Extract from Guru Charanaambujam

Verse 102: “The scriptures declare neti meaning 'not this, not this' and speak of the beyond which is nothing. That Tatva is the Guru in reality, one should therefore, through the mind in particular, and speech and actions, worship that Guru.”guru_gita_website2

 Comments: Scriptures talk of 'not this, not this', like it is not the body which is perishable, not the breath, not the intellect and so on, but it is Tatva meaning That, beyond which there is nothing. When the Sages realized the Ultimate Truth as Existence they addressed it as That, because that Existence is such a wonder you can call it by any name, any form or formlessness. It is all the same, what you call space, the name space is also given for the sake of understanding. Nobody completely, conclusively knows about space and its nature. That is the greatness of the Sages who gave us the Vedas and the Upanishads. They said it is Ananta (boundless) and you cannot conclude what it is. It is the Supreme Being, it is the Nirvana, it is the Moksha, it is the Liberation, it is the Enlightenment, and so on, so many ways it has been addressed. A Realized Guru is none other than That Self. Therefore worship that Guru by applying the mind and through speech and actions

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