Shri Babaji's Message on Parama Pujya Shri Guru Maharaj's 48th anniversary of Tapas completion on 7 Aug 2009

The date of 7th Aug has become so auspicious and important for all of us, Shri Guru Maharaj's disciples and devotees. For, on this day in 1949 Guru Maharaj sat for Tapas and completed it in 1961.

Hundred times, thousand and millions of times, one never feels tired of remembering this auspicious day and moment. It is always a thrill, a feeling of amazing vibrations.

tapas_purti_day_article_01Thrill of remembering a young boy of 14 years old walking through paddy fields near the canal bund with friends. It was miraculous, for me, one of the greatest wonders. Three palmyrah fruits that fell from a near by tree. One of the friends saw and ran with enthusiasm and brought them to Sathyaraju. This Sathyaraju is our Divine Hero. He was their leader too. He was unbiased, no selfishness, cutting them into twelve equal pieces thought, 'let all of us enjoy this fruit'. Swamiji used to recall many times that they were twelve of them- twelve friends- on that great day. It was past noon. The Divine wanted to choose only one, eligibility was important. It was a mighty task that The Divine was going give one of them. So, a mighty soul was needed. A courageous, ready to sacrifice, stubbornly determined to achieve, sincere , focused personality was needed. That was Sathyaraju. From very early childhood he had these qualities embedded in Him.

He was trying to overcome the poverty that the family had to face after the passing away of Sathyaraju's father. Sathyaraju had not liked the idea of their Mother working day in and day out. Youngest of the four children, at the age of five he had taken up the responsibility of winning bread for the family. Dropping out of the school, he had taken up the family profession of weaving. Self respect was dearer to him. He had learnt from uncle that poverty was not a shame, a situation from which one can uplift the family by sincerely working hard, with honesty. 9 years of hard work had given him experience. He could give comfort to Mother and siblings. This young boy's father had predicted that, Sathyaraju will bring glory to the family and that father would not live to see that.

Time had come for The Divine to remind the boy of the purpose that He had come to this world. Not just one family, hundreds and thousands of families were waiting for His Blessings. Wherever He was, He was glorious in life. Leader among His friends, great helping nature, village elders looked for His help often. Now the Divine wanted Him to help the world. He had wanted to help for His grandfather's eye problem. Millions of eyes were waiting to see Him as a Yogi.

He was hungry, waiting for His sister to cook food. God said, world is hungry for your Divine blessings. Destiny was taking shape. A friend came and insisted to take Him to the canal bund. Three fruits were waiting to fall down. As though The Divine had ordered them to fall down. From one of the small pieces, Divine play was about to be revealed. That was to happen only for the chosen one, for sake of the world's benefit. Enough of caring one family, I need you to take care of the people of this world. The Divine was waiting for the auspicious moment, waiting to come out of that piece of fruit.
Other friends ate their share of fruit by squeezing out the juice. God said, 'No, no, this piece of fruit is not for your eating, I need to show the world that "I AM ALL PERVADED, OMNIPRESENT AND OMNIPOTENT". The boy had a trembling experience of His body shaking terribly all over. O.....M, O.....M, a continuous musical sound was coming out of the fruit. Before He could think of anything else He saw an aura of dazzling light around the fruit. In the place of fruit a SHIVALINGAM appeared. SHIVALINGAM is a symbol of The All Pervaded Divine's, both form and formlessness. SHIVA is The Supreme Consciousness of Existence in Total Stillness. LINGAM is symbol of Existence.
That Lingam fell down from the hands of Sathyaraju and broke into two pieces. An amazingly tall Saintly person with a beard and matted hair stood in front of the boy. The auspicious moment had come. tapas_purti_day_article_02
He will be no more Sathyaraju. Not any more, the village boy. The chosen One had been revealed. Sathyaraju wanted to ask 'why should I sit?' but could not resist. He had been put into Tapas. God wanted to show the world, how important to put self efforts to achieve Realization. It was not bed of roses for the boy. Guru Maharaj used to recall later, The Divine grinded Him, put Him to extraordinary tests. Every month The Jangama Sage appeared, guided and disappeared. That's was what the young boy thought. 'Who is this Jangama Deva? I did not call Him to come, no such prayers were offered that I want to sit like this'. But Jangama Deva revealed, 'You are born for Tapas, to do so for twelve years'. Perhaps by birth, it was His nature, to do or die, no chance of giving up the task. Whatever Jangama Deva guided, Twelve Years of Tapas, in all the four directions, etc., young Sathyaraju simply performed. It was really not that simple. Guru Maharaj always taught us, depending on your positive, negative attitudes, things appear easy or difficult. He taught through simple sayings. Like He said, for a valiant soldier, a battle field is never difficult or fearful, one would consider it , an opportunity to show courage and determination. Unknown person, unexpected experiences. When He was trying to help the family, He was taken away for a different purpose. God wanted Him. The world needed Him. He did it. Twelve Years of grueling Tapas. When you close your eyes and try to hold the Mind in between eye brows and stop it by focusing single pointedly, you understand how difficult to hold this Mind which runs like a monkey in the universe. For 22 hrs or so in a single stretch He did it for 8 years and other four years for 16 hrs or so. That was what Jangama Deva had asked Him to do. Concentrate Mind and sight in between eye brows. Do not imagine anything. That was it. He went on watching and no imagination was allowed to come. Many tests, experiences. He went on watching. Physical body was troubled by nature and mischievous people. Help also came in the form Sage Tapasviji. Mother served selflessly.

tapas_purti_day_article_03Finally Realization came, merger with the all pervaded Divinity happened. Now He was SHIVABALAYOGI. World saw Him with awestruck amazement. He came out after Twelve years. Went around the country and world. Established Ashram centers. He gave the message, that, people have forgotten themselves and that is why they are miserable, that is why there is conflict. Practice Sadhana (Sadhana means efforts to achieve Mind control). He taught unique technique of Meditation Dhyana. He gave it to all who came, with out any discrimination of religion, caste or creed. He gave solace to suffering, gave such knowledge and wisdom for the upliftment of Humanity and their consciousness. He said, know Your Self and you will be aware of The Truth. All sufferings, conflict can come to an end, harmonious stress free beautiful life can be achieved.

After dropping physical body in 1994, He continues to inspire and show His presence in every heart, to the devoted and faithful. May His Grace and Blessings continue to be showered upon all beings in all the worlds.

Love and blessings,
7 August 2009


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