Babaji's Message on Shri Swamiji's Mother's Anniversary

Holy Mother Parvatamma


If any new devotee visited Shri Swamiji's Ashram on Bannerghatta Road in those days of the 1960s or 70s, it was hard to recognize Holy Mother Parvatamma.Baba_message_Swamiji_mother1 It was because she always appeared in a very simple way mingling amongst the devotees, always smiling and working in the midst of other devotees. Affectionately she would talk to all devotees who came there, treating them as her own children and family. For an ordinary person a family and children are so dear because of blood relationships but for her, it was not simply blood relation, all were her family and children, enquiring of them whether they got a chance to have darshan of Shri Guru Maharaj, whether they had some food to eat.

After her husband's passing away when the youngest child Sathyaraju was barely two and a half years old, she was looking after her family of four children and, in spite of the poverty the family had to face, if any stranger came who was hungry she would not hesitate to feed such a one with the food that she would have kept for herself. The whole day she would go fasting. Sometimes she would remember her husband's words - her youngest child Sathyaraju would take the name and fame of the family and village to sky heights. Her husband would say Sathyaraju is born to look after the world. She would think, "Will Sathyaraju stay with us or abandon us?" She thought, "No problem if he has come for a mission to look after the world we, as a family, are also amongst the world that he has to look after." Innocent, honest, giving, forgiving, hard working all were her inborn qualities. When her husband passed away, his first wife Shravanamma went to her village and by bad methods made herself comfortable while Parvatamma, because of her honesty, had to face such hardships of poverty and was looked down upon by rich relatives. But Parvatamma was least perturbed. She lived for what she believed, honesty and hard work. No comforts, no problem. Justice and honesty, character and compassion were dearer to her. She tried to bring up the children in that way.

She became the chosen one. She was blessed to bear a great spiritual giant of India, a Yogi in her womb. Sathyaraju had the same great inborn qualities of honesty, determination, self respect, compassion, character etc. Baba_message_Swamiji_mother3Mother Parvatamma was overwhelmed to see her young son Sathyaraju taking responsibilities for the family at the age of five.  She used to have some Divine visions to indicate what was lying in store for her in future. As she had started feeling comfortable with her young son Sathyaraju looking after the family, the Divine Shiva as a Jangama Deva came down one fine afternoon to take her dear son away, for the sake of the world. He was made to sit for Tapas. His Mother was waiting in the town of Kakinada with her father for the devoted son to come and pay for hospital charges and bring them home. The son was left with no options; it was the Divine ordainment to sit for Tapas for the world's welfare and peace. Imagine a Mother's anguish. But she was brave, she took it graciously. She served and looked after the son during His Tapas. Thus she gifted her son for the world's benefit.

Today, the world should be grateful for her sacrifice and services. When the son was in Tapas and could not be conscious of His own physical body, it was she who looked after that precious body for the sake of the world, selflessly. After her son completed Tapas, she accepted Him as a Yogi and took His blessings. All that she wanted was a little space in Shri Swamiji's Ashram so that she could continue her services. She never showed any ego. She was simple. When Babaji was being sent to Dehra Dun Ashram in 1974, she took him around holding the hands affectionately telling the devotees sitting there, how lucky the young boy from Mysore (Babaji) was that Swamiji had adopted him and was sending him to Dehra Dun Ashram. One could feel her love and care. She gave her love, apart from serving food to all who came she saw to it that nobody went hungry or without getting Swamiji's darshan and blessings. She continued to serve. She served Swamiji and the world. She is Holy Mother Parvatamma.

Babaji will be in Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, when a special function is to be organized in honor of Her greatness, on 15 August 2010

With love and blessings,
Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi

August 2010

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