Shri Babaji's message for Navaratri, 2009

The Divine Mother

Mind is the Child and the SELF is the Divine Mother.    

Once this question was asked to me. When you realize The SELF how do you become aware of the fact that SELF is all pervaded? How do you experience the all pervadedness of the SELF? 

Pay your attention. Though it is inexplicable, I will try to use the nearest possible logic of imagination just for sake of presentation and understanding. durgaThe length and breadth of the space is always discussed and tried to understand only in relativity of the objects that are present in the space. Objects like galaxies, solar system etc. Let us assume that only the Space exists and nothing else in it. Then where does the question of length, breadth and all pervadedness of space arise? Only when you have a physical body and stand on the earth then when you try to visualize the space, it can be explained that space is all pervaded, like for example galaxy and space , after space there is another galaxy and after galaxy there is space never ending.... Only the space can measure the space and nothing else. It is impossible to become aware of the space of all pervadedness through one physical eyes or intelligence all of which are limited, even the mind's imagination is limited compared to the all pervaded space.

Now when you realize means, abandoning all cravings and imaginations of mind, regaining it's purity of consciousness, gets absorbed into the SELF and settles in the SELF effortlessly, totally contented. Then you do not need the awareness of all pervadedness. You simply exist in Supreme Peace and Contentment. Compared to any object, You as the real SELF, You are all pervaded. When you are aware of only your real SELF, you do not have to be aware that you (Self) are all pervaded. You are simply aware of Yourself.


durga3Pray to the SELF to manifest as The Mother Divine for you. You as the Mind is tormented and terrorized by the demons Mahishaasura, Chanda, Munda etc. who are none other than the ignorance, imagination ego evils of the Mind. When the Divine Mother was trying to cut those demons head, every time as the blood used to fall on the ground that many forms of demons used to come alive again. When you Meditate, the more you try to slay, by analyzing and judgments more and more tormenting, terrorizing thoughts keep arising. It appears as a never ending process. The Divine Mother's anger was increasing and demons were always coming alive. Legend says Mother fought the war for nine days and nine nights. Every time Mother slayed the demons, and as their blood fell down, there were as many demons coming alive. When you Meditate, more you analyze and make judgments like this is good, this is bad, why is this happening, why not that ...etc... never ending process of thoughts and visual effects in thousands and millions keep happening. Some legends tell that when this process of Divine Mother slaying demons and when blood would fall more would come alive they became known as Raktabeeja. Seeds of blood.  

Finally, it is said that Jwalaamukhi as the Sister of the Divine Mother came out and held all the blood that was falling on Her Tongue and swallowed. Thus ending the fight on the tenth day which celebrated as Vijaya Dashami, means Victorious Tenth Day. When you Meditate it is important not to analyse any thoughts or visions that come across and watch as a witness. All thoughts and visions end and purified, the Mind recedes and gets absorbed into the SELF. May the SELF be our Divine Mother forgiving all our mistakes and sins to bless and slay the demonic evils in our Mind and purify the Mind to get absorbed in to the SELF to get liberated. The legend says that demons also got liberated because they got killed by the Divine Mother. When SELF is The Divine Mother and is all pervaded no evil can exist and all the imagined evils also get liberated getting absorbed in to the SELF. 

May you all be blessed,





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