Shri Babaji's message on 7th August 2010

On The Auspicious Occasion Of Shri Guru Maharaj's “Tapasyotsav”, the beginning and completion of His 12 years Tapas

On August 7th, 61 years ago, a 14-year old village boy was struggling to overcome His family's poverty.  He had only a basic academic education but He turned out to be the Master of all the Masters. Young Sathyaraju became the chosen one, when He sat for Tapas on this day in 1949 - a great spiritual giant was revealed to this world.  7th August is a festival day for all devotees of Shri Guru Maharaj. He came out of Tapas as Shivabalayogi twelve years later, on the same day in 1961.

At the age of 14 when an average child does not know what the world is and what life holds for him, this child had an amazing experience.  The Divine Guru in the form of Lord Shiva as a Jangama Deva appeared to test His Dedication, Discipline and Patience.  But He was not an ordinary child. When Lord Shiva asked Him to look in-between the eyebrows He took the GURU'S command with full determination and continued for twelve long, vigorous years of Tapas. Sitting in a graveyard with no roof on top on Him, bearing scorching heat, pouring rains and thunderstorms, scorpions stinging and rodents biting, He sat without even the slightest wavering of the mind which was standstill with perfect concentration. He achieved the highest, the ultimate purpose of the human birth and became One with the Ultimate Self. The young Sathyaraju was now the Divine Guru, Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.swamij_040

Shri Swamiji's teaching was unique, He never delivered long lectures or gave any kind of religious doctrines. Swamiji was Lord Shiva in the form of Dakshinamurti to all His devotees because He taught in Silence, whoever came in front of Him got their answers without asking. His teaching was simple but most profound. Having merged His mind with the All-Pervading Self, He was the most compassionate to those suffering in this world. He taught meditation for mind control freely without any discrimination, so that one can get over all the suffering. He taught that if one meditates, and through seva and sadhana can renounce the ego, one can be the most happy and content person. He said nothing can be achieved without sincere efforts and total devotion.

His Life itself was the message to humanity. The presence of the Guru in the physical body is always a bonus to His devotees. Though it is nearly sixteen years since He disappeared physically, His presence is always with us through His teachings. He is the Divine All-Pervading. He taught that all are equal in the eyes of God. Differences are created by human ego. He was fond of mass feeding to all people without discrimination, without the difference of any caste or creed. This was to create an awareness that humanity is one. On this auspicious day we pray to Shri Swamiji to bless us all for devotion to the Divine Guru that He is, the Divine All-Pervading that He is, to bless for Real Knowledge and Awareness of the Self. That was the message He gave when He came out of twelve years of Tapas - He said, “Humanity has forgotten about themselves. By practicing Meditation regularly you become aware of your Real Self.”


Love and blessings,


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