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Many people fail to realize that there is some problem in pursuing worldly things, how the mind goes into cravings and makes one to lose peace. How impermanent this world is.

baba2Master used to say, “If you have twelve bananas eat some and give some to others. How much are you going to eat? If you become greedy keeping all the bananas, then there is trouble.” If you are hungry others also are hungry. If you want to be happy, others also want to be happy. For what are we fighting and killing each other? Why can't we live for each other? Why can't we give love and honor to each other? Humanity needs to ponder over the path that it has to take. We all need each other. Peace and a harmonious life for all. Does this make any sense? Finding the purpose of life, purpose of existence, realizing the immortal nature of the SELF, realizing the eternal nature of the SELF's existence – should not this be the goal? Real peace and happiness is in the SELF. Real harmony is in becoming aware of the Truth of the SELF. The real feeling of secure existence is in the awareness of the SELF. Only those who have peace can give it to others. The Master can guide those who want to learn. Peace to the universe, Peace to humanity, Peace to all beings in all the worlds. 

Truly Self Realized Enlightened souls have nothing to gain from this world or its people. They shall be pure, contented and settled in the SELF consciously, naturally remaining effortlessly in that state. Though they might appear as inert, they are compassionate. Such pure souls would share their experiences and help others to realize the SELF. When some people suggested to Swamiji Gurudev that He should charge for initiating people in to meditation, Swamiji was furious and said, “When The Divine Shankara came and made Me to sit for Tapas and helped Me to complete, He did not charge anything. Why should I charge in the name of meditation?” It is a mission to teach all free of charge so that everybody in this world may be able to realize themselves and achieve peace. Such real teachers would like to see that disciples stand on their own feet independently and achieve the Truth of Liberation. They shall have boundless, unconditional love for all without any discrimination. On their own accord they go wherever they are invited and people show interest to learn meditation and get Liberated by practicing sadhana. Wherever they go, they bring peace and happiness. To sit at their Lotus Feet, one should be greatly fortunate. Often people do not understand during their physical life time on this earth. Very few are fortunate to sit at their Lotus Feet. Such teachers would not expect any materialistic benefits from devotees. They are free from lust and greed. It is their nature. Nowadays, many claiming to be Gurus exploit the devotees by asking for materialistic things. Such Gurus learn some amount of magic miracles and pull people in to becoming their devotees. Such a one is the real Guru who can give peace to devotees.

Lots of Love and Blessings,


November 2009

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