, except perhaps a couple of devoted ones. Parvatamma heard hushed up voices. Something had happened to her beloved Son. Shocked She ran to the place where He was sitting. Rainy season, ants were moving on His body. When she tried to remove them, He signaled not to bother about the ants. It was OK for Him. She was bewildered, not knowing what to do. He was the breadwinner for the family. She had great hopes. She remembered her husband's prophecy that He will bring glory to the family, village and all.

Baba_message_Swamiji_mother1Slowly she accepted the situation that He is no more simply her child. He is a Yogi now. With total dedication, selflessly she served and looked after Swamiji during Tapas.

After Swamiji completed Tapas, She never showed any ego, arrogance or rudeness to any devotee, to anybody who came to see Guru Maharaj. She served all of them. Never wanted any status for Herself. Nobody would go back hungry. In the beginning years when not many devotees were there to look after Ashram, even if it was midnight She would start cooking food for the devotees. Sometimes Guru Maharaj used to be annoyed, "Mother like this you are going to finish all provisions. What is the need to cook in the midnight?"  "It is not possible for me to send them back without feeding. They would be hungry. I have faith in Swamiji, everything would be alright." Swamiji would not argue with Her anymore. She considered Herself a devotee of Swamiji and always took His blessings for everything. She knew Swamiji belonged to the whole Universe and not just for the family. She gave her Son and Herself for the service of humanity without any discrimination of religion, caste, creed or status. Rich and poor, ordinary and royal, she served all of them. When others got benefited by Guru Maharaj's Blessings, she used to feel extremely happy.

It was raining, Guru Maharaj had Baba_message_Swamiji_mother2graciously asked Ashram office to book my train tickets to travel to Dehradun Ashram and also had asked the office to give some money for wayside expenses. Office man had gone somewhere and I was waiting. Mother Parvatamma was restless that I was made to wait in the rain. She was shouting, "Why are you all making this boy to wait in the rain, he has to go a long distance in the big city of Bangalore." I was staying with an uncle of mine and needed to return. It was raining. It was 11 November 1974. I was to travel on 13 November 1974, Deepavali day. After receiving ticket and money I did not know whether I could go inside Darshan hall and see Swamiji. Mother came and took me inside Darshan hall, where Guru Maharaj was sitting. "Tell Swamiji that you are leaving and take His blessings." That was Her nature. She treated all devotees, whoever came to Ashram, equally and showered Her affection. She was a true karma yogi. She served Swamiji and all His devotees. She moved ordinarily in the midst of devotees. On function days she would be sitting with other devotees and working in cutting of vegetables and other such things. Any new devotee would never be able to think that She was Guru Maharaj's Mother. So down to earth that She was. On 15 June 1976, after serving Guru Maharaj selflessly, She attained Maha Samadhi by dropping her physical body. Her Samadhi is situated in Bangalore, the Shivabalayogi Old Ashram on Bannerghatta Road. Guru Maharaj lived here on Bannerghatta Road Ashram from 1963 to 1978 January before moving to the New Ashram in JP Nagar.

May Mother Parvatamma bless us all to be able to serve Guru Maharaj and His Mission for long time to come.

Love and blessings,
15 Aug 2009

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