Guru Purnima message  by Baba Maharaj Shivarudra Balayogi

Aaneka Janma Sampraapta Karma  Bandha  Vidaahiney

Aatma  Jnaanaagni  Daaneyna  Tasmai Shree Guruvey Namah

Salutations to the Guru who helps the disciple to get rid of all effects of Karmas acquired since so many births by imparting The Knowledge of SELF.  This knowledge is compared to fire. Guru helps, by donating the knowledge Fire called Aatma Jnaana means knowledge of the SELF. Prostrations at the Lotus Feet of such a Guru with deep Love and Reverence.


'Guru' means, the One who dispels the darkness of ignorance in disciple. Imparting such knowledge which can dispel the ignorance which is the cause of all miseries of unhappiness, stress, fear, confusion, dissatisfaction. Such a teacher is 'Guru'.

Our beloved Guru Maharaj Shri Swamiji initiated devotees into Meditation in a very unique way as a friend. He did so by telling students that getting initiated in our lineage, there shall not be any conflict even if one is initiated by any other Master. Also we do not impose ourselves as the only 'Guru'; the initiation shall not be binding upon them in any way. Guru Maharaj used to say that, such a one is the real Guru who does not want to bind the students as clients. Instead the Guru would be interested to make the students stand on their feet. Means, know the Truth, practise, experience and be aware of the Truth.

Guru Maharaj insisted on doing Sadhana, means your efforts to achieve the awareness of Truth.

Since ancient times in India Guru Disciple relationship has been recommended. Swamiji used to say, the necessity of Guru is like a Mother is necessary to the child for birth and care. As children we heard from Mothers, that even if God is annoyed with you, Guru can protect, but if you annoy the Guru, no God can help. Swamiji said, real Guru never gets annoyed or curses the student. Guru shall be compassionate and forgiving. But if the student is not going to be devoted to the Guru, or if the student does such karmas of betrayal of Guru, and not following His words to do sadhana and become aware of the Truth, the student could be harming his or her path and life. Swamiji always said if you tell a lie to the Guru you are harming yourself.

Guru Maharaj always emphasised that do not be a in a rush to become Guru, try to become a worthy disciple first. It is not easy to teach. You should be aware of the Truth and then only you can teach Truth. Nowadays it has become a fashion for Gurus to encourage indulgence and to flatter devotees and disciples as well. Some even say that you are already Realized and do not have to do anything. I have always told people that you are the best judge for yourself. Do not simply believe what others have to say about you. If you have peace and awareness of Your Real Self, that's it. Otherwise go for that. Other than you, who else can know whether you have peace or not? Quality of the Guru is important. I always used to pray, may I get a Guru who has liberated Himself and is capable of leading me to liberation. Gurus try to give too many lollipops to devotees and they stick to the lollipops and do not go to school of Spirituality and sadhana. Gurus try to give these lollipops to attract crowds with the idea, that is what they want. Somebody trying to do all such gimmicks and magic to make people come to them in crowds is different. When one experiences the Truth and wants to present the Truth, it is different. Like Guru Maharaj used to say even if one understands My philosophy it is good enough, I do not have to do magic just for sake of attracting crowds.

Your intention is important to get the right type of Guru. If you are genuine spiritual truth seeker, you will never get attracted to magics. God will guide you to such Guru who can give you the Truth. May you all receive the grace of The Divine Guru.

With Love and Blessings on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima,

Baba Shivarudra Balayogi

7 July  2009

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