Deepavali Message from Baba Maharaj

Awareness of the Real SELF is the one-sentence essence of Deepavali. This is the light, this is the knowledge. This is the real illumination. Deepavali means garland of lights. Celebration of triumph of good over evil, right over wrong, knowledge over ignorance. That is why knowledge is always compared to light and ignorance to darkness. Like the prayer "ASATOMA SADGAMAYA, TAMASOMA JYOTIRGAMAYA, MRITYORMA AMRITAMGAMAYA" - lead me, O Lord!, from unreal to Real, from darkness to Light, from death to Immortality. Seeing the inner light means becoming aware of one's own Real SELF.

babaji_aarati3It was thirty five years ago as a young boy of twenty years I travelled to the abode of The Divine master. Yes! Gurudev Swamiji sent me to stay, look after and do sadhana at His Dehra Dun Ashram. Family people came to see me off at railway station. November 13, 1974, it was Deepavali day. Life in the Ashram has taught so many things and the learning continues. People threatened of harming, Guru Maharaj said stay there nobody can touch your hair, I will protect you. He has protected. As long as He wants me to be working for Him who can harm?  Days in the Ashram were spent doing service and doing sadhana in the backyard Mango fruit orchard under the tree. Meditation was beautiful, tasteful, peaceful. Physically He came and went, but remained with me at all times. He is there with me at all times.

May you all experience the illumination of peace and awareness of SELF. Though bodily Baba Maharaj would be celebrating Deepavali with the devotees in Perth on 17 October, know that I am with you all always wherever you are. Develop and cultivate thirst for Liberation and SELF awareness illumination. Then everyday can be Deepavali for you.

Lots of Love and Blessings,

October 2009

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