The Divine Guru Shri Swamiji Shivabalayogi's 75th Birthday Celebrations:

shivabalayogi008On 24th January 2010 devotees of Guru Maharaj Shivabalayogi the world over are celebrating Shri Swamiji's 75th Birthday. A great Soul was born on 24th January 1935 to two great souls, Allaka Bheemanna and Parvathamma Devi.


Allaka Bheemanna was highly spiritual and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He had predicted that the boy, whom they had named as Sathyaraju, as a great Soul would bring glory to the family, village, country and the world. Such great Souls like Sathyaraju, the future Shivabalayogi, are great assets of any society, country and the world. He had amazing inborn qualities of determination, honesty, justice for all, self respect and hard work. He taught us that effort until the last breath of life is worth it and respectful. He was a very great, responsible personality from childhood. Anybody felt so secure at His Lotus Feet. In a moment's notice He would jump to take any such responsibilities willingly. He had that inborn quality of a great leader and an outspoken frankness in telling the truth.

At the age of five He took the responsibility of the family as His father had passed away when He was an infant. When He realized that His mother was working to feed the family, Sathyaraju started working with such determination and very soon showed the villagers and relatives that He meant business. He had this quality of 'do or die' and 'never abandon'. This world has always needed such great Souls for its welfare.

Whenever God has wanted to Grace upon His creation, He has chosen such great Souls. Sathyaraju was totally fitted in every way as He had come to this world for such a mission. He became the chosen one. In a moment's notice He was ready to do God's work. He had nothing to ask for Himself. God had to ask Him to sit for Tapas. He sat and did it because God had asked Him to do so for the welfare of the world. In the end of the Tapas when God came in physical form, Shivabalayogi had nothing to ask for Himself, He had no desires for Himself. Instead Shivabalayogi wanted to know if God had anything to ask from Him. Well, God can never have anything personal to ask. God ordained young Shivabalayogi to give darshan, initiate people of this world to meditation to know and connect to their Real Self, help people of the world to overcome worldly problems and turn spiritual by blessing them through His Tapas power.

He conveyed silently, that one unified Self is all-pervaded and one should feel that oneness without any prejudicial feelings of rich and poor, caste andshivabalayogi343 creed. He advocated love and honor to each other. Respect each other's belief.  In 1961, on 7th August, after His grueling twelve year Tapas was over, relentlessly He traveled through out the country and world. He wanted people to undertake practical work and sadhana instead of plain talking and ending up not doing anything. “Practice, you will know yourself. Practice, you will have peace. Practice, you will consider the larger cause and you will no more be selfish, narrow-minded” - thus spoke Shivabalayogi. He said if everybody practices meditation, there can be harmony and peace for all in the world.

In 1994, He dropped the physical body and attained Mahasamadhi. He continues to work through His devotees the world over, spreading His message of meditation, peace, and harmony for the welfare of the universe. He continues to guide, showing His presence everywhere. It is the experience of the devotees' who with total faith and devotion have been experiencing His Presence and Grace at all times everywhere. On this auspicious occasion of His 75th Birthday, may Shri Swamiji bless the world for peace and harmony.

Through these columns Shri Babaji, a direct disciple of the Divine Guru Shivabalayogi, conveys His love and greetings to all brother and sister disciples of our beloved Shri Swamiji.

With love and blessings,

Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi 

24th January 2010


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