10th anniversary Tapas Purti message from Baba Maharaj

2 November 2009

There are many misunderstandings and misinterpretations about Meditation and Tapas. Many think of possibilities of acquiring supernatural powers, know the future and so many things which are irrelevant to spirituality and truth of existence.

tapas_in_samadhiMind is the combination of both Consciousness and energy. When mind imagines and forgets about its own imagination and starts considering its imagination as the fundamental truth, such a thing cannot be truth. Truth is when one is able to come face-to-face consciously after being able to stop all imaginations in every way. That is to be considered as first-hand experience. Until then mind, whether through intelligence or whatever it is, can give only whatever it can imagine, which is always going to be limited like measuring the space by a measuring tape. To reach this stage where one is able to be consciously aware of the truth, Meditation, where you are recommended to watch in-between eyebrows by concentrating your mind and sight, is one of the highest techniques taught by our Guru Shivabalayogi, who initiated Baba to go in to Tapas. Tapas can be considered as the highest pitch exercise of Meditation.

Significantly Gurudev Shivabalayogi said, when you are able to focus and hold your mind with unwavering concentration for at least one hour then you can tell that you are meditating and until then you are trying to meditate. When one is able to focus the attention of the mind for more than ten hours in a stretch that is Tapas. He said when you are able to keep the mind  in to a state of just observation without any thoughts then mind slowly gets absorbed to its origin, which is the ultimate truth recognized as God, Self, Nirvana, Moksha etc. – different terminologies used for the same.  That is Tapas, where the mind after abandoning all imaginations in everyway, gets absorbed in to the Self and remains in that awareness effortlessly with total contentment.

With love and blessings,

Baba 2 Nov 2009

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