Shri Babaji's Guru Purnima Message

Blessed children of the Divine,

Legend says, once the great Adi Shankara was camping in the pilgrimage town of Kashi also known as Benaras. In and around several Kapaaliks were living. 'Kapaalik' means voodoo people who practice religious witchcraft to create fear amongst people by creating non-existent myths. Adi Shankara's teachings became very popular as he tried to create awareness of the truth of existence and the myths as non-existent nonsense. The Kaapaliks were unhappy as they were losing devotees whom they treated as clients giving them monetary benefits.


One day one of the Kaapaaliks came to Adi Shankara and spoke with diplomatic sweetness, that he was performing Tapas which needed a human sacrifice of a royal person or saint. Adi Shankara smiled and said, "I do not have any objection if you want to cut and take the head of this body but I warn that there are four disciples to whom this body is dearer  than their own life. If they come to know your plans, they will cut you into pieces, so the secret is in the early morning hours they all go for a bath in the sacred river Ganga and this body shall remain unattended as I shall remain in Samadhi. I suggest that is the right time for you to come and quietly cut and take the head of this body.” The Kaapaalik thought for a while, "This is no ordinary monk and he has no attachment to his body. If I try to do harm to this body God might punish me." Still his greed and cunningness could not come down. He thought, “Whatever it is, if this sannyasin (monk) is here we will lose our livelihood so we must get rid of this sannyasin by cutting his head.”

Well, the legend says the Kaapaalik came with a sword in the early morning hours when all the disciples were away having a bath in the river Ganga. When the Kaapaalik tried to cut the head of Adi Shankara, Padmapaada  - one of the direct disciples of Adi Shankara  - got into a ferocious trance-like state by his own intuition that the Master's life was in danger, and taking one big jump came to where his master was sitting in Samadhi as the  Kaapaalik was ready to cut the head of the Master.  Overpowering the Kaapaalik in no time Padmapaada cut off the head of the Kaapaalik and saved the life of his Master.

As a child when I read this, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful relationship of  'GURU' and 'DISCIPLE'. Like a baby and parents. For a Realized Soul, His own body is unimportant but He would care and feel concerned for the safety, personality and character of His disciple. When “GURU” pulls up the disciple or yells at the disciple that means the 'Guru' loves His child, as a mother would love her baby. On the same note 'DISCIPLES' would love their 'GURU'S' life as their own life, because a Realized Soul in the physical body is a great bonus to them and this world.

When you receive some teachings from any quarter which creates an awareness of knowledge capable of removing ignorance causing unhappiness, fear and conflicts in the mind and a knowledge capable of washing away such ignorance which might be keeping you away from the actual truth of existence of yourself and things around you, etc… it is recommended to consider and adopt such a source of inspiration as 'GURU', the dispeller of the darkness of ignorance.

Ignorance can be the cause of unwanted miseries, non-existent myths  and unawareness of the truth of one's own existence.  Just like walking in the dark could cause accidental, unwanted, miserable conditions, ignorance in life can be the cause of all unhappiness, conflicts and disharmony amongst humans.  Myths do not lead one anywhere spiritually.  All this can be overcome by the graceful imparting of such knowledge and wisdom from one who shall be known as 'GURU'. 

The 'Guru' shall be an expert in such knowledge and wisdom. A disciple is the one who adopts such a source of knowledge and wisdom as 'GURU' with due respect. This respect is recommended so that the student can take up the path as guided by the 'GURU' seriously, with determined dedication and discipline. Devotion is the love and apt mental attention towards the 'GURU' and such a 'GURU'S' teachings. Devotion is seriously adopting the methods of practice as recommended by the 'GURU' to undertake the spiritual journey. Devotion is serious respect to the goal of Ultimate Truth.

In the Indian culture, every year 'Guru Poornima' is celebrated to pay the highest tributes to the 'GURU' for imparting the practical teachings to students to achieve the Highest. This year it is on 25th July which is an opportunity for all devoted students who want to achieve a stress-free life, harmonious mental abilities, real Self awareness, Supreme Peace and  to pay tributes to the beautiful relationship of 'GURU' and disciple by resolving firmly to practice the methods taught by the 'GURU' and remaining alert to reach the goal recommended by the 'GURU'.


With love and blessings,


July 2010

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